Yezidi children and women massacred by Islamic terrorists

Yezidi children and women massacred by Islamic terrorists

Yesterday terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) massacred 15 Yezidis in the border town of Ras al-Ain. The slaughter took place  in Tileliye, a small suburb of Ras al-Ain which is inhabited by members of the religious Yezidi minority. According to information we have received from Kurdish media seven children as well as three women were among the murdered civilians. More bodies are still in the hand of the terrorists, reported ANHA.

At 3 am the Islamists started to launch their plan by invading three villages of Ras al-Ain simultaneously, including Tileliye, Temade and Ovencake. Unconfirmed reports indicate that ISIS terrorists have killed a total number of 40 people.
Once they had entered the villages, they started to open fire on innocent civilians. The shocking images show how cruel and reckless the terrorists were operating. According to relatives of the victims hundreds are currently on the run. In the meantime the Kurdish  People’s Protection Units (YPG) were able to liberate the area and arrest several terrorists which were involed in those crimes. In a large-scale offensive the YPG are now trying to stop the advancing terrorists.

IS terrorists attack Yezidis near Sheikhan – Another thousands on the run

IS terrorist in front of captured civilians in Shingal

Babire, northern Iraq – According to information we have received from our correspondents in Kurdistan, terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) have begun to attack Yezidis in the district of Sheikhan, located in northern Iraq.

Out of fear another thousands Yezidis are currently on the run. Villages such as Babire are completely abandoned. Due to a lack of  sophisticated weapons Peshmerga fighters were inferior to IS terrorists and ceased the combat operations. The Yezidi residents fled to Sharya and Duhok.

Meanwhile the IS has announced to dispel all Yezidis from Shingal and Sheikhan until tonight. This morning the terrorists managed to attack the Yezidis´ main settlement area Shingal and take over large parts of the region. Thousands Yezidis are currently seeking shelter in the mountains.

Yezidis want to pay ransom for hostages held by Islamic State

Shingal, Iraq – After the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS, has taken dozens of Yezidi hostages and demanded ransom, Yezidis are currently raising money in order to free the hostages. At the end of June more than 24 Yezidis were held hostage by IS terrorists which demanded a ransom of 50.000 U.S. dollars  per hostage. Amnesty International reports consistently about kidnappings of Yezidis conducted by the outlaw terrorist group that has already captured large parts of Iraqi and Syrian territory.

However, the abductees´ families are not able to pay such a high sum. Shingal is one of the poorest regions of Iraq. At least 23 of the kidnapped Yezidis are still in the hands of IS.
In the meantime, the Yezidis´ temproal  leader, Mir Tahsin, has arranged in consultation with the Religious Council an emergency aid of 24 million Iraqi dinars (about 15,000 euro) to support the families of the victims. More dozens of Yezidis, mainly from Europe, have already donated several thousand euros to the affected families.

An propaganda video published by IS shows some Iraqi border guards which have been captured and executed shortly afterwards, among them several Yezidis. In Mosul, houses of Christians and Shiites have been recently tagged by Islamists after the prompt to leave the region within the next 24 hours.

Êzîden, Schiiten und Sunniten in Gefangenschaft der ISIS


Protesters In Baghdad: “I am
Christian, Sunni, Shiite, Kurd,
Mandean,Yazidi, and I am Iraqi”

Al Arabya News [Dubai, UAE], by Dina al-Shibeeb,
Original Article
Posted By:mitzi, 7/23/2014 4:17:36 PM
More than 200 people – many of them Muslims – gathered on Sunday in front of a Catholic church in Baghdad carrying “I am Iraqi, I am Christian” slogans to show solidarity after a radical Islamist group evacuated Christians from their homes in the northern city of Mosul. “What gives us hope is a group of citizens – I do not want to say Muslims but they were Muslims – from Baghdad carrying slogans saying “I am Iraqi, I am Christian,” Father Maysar Bahnam of Mar Korkis Catholic Church told Al Arabiya News. “They prayed in solidarity with us, saying that we are people from this land,” Bahnam said, emphasizing that the rally


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