IS terrorists take over Yezidi villages: Updated chronicle

IS terrorists take over Yezidi villages: Updated chronicle

+++14:30 pm+++ Yezidi mother to Rudaw TV: “Three of my daughters were kidnapped, raped and then they committed suicide.”

+++14:00 pm+++ Our correspondent reports us that a Yezidi fighter who had joined the YPG committed suicide in the mountains after seeing the bodies of many young children.

+++13:30 am+++ UN: 1000 refugees still on the mountains

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) announced in a statement that 1000 refugees from original 80,000 are still on the mountains of Shingal. The emergency workers have been already informed about the refugees´ whereabouts.

Yesterday, following U.S. air strikes and military offensives of the United Kurdish Forces another escape corridor could be opened in the north of the mountains, giving the 30,000 refugees the opportunity to escape death. According to UNAMI the refugees were “extremely exhausted”

+++10:50 am+++ 7th anniversary of the terrorist attack against Yezidis in 2007 that killed 796 Yezidis and injured another 1500 people

+++10:20 am+++ After night-time rescue operation: A few hundred families still on the mountains

The U.S. military and United Kurdish Forces managed to break through the siege on the Shingal mountains which had been surrounded by IS terrorists. With brute force the terrorists were forced to escape from several places around the mountains so that new corridors could have been opened for the refugees. According to unconfirmed reports the majority of refugees have been rescued. Our information is that a few hundred families are still persevering in mountain areas difficult to access. It is a matter of mainly three areas that are currently being reported to the U.S. Embassy.

At night, special units of the U.S. army arrived in the mountains to take a sounding of the situation and coordinate the relief efforts

+++04:30 am+++ US special forces and special units of the British SAS have arrived in the mountains of Shingal

A rescue of some 30.000 refugees trapped in the mountains is more likely. At night, an US special unit consisting of 20 men arrived in the Shingal mountains to assess the situation and conceive potential evacuation measures.
British special forces of the SAS have also arrived in Iraq. According to the British Prime Minister David Cameron SAS helicopters will be used to enable an evacuation of trapped refugees from the air.

U.S. President Obama announced that ground forces would only come into question for the purpose of evacuating the refugees. Ground forces will not engage in combat operations. According to a high-level U.S. official ground forces will be called into action if the military advisers in Iraq consider it necessary for the rescue of the refugees.

Yesterday, U.S. drones bombed an IS convoy near Shingal. Obama announced that more air strikes will follow in order to protect the escape corridor from Shingal to Syria. Eight British fighter jets are also in position to carry out air strikes against IS positions. In the meantime, British Chinook transport helicopters are brought into position to contribute to a potential evacuation of refugees.

The U.S. drones´ and British fighter jets´ task is also to scout landing fields for the transport helicopters. However, military experts assume that an evacuation seems too risky due to the uneven mountains and the lack of landing fields.

Prime Minister David Cameron told the Telegraph that the main task was to initially ensure the refugees´ supply and save them from death. He also announced that an international mission was prepared to rescue the trapped refugees.

At the moment, an extended rescue mission seems to be unlikely due to the improving supply situation, U.S. special forces evaluated. In view of the fact that the People´s Protection Unit (YPG) managed to establish an escape corridor, tens of thousands of refugees have been already rescued.

The recapturing of Shingal appears to be more probable following the supply of military equipment from various countries to the Kurdish government. Until now the Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho also criticized missing supplies of weapons as yesterday heavy clashes with IS terrorists took place at the sanctuary of Sherfedin.

Meanwhile, rescued refugees that are in Syria and Kurdistan report on more and more massacres in which they were eyewitnesses. Even after the evacuation and rescue of the last refugees the question arises how and by whom the bulk of refugees will be supplied.

14th August


+++20:00 pm+++ The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has announced the elimination of 70 IS terrorists as the result of four air strikes conducted by the Iraqi air force against IS positions in Shingal. The terrorist leader Ahmed Mohammed Roshan was allegedly among the killed terrorists

+++19:50 pm+++ Tomorrow is the anniversary of the coward terrorist attack against Yezidis in 2007 in Shingal. The result: 800 dead, 1500 casualties, thousands of destroyed families.

On 14th August of 2017 al-Qaida terrorists used several vehicles fully laden with explosives to completely destroy the Yezidi villages Siba Sheikh Kidir and Qatahniya, located in Shingal. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in history after the September 11 attacks.

Coming to terms with this massacre, the Yezidis have to grieve again – for thousands of deaths. And again both villages are the basis for the current genocide on Yezidi people as the first battles with IS terrorists have been decided and lost in those villages.

Benjamin Mixon, the former Lieutenant General and commander of the U.S. army in Iraq, about the massacre of 2007: “”This is an act of ethnic cleansing, and if you will, almost genocide”.

+++14:50 pm+++ Peshmerga commander Serbest Bapiri suspended

On August 3rd 2014 Peshmerga soldiers surprisingly retreat from the Shingal region and flee without evacuating or warning the civilian population. IS terrorists storm the towns and villages of Yezidis without facing resistance by the Peshmerga. After that a genocide against Yezidis takes place, continuing to this day. Over 200,000 Yezidis were forced to flee, thousands were immediately massacred, tens of thousands were driven to the mountains where thousands starved and died of thirst.

Now, Masud Barzani, the President of the Autonomous Kurdistan Region who came under fire following this debacle, took appropriate steps and suspended the responsible Peshmerga commander Serbest Bapiri of the 17th Division. He now follows the Peshmerga commander Said Bedeli who had been suspended before.

More people in authority will be suspended from office, Barzani announced in a statement. Yezidi representatives such as Qasim Sesho threatened to bring those responsible to justice by themselves if authorities would not take action.

Qasim Sesho also published a list of names which bear the direct responsibility for the genocide of Yezidi people. However, many Yezidis see Masud Barzani and his KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) as the main culprits

+++14:20 pm+++ Yezidi survivor from the village of Til Benat:

“We resisted, fought against them. As we had no more ammunition, the terrorists stormed our village, we had to step forward. Men, women, children, elderly. They began to kill all of them, to shoot at anyone. It was a massacre. My entire extended family has been killed, my whole tribe. Nearly 300 people have been executed, several bullets hit me but I survived because I was hiding under the bodies until the terrorists moved on – to the next village”

13th August


+++21:55 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent: Around 6000 refugees arrived at Dohuk

Around 6000 refugees trapped in the mountains have been evacuated and flown to the Kurdish city of Dohuk. Many were completely exhausted and provided immediately. According to YPG fighters another 8000 could have been escorted to Syria via the emergency corridor they had established. The distance between the Shingal mountains and the Syrian border comes to about 20 kilometres refugees have to walk.

Because many were too weak for the arduous march the Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho decided to transport the refugees with vehicles to the Syrian border.

30.000 refugees whose rescue is still prevented by IS terrorists´ shelling of both the emergency corridor and airlift have remained on the mountains. Today, U.S. drones bombed again IS positions around the mountains and eliminated terrorists.

+++20:35 pm+++ U.S. drone bombs IS positions in Shingal

According to the U.S. Central Command IS positions have been bombed by a U.S. drone as the terrorists attacked both the emergency corridor and Kurdish fighters with mortal shells

+++20:30 pm+++ Helicopter crash: Dr. Mirza Dinnayi also among the crew

Dr. Mirza Dinnayi, a Yezidi politician, was also among the crew when a helicopter crashed and caused the death of the pilot and a refugee on the Shingal mountains. Dinnayi survived with minor injuries

+++18:50 pm+++ IS terrorists start to attack the religious Yarsani minority near Kirkuk

+++18:05 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent: “Viyan Dekhil injured slightly, no mortal danger for the other casualties.”

+++17:50 pm+++ Helicopter crash: Pilot dead, 22 injured

According to the Kurdish news outlet Rudaw a pilot died and 22 were injured in consequence of a helicopter crash during a rescue mission on the Shingal mountains. Among the 22 injured people are Viyan Dekhil and Yadigar Fazil Miran. We have no information about the severity of the injuries.

Apparently, the pilot lost control of the helicopter which belonged to the Iraqi air force and was sent to the mountains to deliver relief supplies to the trapped refugees.

+++17:20 pm+++ Helicopter crashed during rescue mission: Viyan Dekhil among the crew

As we have just learned, a helicopter crashed during a rescue mission on the Shingal mountains. Among the crew is Viyan Dekhil, a Yezidi MP.

According to current information the pilot died, another dozen people are believed to be injured. The reason for the crash is unknown

+++14:35 pm+++ The UK now officially sends jet fighters to Shingal to escort the delivery of relief supplies

+++14:30 pm+++ PKK unit protects central Yezidi sanctuary

According to the Kurdish TV channel Ronahi TV a PKK unit has arrived at the central Yezidi sanctuary Lalish to take security precautions. Our correspondents confirm the arrival of PKK fighters at Lalish.

It is unknown if the enhanced security measures are related to the arrests of IS terrorists in Sheikhan or the clashes in Bahzan. Probably the PKK acts of pure prevention. It also appears to be possible that the PKK uses Lalish as a safe haven after its fighters have fought succesfully in Makhmur. Prior to that Yezidi representatives called for intensified security measures in Lalish.

The PKK fighters are considered as experienced and effective fighters that are able to strike powerfully and repel attacks even with smaller units

+++13:40 am+++ Viyan Dekhil: 600 Yezidi women and girls are held captive in prisons of Nineveh

The Yezidi MP Viyan Dekhil said in a statement that according to available information around 600 Yezidi women and girls are being held in prisons of Nineveh. IS terrorists have kidnapped over a thousand Yezidi women and girls since their onslaught on Shingal.  Moreover, another thousands of female Christians from Mosul and other Christian strongholds are also held captive by IS terrorists.

One of the prisons that are in control of IS is the prison of Badush which had been taken over by the terrorists during the conquest of Mosul. The fate of these women is unknown so far.

In telephone conversations with their relatives kidnapped women begged their relatives to make sure that air strikes are conducted against IS terrorists because they would “rather die than being raped.”

Yezidi refugees from Shingal consistently report how IS terrorists use whole trucks full of women and girls to bring them to Tal Afar. According to reports of the Red Crescent in Iraq many of them are being sold in Mosul. It is said that many have been already deported to Syria

+++08:50 am+++ Obama: American air force is ready to bomb the terrorists

In a press statement the U.S. President Obama said that US fighter jets are ready to bomb IS terrorists around the mountains if IS terrorists threaten the security of refugees on the Shingal mountains. Previously, Obama announced to take further measures in order to liberate the refugees.

IS terrorists are still threatening the airlift that has been created by Western and local forces to supply the thousands of refugees on the mountains. Yesterday, several deliveries of relief supplies could not take place due to the fact that IS terrorists were able to retake territory that is lying in the delivery route.

The recent air strikes against terrorist positions enabled the creation of an airlift and emergency corridor. The terrorists have surrounded the refugees on the mountains with the result that the refugees´ supply overland is not possible.

According to the European MP Michel Reimon who is currently in Kurdistan / Iraq thousands of refugees are threatened with death should the not be supplied in the next few hours with water and food

+++06:10 am+++ TIME Magazine, 11th of August:

“It is difficult to speak since I haven’t had water in three days,” the man wheezed through the line. “We don’t have anything–food, water, a place to sleep. We are eating the trees and their leaves. The [Kurdish] peshmerga hasn’t come, the Iraqi army hasn’t come, humanitarian aid hasn’t come. There are so many thousands of people here. I know at least 100 people have died already, many of them children.”

+++05:55 am+++ 300 children die after eating leaves

An eyewitness and refugee reported the news agency Shaafaq that around 300 children died from August 6 to 8 on the mountains by eating leaves from the surrounding trees and shrubs. Because the children were hungry and had nothing to eat, they consumed the leaves and suffocated to death

+++03:30 am+++ ”Tell them to kill the IS terrorists with air strikes, we would rather die than being raped”

The last few days we repeatedly pointed to rapes and kidnappings of Yezidi women and girls, to phone calls of desperate relatives. There are desperate cries for help of innocent women that wish for death because they are being raped by IS terrorists. A telephone conversation was recorded and presented to reporters of abcNEWS.

According to reports from refugees and eyewitnesses over a thousand women and girls have been kidnapped after the IS terrorists´ onslaught on Shingal. It is reported that some of them have been brought to the IS controlled military airport of Tal Afar from where they are flown to unknown places. According to the Red Crescent in Iraq more are reported to be sold as slaves in Mosul. Such reports are already known from the Syrian civil war

+++03:20 am+++ Terrorist sleeper cells uncovered in Sheikhan

In recent days Peshmerga units uncovered and arrested several terrorist sleeper cells in the region of Sheikhan. Both the IS flag and weapons could be found in houses belonging to the terrorists. In some cases even the neighbors of Christians and Yezidis were arrested and revealed to be IS sleepers.

We have reports of Peshmerga units claiming that dozens of such sleeper cells have been detected deep in the territory of Christians and Yezidis. A member of the Kurdish counter-terrorism unit told ezidiPress that even the Peshmerga was “shocked and surprised” about the high number of those cells. After the first sleeper cells had been detected, many more were uncovered soon after the terrorists were interrogated by Kurdish units. Many of the captured sleepers are of Kurdish origin.

Before, villages and small towns of Sheikhan had been threatened and partially attacked by IS terrorists. People fled to the north

+++01:55 am+++British jets to escort relief supplies

SkyNews reported that the British government plans to use RAF Tornado jets in order to secure the delivery of relief supplies. Large amounts of relief supplies from Great Britain have been transported to Iraq and will be now apparently escorted by British fighter jets. Despite the airlift the terrorists manage to take over time after time parts of the delivery route to jeopardize the delivery of relief supplies for refugees on the Shingal mountains

+++01:50 am+++Many refugees too weak to flee: Evacuation necessary

Those who still had enough strength to flee could use the emergency corridor to the Kurdish enclaves in Syria in order to escape from the Shingal mountains. But many others are too weak for the arduous march and are thereforewaiting for helicopters to evacuate them.

Those rescue missions are ongoing but have to be often ceased due to a lack of fuel. Many of the refugees that are remaining on the mountains have been provided essentials by the airdrop of supplies. Reports of rescued refugees still reveal new atrocities of IS terrorists. Mass killings, beheadings and even the killing of children are consistently reported by almost every village Yezidis had to flee from.

We cannot provide reliable information on the number of victims caused by IS terrorists. In all probability, it can be assumed that a double-digit number of thousands of victims will have to be lamented due to the direct and indirect consequences of this ethnic cleansing

12th August


+++20:00 pm+++ Viyan Dekhil in conversation with representatives of the European Union

The Yezidi MP and lawyer Viyan Dekhil (KDP) has consulted with representatives of the European in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to negotiate long-term solutions to the current crisis. Mrs. Dekhil propounded to major solutions:

  1.      The admission of refugees and granting of asylum
  2.      An international shelter for refugees initiated by the UN

According to Dekhil the EU representatives received the proposals favourably and pledged to redirect them to the EU leadership

+++14:55 am+++ What is the situation of the refugees in the mountains?

More than 40.000 refugees could be evacuated since the opening of an emergency corridor by YPG / PKK forces  and the rescue mission of the Kurdish government by helicopters. However, many refugees were too weak for the arduous march which is why 40.000 people are still on the mountains.
Thanks to the increased relief supplies from the U.S., Great Britain and all other countries that are involved, the supply situation has improved massively according to the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany.
Yet, reports on massacres, beheadings, kidnappings, rapes and enslavements of Yezidis become more frequent. Thousands of bodies are still lying on the streets and mountains of Shingal.
The rescue missions are ongoing, large amounts of relief supplies are reaching the refugees

+++00:35 am+++ Ultimatum prolonged with help of Arab tribes

We have spoken to the Yezidi activist Narin Shamo about the current situation of the Yezidi village that is threatened by the IS. One of the three threatened villages the IS terrorists issued an ultimatum to is still in danger of being erased by IS terrorists if its residents do not to convert to Islam. While residents of two villages were able to flee, a third one is still surrounded and threatened by the IS. The villagers could not seize the opportunity and escape because terrorists have occupied the village school.

The terrorists´ ultimatum to choose between converting to Islam or facing death expired yesterday. Neighboring Arab tribes that are the so called “Kirivs” (godparents) of the Yezidi village stepped in and managed to prolong the ultimatum until Wednesday. The tribes are currently trying to negotiate  safe-conduct for the Yezidis of the village. It can be doubted that the IS will fulfill the request

11th August


+++21:00 pm+++ The EU describes the situation in Iraq as a “crime against humanity”

+++19:25 pm+++ According to DIE WELT the German government has increased the budget for humanitarian aid from 2.9 million euros to 4.4 million euros

+++17:05 pm+++ The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is currently in Iraq for discussing potential solutions to the current crisis with Yezidi representatives, including Hazim Tahsin Beg, Viyan Dekhil (KDP), Sheikh Kheto and Qewal Bahzed.

We will report soon on the results

+++16:25 pm+++ Yezidi Protection Unit frees 50 women and girls from the mountains

The Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho succeeded to get through to about 50 women and girls that have been trapped in a dangerous place of the Shingal mountains. After that, the refugees were escorted to the Kurds´ enclaves in Syria known as Rojava

+++15:50 pm+++ 1500 Yezidis still in danger of being executed by IS terrorists

According to the Yezidi activist and UNICEF Ambassador in Iraq, Narin Shamo, a total number of 1500 Yezidis that was not able to flee is still in danger of being executed by IS terrorists. The terrorists´ ultimatum will end today. They can put their threat into action at any time

+++15:30 pm+++ We were able to contact a refugee from one of the three threatened villages:

“Residents of the villages *** (censored due to security reasons) that have been threatened by IS terrorists succeeded to flee last night. But the residents of *** are still trapped in their village, facing a budding massacre. The ultimatum IS terrorists issued to the Yezidi residents will end today, the people need urgent help otherwise Yezidi families will be massacred”, the refugee told us via phone.

The terrorists issued an ultimatum to choose between converting to Islam or facing death

+++15:00 pm+++ 500 Yezidis executed by IS, some buried alive

Referring to the Iraqi Minister for Human Rights Mohammed Shia al-Sudani Sky News reported that IS terrorists have executed at least 500 Yezidis, some of them were buried alive, including women and children. In addition, 300 women have been kidnapped so far.

“We have striking evidence obtained from Yazidis fleeing Sinjar and some who escaped death, and also crime scene images that show indisputably that the gangs of the Islamic States have executed at least 500 Yazidis after seizing Sinjar”, al-Sudani told Reuters. He added: “Some of the victims, including women and children were buried alive in scattered mass graves in and around Sinjar.”

We pointed out multiple times reports we had obtained in the past, indicating that Yezidis discovered 53 bodies in the village of Ginia Miherkan and another 30 in the immediate vicinity. More massacres were reported us from Til Benat, Til Aziz and Duhola

+++14:30 pm+++ Two of the three surrounded villages could flee due to the ongoing clashes between IS terrorists and Kurdish forces. The third village which we do not want to mention because of security reasons is still in danger.

+++13:00 am+++ A Yezidi refugee told ezidiPress that another thousands of refugees could be rescued today from the mountains.

During the rescue mission fighter jets escorted the transport planes to secure them from IS terrorists that had tried to shoot down a helicopter carrying relief supplies the day before

+++04:00 am+++ The Telegraph reported that U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to work together to prevent a genocide on 300 Yezidi families. Yesterday, terrorists surrounded 300 Yezidi families in Hatimiya, Tel Kucho and Tel Qasab as they tried to escape. The terrorists issued an ultimatum that is going to expire on 10th of August. Until then, the families have to choose between converting to Islam or facing death. 1500 to 2000 people are directly affected by the threat and are in acute danger.

The Arabic-language news agency Shaafaq told of 4.000 families which is apparently a misunderstanding

+++02:15 am+++ A few hours ago the U.S. Department of Defense stated in a press release that IS terrorists have been successfully eliminated by the American air force:

“U.S. Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL in Iraq

U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Iraq today, successfully conducting four airstrikes to defend Yazidi civilians being indiscriminately attacked by ISIL near Sinjar.

At approximately 11:20 a.m. EDT, a mix of U.S. fighters and remotely piloted aircraft struck one of two ISIL armored personnel carriers firing on Yazidi civilians near Sinjar, destroying the APC. After the strike, U.S. forces monitored movement of the second ISIL APC from the vicinity, and subsequently located two ISIL APCs and an armed truck nearby.

At approximately 11:40 a.m. EDT, U.S. aircraft struck the two ISIL APCs and armed truck. All indications are that the strikes were successful in destroying their intended targets.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. EDT, U.S. aircraft located and struck another APC in the area of Sinjar. All indications are that this strike was also successful in destroying the APC. All aircraft safely exited the area.“

10th August


+++19:15 pm+++ Fear of massacre of 4000 families

According to Shaafaq-News the number of families the IS terrorists have issued an ultimatum to comes to 4000. IS terrorists threatened to kill the villagers if they do not convert to Islam. The three affected villages Hamidiya, Tel Kucho and Tel Qasab, about 24 kilometres south of the town of Shingal, have been surrounded by the IS. The journalist Ali Shingali reported that the terrorists refused to let the people flee

+++19:05 pm+++ Did not take long to bomb the terrorists

The expected and requested air strikes against IS terrorists near the pilgrimage site of Sherfedin have been just conducted. The Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho could – once again – defend the sanctuary successfully

+++19:00 pm+++ IS terrorists issue an ultimatum to Yezidis of Sinjar: If residents of Hamidiya, Tel Kucho and Tel Qasab are not going to convert to Islam, they will have to face death

+++18:50 pm+++ “They will kidnap the women, kill the children”

We could just reach a fighter of the Yezidi Protection Unit who told us of heavy clashes near the central pilgrimage site of Sherfedin: “We are in a fierce fighting with advancing IS terrorists. Thousands of children and women live in our near.  If the air force does not help us, they will break through our defense, kidnap the women, kill the children. Our ammunition is nearly exhausted.”

+++15:50 pm+++ Yezidi refugee on Rudaw TV: “100 Yezidi women have been kidnapped from the villages of Zorava and Herdan. Dozens were decapitated.”

+++13:55 am+++ A refugee located at the pilgrimage site of Sherfedin in Shingal to ezidiPress: “Many families have been rescued from the mountains and transported to safer areas in Kurdistan. The rescue mission is ongoing. Our goal is to rescue women, children, elderly and sick people that have survived so far. For the moment, the men will remain on the mountains.”

+++13:55 am+++ URGEND MESSAGE

As we have just learned, the Sheikhan region is currently attacked by IS terrorists. Heavy clashes are taking place. The IS terrorists are now only a few kilometres away from the central Yezidi sanctuary Lalish. We are trying to reach our correspondents to provide more information

+++12:05 am+++ Iraqi air force is distributing relief supplies to the refugees in the mountains

+++12:00 am+++ YPG spokesperson and commander Polat Can: “Is terrorists are tramping in the Shingal area with pictures of Apo (Abdullah Ocalan) to delude and decoy Yezidis”

+++10:00 am+++ Dr. Mirza Dinnayi, former political adviser to the Iraqi president Talabani: “It´s a genocide. More than 80.000 refugees are  trapped in the mountains without food and water. Thousands of bodies are lying on the streets and in the valleys of the mountains.

2000 girls and women have been already kidnapped.  200.000 refugees arrived at Dohuk from Sinjar (Shingal) in the first days. Without international rescue missions we will be confronted with 50.000 victims.”

Dr. Mirza Dinnayi is currently participating in the rescue missions in Shingal

+++00:30 am+++ More and more relief supplies reach the refugees on the mountains of Shingal. The US has stepped up its humanitarian aid and transported a few hours ago again large quantities of relief supplies to the refugees.

Picture: The Twitter account of the Department of Defense shows the relief supplies which are going to be dropped over the mountains

9th August


+++22:50 pm+++ Italian Foreign Minister announces military and humanitarian support for Yezidis

The Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini announced in a phone call with Kurdistans´ president Barzani Italy´s willingness to provide the Kurds military advisers and support them militarily in their fight against the IS. In addition, she declared to provide humanitarian aid for Yezidi refugees

+++22:35 pm+++ Agit Mirzoev, chairman of the House of Yezidis in Georgia and human rights activist, met American diplomats due to the humanitarian disaster of Yezidis in Iraq. Mr. Mirzoev described the current situation and crimes committed against the Yezidis. Moreover, he pointed out to the diplomats that Turkey closed its borders so that refugees are not able to seek shelter in safer areas

+++19:38 pm+++ Talks between Telim Tolan, Chairman of the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany, and the US-American embassy in Berlin

+++19:30 pm+++ Axel Storm, ZDF correspondent: “The refugees´ situation is really a disaster”

+++19:25 pm+++ Around 11.000 Yezidis trapped in the mountains have been rescued by Kurdish forces and transported to Dohuk. A Rudaw reporter who is currently in the mountains of Shingal described the situation of Yezidi refugees as “doomsdays”

+++18:30 pm+++ Dr. Babille from UNICEF Iraq in an interview: There is not only a complex emergency and disaster but a situation in which a terrorist organization is taking civilian hostages and killing them. UNICEF is providing support and assistance as much as it is possible. People are not primarily dying because of the conflict but because of the lack of water and food. One of the key issue of the United Nations is to prevent in corporation with the Kurdish authorities a genocide

+++18:30 pm+++ Rudaw reports on massive bombings conducted by the American air force against positions of IS terrorists in Shingal

+++15:30 pm+++ Thousands of refugees fled to Syria and Turkey

Yesterday, after a mass exodus occurred in the region of Sheikhan, many Yezidi refugees went to the Syrian and Turkish border to enter the countries and seek shelter from IS terrorists. According to Rudaw 15.000 Yezidis have arrived at the Kurdish town of Derik, located in Rojava / northern Syria. However, many others are prevented from passing the borders

+++15:00 am+++ An IS leader aks his terrorist group via the internet not to leave Mosul despite the massive attacks of Kurdish, Iraqi and American forces. Is this the beginning of the end of IS?

+++14:50 am+++ Iraqi media reports on heavy air strikes against IS terrorists in the Yezidi village of Khanasor, located in the north of Shingal. 45 eliminated terrorists resulted from the air strikes

+++14:40 am+++ The German government announced to help Christians and Yezidis by providing 2.9 million euros for emergency aids. The Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier finds unambiguous and clear words for the current crisis in Iraq

+++14:20 am+++ We want to bring to mind that hundreds of thousands of Christians are currently on the run. Yesterday, the IS terrorists attacked Christian strongholds in the north of Iraq, especially Karakosh, forcing tens of thousands of Christians to flee from the town

+++14:00 pm+++ Kurdish forces, consisting of YPG, PKK, Peshmerga, YBS and YPU units, have killed 24 terrorists and destroyed a tank and three APCs in the last 24 hours in Shingal. More military offensives are ongoing

+++04:10 am+++ A few minutes ago, U.S. President Barack Obama announced in a press conference to authorize limited air strikes in order to fight the IS. Furthermore, Obama clarified that the U.S. has approved humanitarian airdrops for the refugees in the Shingal mountains

+++02:10 am+++ Shingal mountains: 45 Yezidi women threw themselves off the cliffs

According to a teacher from Bahzan who has direct phone contact to the refugees in the mountains 45 Yezidi women threw themselves off the cliffs after finding out that many of their relatives have died in the mountains or have been killed, raped or kidnapped by the terrorists

8th August


+++22:25 pm+++ Yezidi families to ezidiPress: “They sell our women in Mosul”

After hundreds of Yezidi women have been kidnapped by the IS Yezidi families try to reach their missing female relatives by phone.

In many cases the terrorists answered the phone, telling them scornfully that the women would be sold in Mosul. Some women have been already transferred out of the country by planes and helicopters. This was confirmed by the Yezidi MP Viyan Dekhil

+++22:00 pm+++Jews express their solidarity with Yezidis

While an ethnic cleansing is taking place in Iraq and children are dying because they have no access to food and water for four days, the world keeps quiet. Solidarity is expressed to a large extent by many Jews from Israel and the U.S. via social medial platform such as Facebook and Twitter

+++16:15 pm+++YPG units save 1000 refugees

YPG units managed to get to the refugees on the Shingal mountains and evacuate a thousand of them. The rescue operations are still ongoing

+++14:50 pm+++ The Yezidi reporter Berekat Isa  and Rudaw anchor burst into tears after describing the disastrous situation of Yezidi refugees

+++14:40 pm+++ Peshmerga, YPG, PKK, YBS and YPU have started a large-scale offensive against the terrorists in Shingal

+++14:20 pm+++ PKK units kill 30 terrorists in Yezidi village

PKK units have killed more than 30 IS terrorists during an operation in the Yezidi village of Gohl Bel north of the Shingal mountains. Gohl Bel is located nearby Sinune and belongs to the villages that had been attacked before the takeover of Shingal

+++13:30 am+++YPG and YBS fighters liberate Dugure

According to information we have received from our correspondents YPG and YBS (Shingal´s Protection Unit) fighters have liberated the village Dugure in Shingal. The fighters are advancing, more villages are expected to be liberated

+++11:20 am+++ IS terrorists: “We will kill all Yezidi women that are in our hands”

On one of its many Twitter accounts the terrorists group Islamic State (IS) has announced to kill all kidnapped Yezidi women instead of selling them in the markets.

The terrorists group has not specified the number of kidnapped Yezidi women. It is presumed that it has kidnapped 500 to 1500 Yezidi women so far.

The terrorists regard the Yezidis as “the biggest infidels and devil worshippers”. Therefore they view it as a duty to kill the Yezidis.

Women that are held hostage by the IS are being raped, kept as slaves and then killed

7th August


+++23:10 pm+++ Yezidi woman in the mountains of Shingal: “If we don´t die of thirst or hunger,  then we will be killed by the terrorists. And if we want to live, we have to convert. Therefore we rather starve and die of thirst than giving up our faith”

+++22:50 pm+++Repeatedly confirmed via phone call: The last residents of the villages in and around Babire fled. Babire is located in the north of Til Kef

+++22:20 pm+++  Attack of IS terrorists cause another mass exodus

Again, thousands Yezidis and Christians are on the run after IS terrorists have attacked the town of Til Kef. Both Yezidis and Christians from Til Kef are on the run. We cannot confirm if the terrorist have taken control of the town. Yezidis from the surrounding villages Mahat, Babire, Sharya and Sigar fled out of fear.

We cannot confirm reports claiming that residents of Bashiq and Bahzan are also fleeing.

35000 Yezidis from Shingal which have found accommodation in Sharya after IS terrorists caused a mass exodus are fleeing again

+++22:00 pm+++ The Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho has been massively armed by the Iraqi army.

Iraqi army generals have dispatched several military helicopters to Shingal to provide the Yezidi Protection Unit weapons which the PKK / YPG also benefits from.
Heavy clashes are currently taking place in Shingal, further details cannot be published due to the threat situation

+++21:20 pm+++ German companies deliver relief supplies to Shingal

On behalf of aid agencies German companies have transported relief supplies to Shingal. According to the Federal Foreign Office more relief supplies will arrive in the coming days. Especially Dennis Rohde, MP and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, campaigns for the refugees in Shingal

+++21:00 pm+++ Refugees let us know via phone call that YPG and Peshmerga units have arrived at the sanctuary of Sherfedin which was defended for days by the Yezidi Protection Unit

Despite massive attacks on the sanctuary, the terrorists were not able to destroy the pilgrimage site.

+++20:30 pm+++ High ranked KDP official on Rudaw TV: Marooning women and children to the IS terror and driving them to the mountains where they have no food or water is not a strategy of the Peshmerga army.

We condemn this and will call those responsible to account. At the moment, we are focusing on helping the refugees and retaking the territories. PUK official tries to appease that Peshmerga commanders acted negligently in Shingal

+++20:25 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent confirms: Relief supplies are reaching more and more refugees in the mountains. Helicopters have transported large amounts of food and water to the mountains

+++20:20 pm+++ YPG commander and spokesperson Can Polat confirms: Two units of PKK have arrived directly at the refugees in the mountains

+++20:05 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent in Shingal: Large units of YPG, PKK, Peshmerga, YBS and QS are close to Sinune and the mountains. Smaller units already reach the refugees. Viyan Dekhil, Yezidi MP, reports that large quantities of relief supplies have reached the refugees

+++19:50 pm+++ Yezidi reporter Berekat Isa, Rudaw TV: “The IS terrorists have killed women and children in the village Siba Sheik Khider. Some of them were hanged.”

+++19:30 pm+++ SterkTV: YPG and YBS have liberated the village Dugira in Shingal

+++19:20 pm+++ Heavy clashes in Sinune (north Shingal)

Our correspondents confirm that Peshmerga, YPG and Yezidi units are in heavy fighting with IS terrorists

+++19:00 pm+++ Rudaw correspondent: We are witnessing a big humanitarian disaster in the mountains of Shingal, where people are stil waiting for relief supplies

+++17:50 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent in Shingal: Heavy clashes take place near the sanctuary of Sherfedin. The Yezidi Protection Units have killed about 40 terrorists, one Yezidi fighter died

+++17:20 pm+++ UNICEF: The number of children being trapped in the mountains comes to 25.000

+++17:00 pm+++ Ivar Ibrahim, Kurdish MP, to Rudaw: IS terrorists have kidnapped over 500 Yezidi women in the last two days

+++15:20 pm+++ Jet fighters of the Iraqi army are currently bombing positions of IS terrorists both in Shingal and Zumar

+++10:40 am+++ Telephone contact with refugees in the mountains

An eyewitness reported ezidiPress that the refugees´ situation in the mountains has deteriorated dramatically. For four days the refugees have no access to water and food.

“Hundreds of small children and old people have died today. Everything the refugees could take to the mountains has been already consumed. The death toll will deeply rise in the next hours. A disaster is taking place.”

+++10:00 am+++ ezidiPress correspondent about the numbers of victims in the last night: “120 peopled died only in that night. It´s cruel. They all die in droves, have nothing to eat, nothing to drink. It´s just cruel.”

+++09:20 am+++ Further success for Yezidi Protection Unit

The Yezidi Protection Unit led by Qasim Sesho managed to disperse IS terrorists at a location of the Shingal mountains. With that there is another gateway to reach the refugees that are still waiting for the much-need help

+++08:40 am+++ IS terrorists attack the refugees in the mountains

As we have just learned IS terrorists have started to attack the refugees in the mountains. With mortal shells they bomb the thousands of refugees which have the fourth day in a row no access to food and water.

The terrorists systematically surround the refugees and drive them with their mortal shells into a corner.

Many children have died in the night of thirst and hunger. Old and sick people are on the verge of death. There is still no help in sight at many places of the mountain.

+++08:00 Uhr+++ “There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”

Source: Washington Post

+++06:30 am+++ A Yezidi refugee told the British IBT: “Last night (Sunday) they arrested five of my cousins and killed them because they had worked for the township. And now they have begun do destroy the refugees´ houses”

+++05:50 am+++ PressTV , an Iranian state-owned TV channel, interviewed Yezidi refugees in the town of Sharya near Dohuk.

The refugees´ statements:

“Bodies were lying on the ground everywhere. Men dressed in black broke into homes and slaughted people in their houses. They´re barbaric.”

“They have taken daughters and wives. They have used them for three days and have sent us their bodies back with their eyes gouged. Where are the humanitarian organizations?”

“My family is hiding out in Sinjar mountains. My father is 80 years old. They have no food, no water, nothing. What is the international community waiting for?”

+++05:00 am+++ Various public characters from Kurdistan have expressed their solidarity with Shingal, including the Kurdish singer Bilind Ibrahim who said that the “people of Shingal need to be helped”

+++04:10 am+++ Dirk Niebel (Free Democratic Party, FDP), former German Federal Minister of Economic Corporation and Development, expresses his view to the current Shingal crisis via Facebook:

“The so called Islamic State is just going to slaughter the people of the Yezidis, it has already begun with the Christians. Where are the moral guardians and advocates of peace which demonstrated the last weeks against Jews and Israel´s right of self-defense? Why aren’t Lüders and Todenhöfer in Mosul?”

+++02:00 am+++ More and more cases of raped Yezidi women by IS terrorists emerge. Many relatives of Yezidi refugees from Germany reported ezidiPress on rapes of their female relatives.

“We call our relatives in Iraq, when they answer the phone they start to cry and tell us that they have been raped. The IS terrorists are simultaneously standing next to them and listening to the phone call, then they answer “they aren´t your wives and children but ours.”

In another case, a Yezidi girl commited suicide after having been raped by IS terrorists. Previously, her brother had contacted his sister by phone, whereupon the terrorists made fun of the crying girl

+++01:30 am+++ YBS commanders tell ezidiPress that they have mobilized in Syria under the help of YPG forces and armed 1000 additional fighters overnight. Their unit is currently on the way to Shingal, a part of them has already arrived.

Their operation´s aim is to establish a corridor for the refugees in the Shingal mountains

+++01:00 am+++ Several Yezidis burn their KDP membership cards because they hold Peshmerga commanders responsible for the current situation in Shingal

+++01:20 am+++ The Yezidi Protection Unit Qasim Sesho has arrested three terrorists in Shingal. It turns out that the arrested terrorists are Kurdish extremists

6th August


+++22:10 pm+++ Shingal´s Protection Unit (YBS) has begun to conduct attacks on IS terrorists. Four terrorists were already defanged

+++21:10 pm+++ Yezidi woman on the mountains of Shingal: “I would rather throw myself off cliffs than being raped by IS terrorists

+++21:30 pm+++ Several tons of relief supplies have reached the mountains of Shingal. However, there are still thousands without having access to essentials

+++21:50 pm+++ Yezidi activist Khader Khalat: A pregnant Yezidi woman that was forced to flee to the mountains of Shingal has died during her child´s birth due to severe bleedings. The baby has also died

+++21:10 pm+++ Yezidi woman on the mountains of Shingal: “I would rather throw myself off the cliffs than being raped by IS terrorists

+++20:30 pm+++ Peshmerga commander: “We promise that IS will be dispersed within the next 48 hours from Kurdish ground”

+++20:10 pm+++ Yezidis from Khanasor, longtime friends of our editorial team: “They all are going to die tonight.  We won´t take prisoners. Either they die or we do”

+++20:00 pm+++ Mass protests in Kurdistan. Yezidis are desperate and ask for weapons to defend themselves.

+++19:40 pm+++ We could just reach a refugee in the mountains of Shingal: “The situation is getting worse. We haven´t seen anyone so far. The children are thirsty and hungry. If we don´t get help, we all are going to die

+++19:25 pm+++ UNICEF: 40 children of the Yezidi minority died

+++19:10 pm+++ It is currently very difficult to obtain an overview of the current events in Shingal. Our correspondents are either in battle or try to get to safety and are therefore not always reachable for us. Only the refugees in Duhok and elsewhere are currently reachable.

The Yezidi Protection Unit puts up resistance but it lacks of weapons. The clashes that have erupted in Rabia have also created a new front which cumbers the mobilization of fighters for the major battle in south Shingal where the refugees are.

Many hopes rely on the experienced PKK fighters which are used to operate in mountain chains and could be able to reach the refugees that are excluded from relief supplies. Time is short, hundreds of children are on the verge of dying of thirst. Some of them are virtually cut off for three days from food and water. The death toll rises continuously

+++18:40 pm+++ PKK confirms: Units on the way to Shingal

Several units of the PKK are heading Shingal to support the Yezidis in their fight against the IS

+++18:10 am+++ Current situation: The situation is still incalculable, particularly as new clashes have erupted in Rabia. The town had been taken over by YPG, Peshmerga and Yezidi units before. The Yezidi protection unit needs weapons and ammunition in view of the fact that ammunition is getting short. More and more Yezidis join the Yezidi Protection Unit. Yezidis from Dohuk and Silemani are on the way to the front in Shingal.

In the south of Shingal, in the city and the surroundings, the 10.000 strong Peshmerga Division has surrounded the terrorists. The Peshmerga Division is moving slowly closer to the centre of Shingal.

The refugees in the mountains are partially the third day in a row without necessities. Messages about dead reach us every hour but specifics cannot be made. According to Rudaw more helicopters from Kurdistan are on the way to the refugees

+++18:10 am+++ YPG commander Can Polat: There are again clashes in Rabia

Clashes erupted again between Kurdish forces and IS terrorists in the border town of Rabia which had been taken over by YPG, Peshmerga and Yezidi units before.  A new front means less capacity for the fight in the south where, however, a Peshmerga Division is advancing to

+++18:00 pm+++ Yezidis ready for battle: 30 vehicles on the road

30 vehicles with Yezidis are heading from Dohuk to Rabia where the YPG have assumed control in order to advance to the Yezidi Protection Unit in Shingal. This was told us by refugees from Dohuk. There are ongoing heavy clashes. There is a lack of weapons yet

+++14:00 pm+++ Especially the lack of weapons falters the advance of the Yezidi Protection Unit. The unit is unable to increase its capacity. Months ago, Yezidi leaders called for arming the Yezidis but their calls have been rejected by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

+++13:50 am+++ Phone call with the Yezidi Protection Unit, led by Qasim Sesho in Shingal.

Heavy clashes erupted between the Yezidi Protection Unit and IS terrorists. The Yezidis managed to kill several terrorists and seize both vehicles and weapons of the IS. The clashes take currently place in the village of Shemal. The number of fighters in the Yezidi Protection Unit comes to 3000. Hundreds more Yezidis join the militia but fighters tell us that there is a lack of weapons. The militia has set up a base at the sanctuary of Sherfedin where its fighters mobilize again.

It has also begun to conduct attacks on the village of Borek which is currently under control of IS terrorists

+++12:45 am+++ Contrary to many reports of large news agencies: Shingal is not under the control of YPG and Peshmerga units. It is currently being bombarded with heavy artillery, terrorists are still in the town. But according to the latest eyewitness reports Peshmerga forces from the west, south and east have set in motion to reach Shingal´s north. Yezidi Protection Units are also on the way to the north of Shingal.

The Yezidi Protection Units have first rightly focused on defending the refugees in the mountains, at least for part of. Furthermore, thousands still suffer thirst, hunger and are unprotected. The arriving relief supplies are insufficient and do not reach all refugees in the mountains that are difficult to access.

The IS terrorists proceed in accord with their usual methods. If there are signs of defeat, they begin to slaughter as many civilians as possible

Photo: Rudaw

+++12:35 am+++ Peshmerga commanders: „We will protect Shingal to the last.”

+++12:10 am+++ IS terrorists wear traditional Kurdish clothes to confuse civilians. This was reported by several news agencies, including Rudaw

+++12:00 am+++ The PKK has not verified that PKK units have arrived in Shingal although this has been claimed by various media reports

+++11:40 am+++ In a statement YPG Commander Can Polat asks both the Yezidi and Muslim youth in South Kurdistan (north Iraq) to join them and participate in their resistance

+++11:20 am+++ We have contacted the PKK and asked if its unit have arrived in Shingal. The answer is still pending

PKK fighters prepare to go to Shingal Photo: Firatnews

+++11:00 am+++ Phone call with the refugees in the mountains: More helicopters have just arrived with relief supplies. Nevertheless, not all refugees are supplied, it is difficult because they are scattered along the mountains

+++10:10 am+++ Rudaw reports that 50.000 Yezidis were forced to seek shelter in the mountains because of the threat posed by the IS. They are protected by armed Yezidis at the foot of the mountain.

Yesterday’s food supplies are not sufficient to supply all refugees

+++09:50 am+++ „The Peshmerga has betrayed and left us on our own devices. There are still 100.000 people in the mountains which die of thirst and hunger. Where are the 10.000 Peshmerga fighters?”, asks the Yezidi activist Anwar Khanasori

+++09:30 am+++ Helpnessless and anger in Shingal. In addition to that, IS terrorists have started to attack the refugees in the mountains, propably to take revenge for the terrorist losses caused by YPG, Peshmerga and Yezidi forces

+++09:10 am+++ „We have never asked for anything or revenge, we have never fought wars, no one attacked, no one offended. But this goes too far. We will take revenge, for each individual that has been killed. Shingal is Yezidi and will remain so. We have lived here for thousands of years, no one could and will be able to defeat us. We will revenge”, a Yezidi soldiers tells us after discovering the bodies of children which died of thirst

+++08:50 am+++ „The IS terrorists kill like savages. We are on the mountain, here is nothing and no one, only the IS. We die of thirst”, says the Yezidi refugee Amin Ilyas

+++08:30 am+++ Yezidi lobby in Russia turns directly to the Russian president Vladimir Putin who is believed to find a solution to the disastrous situation of Yezidi refugees through the United Nations

+++08:05 am+++ Some relief supplies and Kurdish forces reached the refugees in the mountains. However, the mountain chain of Shingal is very broad and difficult to access, this is why the refugees fled to the mountains. In addition, the refugees have not centrally focused on one point and are scattered along the mountains. Thousands more refugees have since two or three days no access to necessities

+++07:50 am+++ Tuesday night: IS terrorists loot houses of Yezidis near the town of Khanasor in north Shingal

+++07:20 am+++ 350 families in the mountains without support. Urgent calls for help from the mountains of Shingal reach us a few minutes ago. 350 families still have no acces to water and food. Many are about to die of thirst.

Merwan Alresam: We are 350 families in the mountains without water and food. The death toll rises because of thirst. Please help us, I am writing this appeal for help near the summit of the mountain. My battery is going to die”

+++07:00 am+++ UN officer Nickolay Mladenov in an interview with the BBC: “Rapid deterioration”, 200.000 Yezidis on the run, the situation of refugees in the mountains is “extremely critical because they lack access to drinking water, food and medicines”. It is a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

“We need to focus on finding ways for an emergency care to supply the refugees with water and medicine.”

+++06:20 am+++ More than 100 Yezidi families abducted by IS

Mohammed al-Khuzai, spokesman of the Iraqi Red Crescent, reported in an interview with the New York Times that  IS terrorists have kidnapped more than 100 Yezidi families to the airport of Tal Afar. The terrorists have killed the men, the women are now probably forced into marriage with IS terrorists.

” The IS has killed all the men and plans to keep the women for jihad marriage,” said Mohammed al-Khuzai.

Muhammad al-Dulaimi, a Yezidi from Shingal, reported the New York Times: “I have witnessed how they have kidnapped these families. They claim that they are infidels and deserve to die. ”

+++05:35 am+++ Solidarity measures for Shingal and Yezidis on Twitter and Facebook unite the Kurdish population. Being left on their own devices by the international community, the Kurds are currently fighting the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) by their own force. Despite the terrorists´ massive territorial successes which threaten the entire Middle East.

Images with stylized peacock symbols  are being posted on Twitter under the hashtag #PeacocksUpForSingal to show solidarity with Shingal. More hashtags are #ShingalSOS, #Shingal

+++04:20 am+++ The Iraqi air force is currently bombing massively terrorist controlled areas south of Shingal. Dozens of terrorists were killed yesterday night when the air force bombed a mosque where IS terrorists had gathered for prayer

+++03:00 am+++ Phone verification: Relief supplies have reached some of the refugees in the mountains

+++02:50 am+++ Many relief supplies from Kurdistan have reached the mountains. Also Yezidis from the north of Shingal have brought food to the mountains. YPG fighters have carved out a path that refugees from the mountains can use to escape to the safer areas. Peshmerga units of the Zerevani brigade are among the refugees, providing them food and water. At this time we cannot confirm if this is true to all the refugees

+++02:00 am+++ For information: The Shingal region consists of hundreds villages und larger communities in which more than 500.000 Yezidis live. The same-named town of Shingal is a major centre similar to a state capital. Many places are still occupied by IS terrorists. The report that Shingal has been recaptured has to be annulled. Although two villages have been liberated near the town of Shingal, clashes still take place in its centre. We want to be sure and are waiting therefore for reports of more correspondents stating that the town will be retaken as quickly as possible

+++01:40 am+++ Osman Baydemir via Twitter: “The one who calls himself a Kurd, whose honor is Shingal”

+++01:30 am+++ According to Yezidi refugees about 45 children died in the last two days in the mountains while being on the run from IS terrorists

The Syriac Military Council (MFS)

+++01:10 am+++ Assyrian militias of the MFS (Mawtbo Fulhoyo Suryoyo) from Rojava (West Kurdistan) have just arrived in Shingal. Together with YPG forces Assyrian forces protect Yezidis in Shingal

+++01:10 am+++ IS terrorists publish pictures of decapitated Yezidis from Shingal

+++01:00 am+++ The Iraqi army bombs several places of Shingal which are occupied by IS terrorists

+++00:30 am+++ Refugees: Arab tribes have supported IS and looted our houses

+++00:20 am+++ Yezidi refugees in Dohuk thank the YPG for helping them to escape and providing fire cover

+++00:15 am+++ Qasim Sesho, commander of the Yezidi Protection Unit, succeeds to arrest several IS terrorists with armed Yezidis

+++00:10 am+++ Yezidi Protection Unit liberates the village Cil Mira and kills the IS terrorist icon Masud

5th August


+++23:50 pm+++ Sime Boseli, Peshmerga commander of the Zerevani brigade who is currently in the mountains of Shingal, confirms that dozens of children and old men died in the mountains due to water and food shortages

+++23:30 pm+++ Relief supplies arrive at the mountains of Shingal via helicopter

+++23:10 pm+++ Special units of the PKK are heading to Shingal and are expected to arrive tonight

+++22:50 pm+++ Yezidis from the north of Shingal are on the way to the south to supply the refugees in the mountains. According to unconfirmed reports Shingal has been almost entirely liberated

The PKK´s Supreme Commander Murat Karayilan

+++22:50 pm+++ Murat Karayilan, the PKK´s Supreme Commander, in a statement on SterkTV: We will fight against the IS terrorists as long as we can. We won´t allow that a 73rd massacre of Yezidis come to pass

+++22:20 pm+++ Influential Yezidis in Russia to ezidiPress: “We will use our influence to protect our brothers and sisters in Shingal. We are ready to do anything for it.”

Yezidis from Russia to ezidiPress: “We will care for the arming of Yezidis in Iraq. 100 years ago, we fled into exile for the same reasons, we won´t tolerate such a thing again.”

“We have long watched and held us back because we believed we could rely on others. But now the line has been crossed. We will arrange all that is necessary for the defense of Yezidis”, Yezidi lobby in Russia told ezidiPress

+++22:00 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent in Shingal with fighters of the Yezidi Protection Unit: “We won´t leave any terrorist alive, they are demons and a disgrace to humanity. Someone who deliberately kills innocent children deserves no mercy

+++21:50 pm+++ Heavy clashes in Shingal, thousands Yezidis fight alongside the YPG and are out for revenge. In the east, west and south the IS terrorists are surrounded by the Peshmerga, in the north by the YPG. The Iraqi government announced to conduct aerial attacks if the terrorists should gain the upper hand

+++21:05 pm+++ Heyder, Qasim Sehso, Yezidi leader of the Yezidi Protection Unit, wants the Peshmerga commanders that withdrew yesterday for several hours to be called to account. “Shouldn´t they be punished, I´ll take care of it personally”, he told VoiceofAmerica

+++21:00 pm+++ Further major units of YPG and Peshmerga from the north of Shingal are on the way to the disputed areas in the south

+++20:55 pm+++ IS terrorists tried to attack with several of their terror squads the sanctuary of “Sherfedin”. The 3000 Yezidis which protect the sanctuary managed to repel the attack, whereupon the terrorists fled.  700 armed Yezidis from the extended family Pir Avdo fight there for the defense of their homeland and culture

+++20:40 pm+++ Correspondent: Several villages in the north of Shingal have been liberated by YPG and Peshmerga forces. Dozens of IS terrorists were killed and the rest fled

+++20:20 Uhr+++ YPG commander and spokesperson Can Polat to ezidiPress: “With the help and under the protection of YPG tens of thousands Yezidis from Shingal arrived in Rojava and South Kurdistan”

+++20:05 pm+++ Around 10.000 Peshmerga fighters and large units of YPG forces have surrounded the IS terrorists in Shingal. A special unit of the Peshmerga is said to have fought a path to the refugees in the mountains. In the Kurdish town of Silemani and elsewhere thousands of Kurds have provided relief supplies for the people of Shingal. The relief supplies will be distributed by Peshmerga units stationed on site and helicopters to the refugees now

+++19:58 pm+++ Commanders of the Peshmerga army whose soldiers were stationed in Shingal and have withdrawn are said to be called to account. Commanders of the KDP and PUK Peshmerga units accuse each other, see also

+++19:30 pm+++
Number of refugees in total: 250.000
Number of refugees in the mountains: 70.000

The central sanctuary “Sherfedin” is guarded by about 3000 armed Yezidi civilians, another thousands Yezidis have united and formed brigades called Qasim Simer and Qasim Sesho.  The numbers are confirmed by the Religious Council of the Yezidis in Iraq, our local correspondents also confirm these numbers

+++19:10 pm+++ Masud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region, announces an investigation to the temporary withdrawal of Peshmerga on 3th August in Shingal

+++19:00 pm+++ According to the ministry for Peshmerga affairs and reports of Rudaw around 10.000 Peshmerga fighters have arrived in Shingal. A large Peshmerga unit is said to have fought a path to the refugees in the mountains

+++18:00 pm+++ The establishment of Shingal´s Protection Unit YBS has been just announced in Shingal. In an Arabic-language statement, the organization announces its motives and goals. It says that the organization was founded as a response to the broken promises of the Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani who wanted to establish a Peshmerga unit consisting of 600 men after thousands of Yezidis had been dispersed by the IS in Rabia.

“To the people of Shingal,

the circumstances under which we currently live as well as the events in our areas have shown us the importance of self-defense. Circumstances have also shown us that we have to protect ourselves as an organization to prevent attacks that threaten our existence. […]

We have repeatedly pointed to the danger and threat and turned towards all Kurdish parties. So that they can establish a special unit consisting of Yezidis for the defense of Shingal. But our warnings and cries for help went unheeded. […] We have decided to defend ourselves against the terrorists

+++17:20 pm+++ ezidiPress correspondent Shingali: Around 3.000 armed Yezidis protect the sanctuary of Sherfedin in Shingal. They are willing to give their lives for the defense  of Shingal

+++17:15 pm+++ According to PUK media first relief supplies arrived in the mountains of Shingal. The Religious Council of the Yezidis states that half of the Yezidis from Shingal have already fled to the Kurdistan region while the other half is still remaining there

+++17:00 pm+++ Confirmed: YPG fighters dispel IS terrorists from Rabia and take over the town

+++16:55 pm+++ Mir Tahsin Beg, temporal leader of the Yezidis, asks the Kurdish President Masud Barzani to arm the Yezidis, so that they can defend themselves against the IS terrorists. But, according to the Yezidi leader, he has not received an answer so far, “the Yezidis are on their own.”

“The Yezidis are in a bad situation and we want this situation to be resolved. Peshmerga soldiers have to invade these regions to liberate us from this situation, the IS will kill everyone. They behead children, kidnap our women. In general, the situation is very concerning”, says Mir Thasin Beg. Click here for the Kurdish interview

+++16:30 pm+++ Thousands of Yezidi refugees are still waiting in the mountains of Shingal for help. Since yesterday, many of the refugees have not taken in food and drinking water. Our correspondents in Shingal are currently verifying reports on the shelling of refugees by mortar shells of IS

YPG commander Can Polat (in the middle) arrives in Shingal

+++15:50 pm+++ ezidiPress interviews YPG spokesperson Can Polat: “Some of our units have arrived in Shingal. Our units and armed young men in Shingal are currently fighting with IS. We especially strive to prevent massacres. So far, we have conducted five successful operations against the IS. We want to continue to protect our people.” Polat also states that 6 YPG fighters were killed during clashes in Rabia and south Shingal while dozens of IS terrorists were killed by the YPG. Click here for the short interview

+++15:20 pm+++ The Yezidi journalist Ali Shingali (reporter for Badinan Sat) reported that IS terrorists misuse Yezidi civilians “human shields” after the Iraqi government announced to launch aerial attacks

+++15:00 pm+++ Various Kurdish media consistently report that YPG and Peshmerga forces have retaken control of the border town of Rabia in north Shingal. This would set free new capacities for the fight in south Shingal

+++14:45 pm+++ Residents of Tirpespi and Derik (Rojava / Syria) host refugees from Shingal. The refugees are protected by YPG fighters

+++14:25 pm+++ Ikram Balekani, Nuce TV:  The YPG have begun to open routes for refugees from Shingal to Rojava (North Syria, also known as West Kurdistan). The routes are guarded by YPG fighters

+++14:10 pm+++ 67 Yezidis were executed by IS in Shingal after they refused to convert to Islam. This was reported by the German FAZ referring to eyewitnesses. BasNews speaks of 88 victims

+++14:00 pm+++ Masud Barzani: “We are fighting without the support of the international community against terrorism and will reclaim every inch of Shingal”

+++13.45 am+++ Our correspondents report that the IS terrorist group has carried out a massacre of the civilian population in the Yezidi village of Duhola. Relatives of the victims were trying to reach their relatives by phone but instead IS terrorists answered the phone. The village is situated near the Syrian-Iraqi border town of Rabia where heavy fightings continue to take place between Kurdish forces and IS terrorists

+++13.30 am+++ Wladimir van Wilgenburg via Twitter: Yezidi representatives in Iraq and South Kurdistan demand that aid must be brought to the refugees in the Shingal mountains by the use of helicopters

+++13.20 am+++ The fate of some 2000 inhabitants of the Yezidi village Werdi is uncertain, it is feared that they have been executed by the IS terrorist group. The tribal leader Khalaf Elias reports Rudaw that they had previously been lured back into the village by the IS

+++13.10 am+++ Especially Yezidi infants are affected by the lack of food and drinking water in the mountains of Shingal. Our correspondents tell us that many children are already “half-dead”. “If there is no help coming in the next hours, many of these children will die”

+++12.50 am+++ Community leaders of Sheikhan warn: Should the Yezidis in Sheikhan not be rescued within 72 hours, no one is welcome in Sheikhan

+++12.45 am+++ We could just reach one of our correspondents who is among the refugees in the mountains of Shingal. He confirmed the massacre in Ginia Miherkan and speaks of another dozen bodies just outside the village. He also states that the killed Yezidis are villagers which are known to him. The correspondent speaks of a humanitarian emergency: “There is a lack of drinking water. If no help arrives in the coming nights, thousands will die”

+++12.30 am+++ Refugee in the mountains of Shingal: “We haven´t slept, have only a piece of bread to eat. We don´t care about that, but our children are crying due to hunger.” Yesterday 10 children and 5 elderly already died because they had no access to necessities

+++12.10 am +++ Eyewitnesses report ezidiPress correspondents on a massacre of Yezidi civilians in Shingal. According to this the civilians were heading last night to the village Ginia Miherkan via secret paths to get drinking water for the refugees in the mountains. When they reached the village, they found 53 bodies, another 30 were found outside the village. After having been spotted by IS terrorists, they fled without being able to identify the bodies

+++12.00 am+++ An urban warfare has begun in the same-named city of Shingal between Kurdish forces and IS terrorists. The city was surrounded by YPG and Peshmerga units, a Kurdish special unit then stormed the city itself. The surrounding villages that IS has taken over the day before are still under terrorist control

+++11.55 am+++ According to the Yezidi politician Dr. Mirza Dinnayi 20 Yezidi children which have been on the run died. The number of refugees has gone to about 300.000

+++11.40 am+++ In the north of Shingal, on the Iraqi-Syrian border town of Rabia, YPG and Peshmerga units achieve first military successes. Successes in Rabia set free new capacities that are urgently needed in south Shingal

+++11.30 am+++ Despite massive battles and the use of heavy artillery in the night, the south of Shingal is still under the control of IS. The Food and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations) announced to provide food to the affected regions. The lives of more than 10.000 Yezidi refugees which still remain on the mountains remains vulnerable. The UN speaks of a “humanitarian tragedy”

Yezidi refugees from Shingal

+++03:00 Uhr+++ Yezidi refugees from Shingal sleep on the ground

+++02:30 am+++ Refugee from Shingal to one of our correspondents: “If the YPG wouldn´t be here, we would be all dead now”

+++02:25 am+++ Peshmerga units bombard the IS terrorists with heavy artillery in Shingal

+++01:45 am+++ A resident of Shingal told us that 5 girls of his family have been kidnapped by IS terrorists. The oldest girl is 15 years old

Children killed during an ISIS assault

+++01:30 am+++ IS terrorists kill two children in an attack on a civilian vehicle in Shingal whose inmates wanted to escape to safety

+++01:20 am+++ Bewilderment. Due to an intense heat and the lack of food and water 10 Yezidi children and 5 elderly died in the mountains. More dozens of children and especially old men are supposed to be in a bad state, reported Rudaw

+++00:40 am+++ And again a confirmation of one of our correspondents in Shingal: They are standing in front of the shrine “Sherfedin” which has not been destroyed. However, extremists of IS have already destroyed other pilgrimage sites of Shiites and Yezidis  in Shingal

+++00:4o am+++ IS leadership: If the Yezidis do not convert to Islam, we will kill them all

4th August


+++23:28 pm+++ Hundreds Yezidis armed themselves in Bashiq and Bahzan (Sheikhan region) to defend their towns. A large part of the population fled to the north  after the terrorists of IS came closer and had previously taken over five villages in Babire. At the moment refugees from Shingal are housed in Lalish valley and the surrounding villages. Nevertheless, thousands are still trapped in the mountains of Shingal

+++22:35 pm+++ The Kurdish politician Amina Said calls on the government in Baghdad, the Kurdish government as well as humanitarian aid organizations to support the Yezidi refugees in Shingal. ”A majority of people, especially the destitutes, cannot leave the town which is under IS control now”

+++22:15 pm+++ Reports about massacres of the Yezidi civilian population in the regions of Shingal rise. Dozens of women and children were allegedly massacred alone near Til Benat by IS terrorists. The situation is still quite unclear

+++22:00 pm+++ The Yezidis´ Religious Concil confirms abductions of Yezidi women in Shingal and calls for additional reinforcement in the threatened areas. There is still no trace of the missing 100 girls. Moreover, a humanitarian disaster is going to occur: the fightings in Shingal are ongoing while the refugees in the mountains are left to their own devices

+++20:05 pm+++ Representatives of the Yezidis meet in these hours with the President of the Kurdish autonomous region Masud Barzani to discuss possible solutions to the current crisis. The American Embassy was contacted and has indicated its willingness to provide aid

+++20:00 pm+++ Thousands of refugees face temperatures around 40 degrees without having essentials. “We, the elder ones, withstand this for a day but our children scream and cry”, said a Yezidi mother in tears

+++19:10 pm+++ IS terrorists blow up a Yezidi pilgrimage site in Shingal. However, this is not the sancturay  ”Sherfedin”although there are new reports claiming it has been blown up by IS. Click here for the video

+++19:05 pm+++ Refugees which are currently located near Sheikhan report that about 100 Yezidi girls and young women from Shingal are being missed since the IS terrorists´onslaught on the town

+++19:00 pm+++ Yezidis from Bashiq, Bahzan and Khetar in Sheikhan now also start to flee from their homes due to imminent attacks by the IS terrorists

+++18:10 pm+++ Yezidis from the region of Shariya consent to fight against the IS terrorists in Shingal. Especially Yezidis from Babire have fled to Shariya after IS terrorists attacked the town with mortar shells and took finally over the control

+++18:00 pm+++ The report according to which the sanctuary “Sherfedin” has been destroyed by IS terrorists is incorrect. The sanctuary remains standing. This was told us by Yezidis in the immediate vicinity of the pilgrimage site

+++17:40 pm+++ Salih Muslim, Co-Chairman of the PYD, via Twitter: “The defense of Shingal and the Yezidis´ culture is the task of all Kurdistanis, it is a day of honor and pride”

+++17:20 pm+++ According to a UN report around 200.000 people are on the run, the majority of them are Yezidis from Shingal and Sheikhan

+++16:35 pm+++ IS terrorists have taken over the village complex of Babire (five villages) near Sheikhan. The Yezidis´ fear that IS extremists might advance to their central sanctuary Lalish is not unreasonable

+++16:25 pm+++ According to Gali Kurdistan TV IS terrorists have destroyed the Yezidi sanctuary “Sherfedin” in Shingal. However, our local correspondents cannot confirm this yet

+++16:15 pm+++ Major offensive of YPG and Peshmerga units have just begun. Thousands of armed Yezidis join the operation to defend their homeland

The governor of Mosul

+++15:30 pm+++ Yezidi children which have fled from Shingal report our correspondent in Dohuk on the arrival of IS terrorists in Shingal: “They killed Peshmerga soldiers in front of our eyes. They shot them in the head. We were afraid and fled”

+++15:25 pm+++ IS leaders give YPG and Peshmerga units an ultimatum  of two hours to withdraw without a fight from the Mosul Dam, Shingal and Rabia. Otherwise IS threatens to launch a large-scale offensive

The IS spreads its terror Shingal

+++15:15 pm+++ The governor of Mosul appeals to the international community: ”In the next few hours thousands of Yezidis will be massacred, starve or die of thirst if we do not act. Thousands are in the hands of the IS murderers, several thousands have fled without food or water to the mountains”

+++14:40 pm+++ The news agency Xendan reports that IS terrorists massacre over 30 Yezidis in Shingal

+++14:15 pm+++ IS terrorists attack Yezidis near Sheikhan: Due to a lack of  sophisticated weapons Peshmerga fighters were inferior to IS terrorists and ceased the combat operations. The Yezidi residents fled to Sharya and Duhok. Meanwhile the IS has announced to dispel all Yezidis from Shingal until tonight

+++14:05 pm+++ The ministry for Peshmerga affairs announces a military intervention for the liberation of Shingal

+++14:00 pm+++ IS terrorists take over Yezidi pilgrimage sites

+++13:45 am+++ Our correspondents from Shingal report on killings of the civilian population: “Many Yezidis have been killed in Siba Sheikh Khidir because they did not give up their village and continued to fight even after the withdrawal of Peshmerga forces. They fought till the end.”

+++13:40 am+++ IS terrorists capture men and youths in Shingal. At the same time YPG spokesman Can Polat declares to deploy more YPG forces to Shingal.  Thousands Yezidis fight for the liberation of their towns and villages. More and more Yezidis advance from the north to the south

+++13:35 am+++ Reports of destroyed Shiite shrines arrive: The tomb of Sayid Zaynab was completely destroyed by IS terrorists

Yezidi refugees seek shelter in the mountains

+++13:00 am+++  Following the destruction of a Shiite shrine in Shingal, IS terrorists are now aiming for Yezidi pilgrimage sites. Meanwhile, the terrorists spread their terror over Shingal

+++12:30 am+++ Thousands Yezidis are still on the run. Yezidi refugees from Shingal seek shelter in the mountains of Sinjar. Without having access to drinking water, food and shelter, children, women and old men have to keep calm in fear to be not discovered and killed by IS. In the meantime the Central Council of Yezidis in Germany releases a press statement in which it calls the international community to intervene

+++12:20 am+++ Initial reports about massacres of Yezidi civilians reach us, claiming that several Yezidis have been killed by IS terrorists in Til Aziz. A verification by our local correspondents is currently impossible

IS terrorists in Shingal

+++11:55 am+++ Heavy fightings take place in the border town of Rabia, where YPG and Peshmerga forces fight together against IS terrorists. Shingal is now attacked from both the north and south. As a result Rabia´s residents flee to areas of Shingal which are not occupied yet

+++11:25 am+++ There is already a shortage of drinking water and food for toddlers. Because they were forced to leave their homes on the spur of the moment, the Yezidi refugees from Shingal had no way to carry food

+++11:10 am+++ IS terrorists begin to destroy holy sanctuaries of Shiites and Yezidis

+++10:30 am+++ First major units of YPG and Peshmerga arrive at the disputed territories in the south of Shingal.   More fighters are on the way. Battles now take place on several fronts

+++10:00 am+++ The IS marches towards the town of Shingal, Yezidi civilians skirmish with them. Desperately, women, children and old men are trying to escape. Yezidi men bring their families to safety and return to the fightings. In the north, YPG (People’s Protection Units) and Peshmerga units mobilize in order to go to the rescue

Armed Yezidi civilians in Khanasor

+++09:00 am+++ IS terrorists take over the villages Til Benat, Siba Sheikh Khidir, Til Keseb and Til Aziz. Thousands Yezidis flee from their villages to the north of Shingal and try to seek shelter in the mountains. Yezidi civilians provide the refugee flows fire cover

+++07:30 am+++ Peshmerga units withdraw from the disputed areas. Only armed Yezidi civilians continue to resist. Panic spreads over the affected villages, it is certain that the Yezidis will not be able to put up further resistance by their own combat power

+++05:30 am+++ The IS terrorists are gaining the upper hand. The much-needed help by Peshmerga backup is absent

+++01:30 am+++ Terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) attack the Yezidi village Siba Sheikh Khidir and the surrounding villages. Armed Yezidi civilians and Peshmerga fighters stationed on site resist for several hours

3rd August

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