Howard left embarrassed by deceptive US Intelligence

Howard left embarrassed by deceptive US Intelligence

Sep 23, 2014

 Author: Staff Reporter

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john howard

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard is embarrassed by the deceptive US Intelligence, which caused him to support the Iraq War based on “WMD” lies.

In an interview broadcast on the Seven Network, the former Prime Minister John Howard said he and the National Security Committee of Cabinet at the time sent Australian troops into Iraq because they thought Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction and represented a threat to the West.

Mr Howard revealed that he was “struck by the force of language used in the American national intelligence assessment” in November 2002, but he felt “embarrassed” when he learned that there were no weapons of mass destruction. He wanted to explain the government’s decision and stated that he had “genuinely believed it.” The former prime minister also criticised his successor Kevin Rudd for accusing him of “going to war on a lie” after he previously supported the intelligence.

Andrew Wilkie, former intelligence analyst, now independent MP said that Mr Howard should regret the role he had in the Iraq invasion 11 years ago. Mr Wilkie also revealed that the former prime minister should feel lucky that he has not “been charged with conspiracy to commit mass murder.” Mr Howard also denied that the 2003 conflict is indirectly responsible for the formation of Islamic State (IS) and advised against using the threat of terrorism as a justification for slowing the rate of Muslim immigration to Australia.

Founder and leader of 21st Century Australia Party, Jamie McIntyre released the following comments regarding the issue: 

I have no doubt Prime Minister Howard didn’t deceive the Australian public deliberately regarding WMD, as he states, he genuinely believed the evidence provided to him by the US was true.

But this does raise the obvious issue.

It is quite clear that the US deliberately deceived its allies and people by emphatically stating there was evidence, even though there wasn’t.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people lost their lives because of these lies.

The Australian government should no longer believe the US Intelligence to be accurate about anything.

This is just another reason we need to reconsider our alliance with the US because they have a problem with telling the truth.

And we know why.

Their political system is corrupted and they are infiltrated by neo cons who have a very clear agenda, which is to cause civil unrest in country after country to steal their resources and boost weapon sales and grow the defence industry (which consist of shareholders such as Haliburton etc.).
Yet we as a country continue to support the US and its lies and deceit.

If the UK and Australia had questioned and challenged the US intelligence regarding Iraq and not blindly accepted it, we could have forced them to change tact or at least ensured they had to invade unilaterally and have no support of a coalition.

Australia should now demand the US to explain its deception regarding the last Iraq war whilst stating it as the reason to not support yet another Iraq war, which once again is based on more lies.

Australia needs to have a conscience and do the right thing as a country. Being a lapdog for a deceitful US is hardly what we should be doing.

The US needs to be challenged on their deception and held to account. The greatest cause of terrorism is because of the US. It is the neo con strategy to fund, sponsor and train and support terrorist groups to achieve their agendas.

They provide the perfect excuse to boost defence spending even though the US does not have a decent health and education system. Instead, their money is diverted to weapons. Moreover, terrorists are ideal to fund in order to overthrow leaders of countries that won’t sign away their resources to the US.

Since fear is the greatest controller of people, terrorist groups are the perfect tools to ensure civilians fall into line and do as the neo cons want.

Imply that some beheadings might occur in Australia and the uneducated Australian will quickly support new terrorism laws they wish to push through parliament.

When will the world wake up to Washington’s deceit and the neo con agenda and call them out on their lies?

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