Phantoms, Daemons and The Finders

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Phantoms, Daemons and Finders

They got mystery written all over their forehead
They kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young
– Bob Dylan

Phantom Clowns

The first week of May, 1981, Daniel O’Connell, the Investigative Counselor of the Boston Public School Board, alerted the district’s principals that “it has been brought to the attention of the police department and the district office that adults dressed as clowns have been bothering children to and from school. Please advise all students that they must stay away from strangers, especially ones dressed as clowns.”

Several days later, in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 5, two clowns using candy as lures tried to entice children into their black van parked near Lawrence Elementary School. According to Loren Coleman in Mysterious America, police had a good description of the vehicle: it was an old model with ladders on the side, a broken front headlight and was missing its hubcaps. The following day the Boston police, “responding to persistent complaints, warned that men in clown suits were harassing elementary children.” One, driving a black van, was seen to be dressed as a clown only from the waist up; from the waist down he was naked.

“By May 8th,” writes Coleman, “reports of clown men in vans harassing children had come in from East Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Canton, Randolph, and other cities near Boston…. 50 miles south, in Providence, RI, reports of clown men disturbring children were coming to the attention of psychiatric social workers counseling the city’s youth.”

Encounters with “evil clowns” proliferated quickly westward. Pittsburg children began reporting being pestered by two men dressed as clowns driving a van. Mid-May, frightened Kansas school kids told of a clown who had chased them home and threatened them to get in his van. On the afternoon of May 22, in Kansas City, Missouri, chased a “knife-wielding clown in a yellow van that had been reported at six different elementary schools”:

Earlier in the day, at 8:30, a mother had watched a yellow van approach her children as they walked to a school bus stop. The van stopped and someone inside spoke to her two girls who then screamed and fled; the vehicle sped away. The children told their mother that a man dressed as a clown and carrying a knife had ordered them inside. By noon the police had received dozens of similar reports – of a clown in a yellow van. The calls did not taper off until five o’clock that afternoon.

Coleman quotes LaTanya Johnson, a then-sixth grade student at Fairfax Elementary School, who told the Kansas City Star of her sighting of the clown:

He was by the fence and ran down through the big yard when some of the kids ran over there. He ran toward a yellow van. He was dressed in a black shirt with a devil on the front. He had two candy canes down each side of his pants. The pants were black too, I think; I don’t remember much about his face.

That Spring, scared children in Nebraska, and in Colorado, and elsewhere, spoke of being menaced by knife-wielding clowns who ordered them to get in their vans. No suspect was apprehended, and perhaps most significantly, no child was abducted. Frustrated police departments began backtracking, and discounting the allegations. Besides, most of the witnesses were young children – how much could their word be trusted? As the sightings petered out, and as children were merely terrified and not missing, “group hysteria” was floated as an explaination, and eagerly seized upon by most. But Coleman makes a significant observation that suggests something else was going on:

The story of the phantom clowns went unnoticed on a national scale until I began getting a hint we were in the midst of a major flap of a new phenomenon. Slowly, after contacting fellow researchers by phone and mail, I discovered the phantom clown enigma went beyond Boston, Kansas City, and Omaha. Indeed, the reports filtering into me demonstrated that a far reaching mystery was developing. In the individual cities, the local media were not aware they were living through a series of puzzling events that were occurring nationwide.

Phantom Social Workers

In the early months of 1990 a similar pattern played out in England, though instead of clown costumes, they came disguised as social workers.

Patrick Harpur writes in Daimonic Reality:

Reports poured in to the police, describing “health workers” or “social workers” who called to examine or take away children, but who hurriedly left when the householder became suspicious. The visitors were mostly one or two women, but sometimes a woman and a man. The women were typically in their late twenties or early thirties, heavily made up, smartly dressed and of medium height. They carried clipboards and, often, identification cards. “They looked professional,” said one witness. “Like doctors.” Few of them had local accents. Some even telephoned in advance to make appointments.

Twenty-three separate police forces combined to launch Operation Childcare, dedicated to tracking down the bogus social workers. By May, the incidents were so widespread that police feared that up to four organized gangs were involved. (On 6 May there were three separate incidents in Nantwich, Cheshire, alone.) They were thought to be gangs of pedophiles. But clearly there were signs that the matter was far from straightforward: the pedophile theory was weakened by the involvement of so many women, who are rarely implicated in pedophilia (except in cases of alleged satanic ritual abuse.)

By early August, 251 incidents had been reported. As with the “Phantom Clowns,” no child was abducted, no suspect was apprehended, and dispirited police began to talk of “social panic.”

We’ll make you cry wolf

In their respective studies of the clown and social worker flaps, both Coleman and Harpur use them to draw similar conclusions regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse. To Coleman, the allegations belong to the realms of the Fortean and folkloric; Harpur, that they are the product of the daimonic imagination. Harpur goes so far as to suggest that the “social workers” were themselves daimons: tricksters perpetrating practical jokes on the merely human and, like the so-called Men in Black, not doing any real harm.

I agree with much of what Harpur says about hidden and non-human agencies, but I think he’s well off the mark here. And I think it’s because he, like Coleman, and so many, deny a priori the mundane realities of ritual abuse, and naturally therefore make no allowance for the complicity of elements of both US and UK state apparatus in the perpetuation and cover-up of occult crime. Harpur even notes that the involvement of women was unusual in matters of suggested pedophilia, except in cases of alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse. But because such things don’t really happen in Harpur’s world, then he needs to invoke an otherworldly explanation for the bogus social workers. Sometimes, as I’ve suggested many times, we need to go there, but we needn’t go there this time.

So what was going on? Coleman writes that “something quite unusual was happening in America in the Spring of 1981.” One unusual thing was the dawning general awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and its possible links to institutions and individuals of authority. Perhaps a “clown op” was run to discredit the testimony of children (“a black shirt with a devil on the front,” said LaTanya Johnson), and to lead the public towards discounting even more nightmarish mysteries.

In Britain in November 1989, just two months before the first incident of a phantom social worker, genuine social workers had removed 17 children from their homes on the grounds that they were being sexually abused in satanic ritual. Perhaps another “op” was run to vilify those who meant to protect children and to sow distrust, demonizing them in the public imagination as abductors themselves.

Maybe, it’s about putting on a wolf costume to scare little children. Maybe, it’s about making them cry wolf. For the next time.

“No further information will be available”

The Finders provided one of those next times, as documented by a US Customs Service report:

On Thursday, 2/5/87, the duty agent, SS/A [deleted], received a call from SS/A [deleted], USCS, Tallahassee, Florida. SS/A [deleted] was seeking assistance in contacting an appropriate local police agency to coordinate a child abuse investigation in with the Tallahassee Police Department…. U.S. Customs was contacted because the police officers involved suspected the adults of being involved in child pornography and knew the Customs Service to have a network of child pornography investigators, and of the existence of the Child Pornography and Protection Unit. SS/A [deleted] stated the two adults were well dressed white males. They had custody of six white children (boys and girls), ages three to six years. The children were observed to be poorly dressed, bruised, dirty, and behaving like wild animals in a public park in Tallahassee. The police were notified by a concerned citizen and all eight persons were taken into custody. The subjects were living out of a white 1979 Dodge van, Virginia license no. XHW 557. Upon being taken into custody, the adult white males refused to cooperate, one of whom produced a “business” card with a name on one side and a statement on the other. The statement indicated that the bearer knew his constitutional rights to remain silent and that he intended to do so. Upon interviewing the children, the police officers found that they could not adequately identify themselves or their custodians. Further, they stated that they were enroute to Mexico to attend a school for “smart kids.” SS/A [deleted] was further advised the children were unaware of the function and purpose of telephones, televisions and toilets, and that the children had stated they were not allowed to live indoors and were only given food as a reward.

The photographs were nudes, believed to be of members of the Finders. There were numerous photos of children, some nude, at least one of which was a photo of a child “on display” and appearing to accent the child’s genitals. I was only able to examine a very small amount of the photos at this time. However, one of the officers presented me with a photo album for my review. The album contained a series of photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a “blood ritual.” The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats. The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. This included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat’s “womb” and the “baby goats” inside the womb, and the presentation of a goat’s head to one of the children. Further inspection of the premises disclosed numerous files relating to activities of the organization in different parts of the world. Locations I observed are as follows: London, Germany, the Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, Costa Rica, and “Europe.” There was also a file identified as “Palestinian.” Other files were identified by member name or “project” name. The projects appearing to be operated for commercial purposes under front names for the Finders. There was one file entitled “Pentagon Break-In,” and others referring to members operating in foreign countries. Not observed by me but related by an MPD officer were intelligence files on private families not related to the Finders.

During the course of the search warrants, numerous documents were discovered which appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in children, high tech transfer to the United Kingdom, and international transfer of currency. PAGE 2 OF 2 DETAILS OF INVESTIGATION: On March 31, 1987, I contacted Detective [deleted] of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). I was to meet with Detective [deleted] to review the documents seized pursuant to two search warrants executed in January, 1987. The meeting was to take place on April 2 or 3, 1987. On April 2, 1987, I arrived at MPD at approximately 9:00 a.m. Detective [deleted] was not available. I spoke to a third party who was willing to discuss the case with me on a strictly “off the record” basis. I was advised that all the passport data had been turned over to the State Department for their investigation. The State Department in turn, advised the MPD that all travel and use of the passports by the holders of the passports was within the law and no action would be taken. This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam from the late 1950s to mid 1970s. The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD report has been classified SECRET and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.

Perhaps they might as well have been phantoms. Spooks, even.


Anonymous Anonymous said…
Beyond painful to believe…..makes you want to turn your head and look away. That is what they expect.

4:49 AM
Anonymous danDNA said…
anyone heard of the shriner? u have to be a 33rd degree mason to even attempt to join, but i thought the following link seemed appropriate

5:22 AM
Anonymous Alice said…
A crash course in mind-bending evil: everything you ever wanted to know about the octopus (and probably more than you can handle)all in one handy place:

6:27 AM
Blogger . said…
Fascinating. I’m a skeptic on ritual abuse, but this really does make me think again.

6:45 AM
Anonymous Dream’s End said…
I’ll add a couple things about the Finders.

First off, I had a couple emails with a guy who wrote a very long and informative article for the Washington City Paper. I say informative, but it didn’t have this memo, which hadn’t been made public yet. When I showed him the memo he said both that it sounded genuine to him and that it was no big deal. he said he’d seen “some” of the pictures and they were no big deal either. The files on trafficking didn’t even rate a mention.

Secondly, although the founder of the group has died (or so we are told, but he’d be quite old), a member has founded a house of “free thinking” or some such there in the city of Culpepper. I was alerted to this by this article:

It is an interview with “Merrie Pettie” who runs this house. Read the interview and then ponder that it turns out, as she admitted to me in an email, that Nauth IS Merrie pettie and had interviewed herself. (Pettie is the name of the founder as well.) She sent me this long cryptic email sort of written in verse (but which I’ve lost due to computer probs) telling how she was many different women. One could argue that it’s “metaphorical” but it also could be that she really does have a lot of women living inside her as part of her “programming.” Who knows.

9:00 AM
Anonymous Emerald Archangel said…
The certainly coordinated operation of satanoids masquerading as clowns is very reminiscent to me of John Wayne Gacy. Their reasons for this guise have everything to do with having any reports dismissed as fantasy by police ‘gatekeepers’ all too happy to cover their tracks. David McGowan’s fascinating work “Programmed to Kill” goes over scores of high and low profile cases of internationally organized child predators and ritual murderers, in which police complicity either deliberately derailed the case, destroyed evidence or curtailed investigations into multiple perpetrators. All too often good cops and uncorrupted investigators often found their investigations sabotaged or closed down by their higher ups, and in a number of cases cops themselves were perpetrators and accessories in the crimes.

The reality is that when a community is besieged by this type of menace, they need to form a disciplined covert unit to deal with it and protect the children. Last time I checked, aluminum bats and multiple injections of lead still worked famously. Then gather evidence i.e. photos, license plate numbers, ID’s, etc. and get it anonymously uploaded it to a website since you can’t trust the cops or the media to tell the story. All bets are off for the demonic scum who hunt children to degrade, defile and murder. What’s more important the safety and well-being of our children or the following of the Queen’s Rules of civil engagement.

Oprah’s already made an incursion with the $100,000 bounties, although I seriously doubt that it applies cases of the very rich or powerful, someone try turning in a George H.W. Bush, Michael Jackson or the current Pope and see what happens.

The parable of the bully dictates that if you stand still to get punched in the face, the bullies will line up to make you their bitch.

Hunt the hunters, and find the Finders. Make CONFIRMED cases of child molestation a death penalty offense and watch the rates drop significantly.

9:14 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Hey Jeff,
Please provide more detailed footnotes with your entries. I understand that you are well read on these topics. But many of your readers are not. When you enter into topics such as ritual abuse you can’t take for granted that your audience necessarily accepts your argument.
My wish is that if this topic is to be elaborated upon, that a researcher (such as yourself) goes the traditional route and subjects their findings to review by editors, other scholars and what-not.
A crowning example of a well-crafted expose would be Edwin Black’s “IBM and the Holocaust.” It’s a water-tight, non-sensationalized account of IBM’s business relationship with the third reich. Overall, it’s a painfully boring book. But it had a real impact on society and believe it or not, prompted reforms.
When you enter into some topics, you really have to be careful and well, rigorous. My worry is you my be playing into the hands of bigots, opportunists and the deluded.

The ritual-abuse, satanic panic, MPD thing really screwed up a lot of lives. A few Psychiatrists with an agenda were leaving behind them a wake of confused women. Not only that, they were making a lot of insurance money in the process.
I’m not writing off the whole thing, but if a fraction of your allegations are true, then this is a very grave issue and innapropriate for casual discussion on a web forum.
In the case that you believe in what you are saying, please prove it in a conventional fashion. You owe it to your readership that respects you. If thats not possible for any reason I will seriously doubt your credulity.
from Kansas City

9:55 AM
Blogger Jeff said…
Please provide more detailed footnotes with your entries. I understand that you are well read on these topics. But many of your readers are not. When you enter into topics such as ritual abuse you can’t take for granted that your audience necessarily accepts your argument.

My wish is that if this topic is to be elaborated upon, that a researcher (such as yourself) goes the traditional route and subjects their findings to review by editors, other scholars and what-not.

John, I’ve written many previous posts about ritual abuse with many more cites than today’s. You can find them in the subject index under the heading “The Military-Occult Complex, ritual abuse/mind control, and ‘High Weirdness.'”

About going the traditional route with editorial and scholarly reviews, this isn’t the traditional media. I don’t know how such a mechanism would work in this context.

10:15 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Dear Jeff, please consider printing the best works of this site in a book. I´d love to buy one. Please please please!

10:48 AM
Anonymous starroute said…
Networks . . .

Back when we first got cable — so c. 1985 — CNN’s Headline News was running interminable coverage of a trial involving a woman who said she had been kidnapped and held as a sex slave for several years. The defense tried to argue that her situation was voluntary, pointing out that she’d been allowed to take walks on her own and could have run away or called for help. Her response was that her captor had told her he was part of a network of people like himself and that if she ever tried to get away they’d track her down and bring her back.

At the time, to the extent that I thought about it at all — and the case seemed too tacky to quite take seriously — I assumed that it was an idle boast to keep her in line. But now I’m not so sure.

Pedophiles are certainly networked like crazy. Is it possible that sadists who prey upon adults are as well?

Just askin’.

11:18 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Anonymous One,wasn’t 1981 the year that the Atlanta Child Murders ended and don’t forget the Hand of Death Cult in Florida in the 80’s. These stories all fly by so quick in the news that it doesn’t even register in most peoples minds anymore,they call themselfs the hand that writes and quickly moves away.The case of the Finders was swept under the Whitehouse rug as fast as anything out there.Unless you make a mini-series out of a story no one remembers to much about it,even then they change the facts to change history,later.

12:10 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Disturbing article. Things allowed the cover of dark have a way to grow ugly and brutal.

I remember reading about the Finders in Jim Keith’s (RIP) Mind Control World Control and it’s still unsettling to think about.

Well written piece. I just wonder what, like all the other strange and terrible thing written about here, we are to do about it. It’s up to us as individuals to simplify ourselves, reach out to form communities again and wean ourselves off of all those things that make us dependent or unwittling supportive of these institutions that damage while claiming to protect. There are a million ways we support and depend on them, so it’s a tough road, but that’s maybe better than believing that passing a law is going to stop this stuff when it has the secret approval of the intelligence groups.

12:46 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Remember Stephen King’s novel, It? The story revolved around a malicious clown who terrorized and kidnapped children. Oddly, earlier this week I read (might have been this blog) about someone’s claim to have witnessed Stephen King, along with 11 other men, who levitated a statue of Pan. The writer was clearly infering that King was a member of a satanic group, and that such groups do have real power. I don’t believe in coincidence, and the synchronicity of these seemingly unrelated reports strikes me as either: true, and a boasting of evil deeds and a revelation of King and the use of clowns to kidnap (or the appearance thereof) children; or, a plan to discredit King and seed yet more fear upon the land. The latter seems more likely, as most people, and especially children, are afraid of clowns. And why not? Grown men grotesquesly dressed to deceive displaying either the sadness or absurdities of this life. The vans, as reported, are the real-world version of the infamous clown car. The fact that no child was abducted could be accounted for by the known innate fear of clowns by children. Short-term gain of creating fear; long-tern gain of disbelife, Cry Clown, if a child is ever kidnapped by a clown. Evil is, in the end, always stupid for it comes from the ego, excluding the heart, and always overplays itself.

Also,(off subject) back in the McMartin Pre School event, an investigative reporter for a TV news show told me, after nosing around Manhattan Beach, she was convinced that many merchants were networking and involved in the satanic group that was supporting the McMartins.

12:55 PM
Blogger Jeff said…
I don’t remember having read that story of the levitating statue. FWIW, here’s an excerpt from an account of it:

Several years ago I was at the Global Sciences Congress in Florida March 1999. The editor of Nexus Magazine, Duncan Roads, was one of the speakers. During the question and answer period someone asked Duncan what stories he WOULDN’T publish. For illustration of what he wouldn’t publish, he told a story which he said was true.

I trust I have this story correct, but bear with me if it’s not totally accurate, as I did not write it down at the time. Duncan had been told of an event that happened to a man in England. This man had worked for British intelligence. In other words, as an intelligent agent he had been around, he had put his life on the line and had seen many things that ordinary people don’t. He can hardly be called a wimp.

This man was invited to a party in England. It was held at a huge, old mansion. Many very, very powerful, wealthy and influential people were there. As you may imagine, the party became fairly wild. But around 11.30 pm nearly all of the guests were asked to leave. Duncan’s contact was having too good a time to do this, so because the work he was involved in made him used to doing secretive things, he decided to hide in some bushes and see what happened next.

He saw twelve men, who were all VERY powerful & influential men in the world, gather out the front of the mansion. The twelve men formed a circle or a half circle (I forget which) around a large stone statue. At midnight, the statue started to come to life! Duncan’s contact nearly had a heart attack, and took off.

I heard this story again in Sydney at the Nexus Conference in May 2000. I thought this story was so important that, after warning Duncan I would be doing so, I asked Duncan during the public question and answer period the same question about what he wouldn’t publish. The story was the same. Except that there seemed to be some disagreement between Duncan and another man in the audience who also knew the story from the Englishman, as to whether the statue was of a man or a goat. Also, the audience was startled when, this time, Duncan mentioned that author Stephen King was one of the twelve men who remained.

1:08 PM
Anonymous sw said…
Something Wicked This Way Comes….

Peony Park in Omaha…

1:43 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
How to join all these tangled threads into one coherent picture? This truly needs to be done. These blog posts of yours must inevitably be woven into a single discussion, but it’s so dynamic and fluid as well as horrifying, I would not envy the writer’s burden. You’re going to need something like neural planning software to visually connect all persons/incidents graphically. If you haven’t attempted this yet, Jeff, maybe graphically laying out these topics and their characters and connecting the dots physically from within a GUI might reveal things that have remained unrecognized..At the least it would provide a very different way of examing the relationships between these architects and their sickening works.

I imagine the completed picture would bear a resemblance to this:

2:13 PM
Anonymous The Omega Man said…
That’s a hardy but great project anon. If you had mugshots of these pieces of shite and the links of their crimes against humanity, it would be an awesome reference for newbies and investigative researchers to be able to link the whole lot up.

It would be a very time-intensive effort, but well worth it’s value to the survival and the ultimate pursuit of justice for the long-abused masses.

3:10 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Thanks, Omega man.

As an artist, I’m trained to think in visual terms, and I see all this as an enormous tapesty of individuals and events all connected in a way that the printed word can only roughly describe. Graphically speaking, you’d probably need an entire gallery wall to display all of it properly, but what a sight that would make..

3:16 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
My ex-girlfriend’s older brother was raped by a clown…in 1981…in Charlestown, MA.

He told me that he had to testify in court (as an 8-year-old) against the clown, that the clown was retarded and broke into his family’s house, that kids in his neighborhood teased and tormented him because of the trial and media coverage. He said it was all in the papers, so it’s out there to be verified. I could go to Copley Square and look it up, but I don’t know the exact date. If anyone knows how to search police records, that would help.

My ex-girlfriend had a few mental breakdowns as an adult, and in some she had nightmarish hallucinations involving Stephen King’s It. Her brother told me that she never knew about the clown that raped him.

The clowns weren’t phantoms.

3:33 PM
Anonymous sw said…
In a series of events in the fall of 1989 and the spring of 1990, some interesting things transpired. The US and USSR had been haggling over some fine points on an arms treaty and things were not quite resolved by Christmas. In fact, tensions were pretty high. But President Bush started announcing some minor arms reductions unilaterally. This is certainly not to suggest that Bush was adopting some sort of New Age philosophical point of view. Surely, Bush probably had in mind financial cuts – the announcements were usually tied to a desire to cut spending. But the fact is, he began laying down our arms. Around April of 1990, he actually toured Offutt airbase near Omaha and attended a fund-raiser at Peony Park. The next day, the White House announced a huge 50,000 unilateral troop reduction in NATO. The very next week, Russia voted democratically to elect its first president. There was no tit-for-tat and a short while later, Bush announced that he was ordering the standing down of 30% of our nuclear strike force. SALT II, the arms treaty had not been finalized. It was not something he was doing in exchange for any concessions by the Russians. He just did it. (Sounds suspiciously like a Nike ad, doesn’t it?) He laid down 30 % of our nuclear missiles without asking the USSR to do anything.

(I just cut and pasted this from an article.

This was copy and pasted to show the link between Bush and Peony Park. I’m still working on the background of this comment…

3:37 PM
Anonymous cassandra said…
I’ve always thought King was seriously emotionally disturbed and have never known anyone into his novels (invariably it’s men, either adolescents or fixated at that age) who was nailed down tight. So it’s not a stretch for me to believe he’s into doing weird, sick stuff in his private life as well as obsessing about it and turning out doorstop sized tomes that apparently are never run past an editor.

Seems to me the CIA, or at least the dark side of it, makes its money on three things: drugs, arms sales, and trafficking in children, both inside countries and between countries. Is that a fair statement?

Off topic but on topic: Jeff, I love this blog, but I hate the Google ads, I know you have to make a living but when I’m reading stuff this serious and disturbing and up comes ads for Birthday Clowns, I think that’s seriously screwed up. I never, ever would click on any of these ads, they are nothing but spam. You have no control over them as far as I can see–they just pick up on random words on the page–and I can’t make them disappear.

3:42 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
The prevalence of child abductors and rapists in positions of political and economic authority worldwide is well documented, but the story told by the British intelligence asset about the occult ritual involving Stephen King and the transformation of a statue into a living, animate being sends my disinfo/bullshit detector screaming into the red zone. The best way to discredit true accounts of clandestine ritual abuse would be to taint them with the stigma of incredulous supernatural fairy tales.

4:34 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I think CNN’s inception was concurrent with increasing reports of child abuse stories because CNN was new and it was looking for sensational stuff to cover. Child abuse stories served as killer content for the new medium of 24-hour news.

4:45 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Re: Google ads — just turn off javascript and reload/refresh the page. Presto! no more birthday clowns.

4:53 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Not wishing to start a flame war but King in interviews comes across as mostly well-adjusted — certainly more put together than many literary figures — and some of his non-horror work is surprsingly decent. On the other hand, given the nature of his writings and his status as the most famous horror writer, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets a fair amount of prodding and idea submissions — perhaps offered as help with inspiration — that serve to put certain memes out their amongst his readership.

Echoes of the Maitreya stuff in the statue story, too — doesn’t the Maitreya mythos have some reporter ambushed in the bushes by a famous diplomat who imparts what he’s witnessed?

Clowns are creepy in their own right — anyone know their historic origins, in particular the facepaint, exaggerated features, and so forth? In addition to providing protection for earthly malingerers a clown — together with the different behavioral assumptions associated with them — would provide an excellent alternative cover for some MIB-type entity reconnoitering or engaged in other activies.

4:57 PM
Blogger Professor Pan said…
The King anecdote sounds like BS to me. And, for what it’s worth, King’s books have a strong, good vs. evil and clear Christian underpinnings.

I completely disagree with Cassandra’s statement that his characters are “not nailed down tight.” Horror stories are about people confronting horror, after all — they are explorations of how people handle terrible circumstances.

Take, for example, the characters in The Stand (one of my favorite King novels, and the favorite of most of his fans). That book has been very much on my mind lately, with all the fearmongering about H5N1 in the mediasphere. The characters in the book take a principled stand (duh) against evil. The Christian allegory is not even concealed — it’s over-the-top, hit-you-over-the-head metaphor. So I can’t see how King could be a closet Satanist/occultist/creep and crank out material with such a pro-Christian bias.

But on to the clowns…

When I was in my early teens, I was coming home from my newspaper delivery route and saw a blue van coming down the street. There was a child — I believe it was a young girl — in the passenger seat. The driver was wearing a Spiderman mask. The scene was very odd and creepy, and it freaked me out.

I told my mother when I got home. She grew immediately concerned because a young girl had been reported missing, and witnesses said they had seen her get into a blue van.

My mom called the police, and put me on the line to tell my story. I told them what I had seen. They then talked to my mother again. They thanked her for calling, and didn’t say anything about following up. She was concerned because the person on the line didn’t seem interested.

I don’t know if the girl was ever found, but to this day that experience haunts me.

5:03 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Re: Google ads — just turn off javascript and reload/refresh the page. Presto! no more birthday clowns.

A better solution would be to occasionally click on an ad or two. Jeff gets nothing if no one clicks, and a surprisingly small amount per click. The google adsense program prohibits Jeff from hyping the links and saying how much or little he makes from his participation in the program.

Cassandra, you may be financially challenged, but your clicker finger has no such restraints. Toss Jeff a bone.

5:04 PM
Anonymous tal said…
Actually, Cassandra said she hadn’t known any King FANS to be naied down tight – not characters.

5:17 PM
Blogger Jeff said…
“but the story told by the British intelligence asset about the occult ritual involving Stephen King and the transformation of a statue into a living, animate being sends my disinfo/bullshit detector screaming into the red zone”

It may be that Duncan Roads is a bit credulous when it comes to intelligence sources. To me it’s not the magic that I find so inconceivable as it is the celebrity cameo. King seems a bit too typecast here. I’m not a fan or even a reader, but as some have said above, I too get the sense that he’s someone who has a moral compass. As have many writers of horror fiction.

5:17 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Cassandra: I’m of the impression that the ads are mandatory, because blogspot is owned by google. There are various technical work-arounds out there, however.

5:19 PM
Blogger Pete said…
Visual Thinking; Diagrams! Somebody call Mark Lombardi

6:02 PM
Blogger Loren Coleman said…
Yes, I am Loren Coleman, the Fortean investigator and author who gathered the original Phantom Clown reports in the early 1980s.

I appreciate Jeff Wells being detailed and crediting my research, via noting Mysterious America as the primary source. I’m not sure if he is using the 1983 edition or my 2001 update (Mysterious America: The Revised Edition). In my recent book, I look at stories like this up through 2000, and address “folkloric” answers out of the UK.

As a Fortean, I consider what is most important, first, is to acknowledge that this is a real phenomenon. To discredit it as “mass hysteria” or “folklore,” to me, dismeans the eyewitnesses who had very sincere and frightening experiences. To look at what it is or was, well, comes after gathering the data, and I applaud Rigorous Intuition for attempting that analysis.

BTW, I’m have a graduate degree in psychiatric social worker, and I fully am aware that pedophilia may be at the root of some of these reporters, sadly.

Take care
Loren Coleman

6:50 PM
Blogger Jeff said…
Loren Coleman, thanks very much for those remarks, for your original research, and for shedding light on subjects that don’t welcome it. You’re always welcome here.

7:05 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
King wrote a story called “The Library Policeman” that he said was autobiographical. The story revolves around the rape of a young boy, so it has always been my impression that he was molested as a child.

7:36 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
An anonymous poster wrote:

“The best way to discredit true accounts of clandestine ritual abuse would be to taint them with the stigma of incredulous supernatural fairy tales.”

That should be somewhere on a list of Fifty Things You Might Want to Keep in Mind Before You Read This Blog (such as the map-graph another anonymous poster suggested above, and of course the coincidence theorist’s guide to 9/11), which should linked somewhere at the top of your blog.

Hello Loren, can you confirm the Charlestown clown incident I mentioned above? I can give you specifics via email if needed. Thank you.

7:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
it seems this man is going to bring the dead
kids from the Beslan massacre back to life on Oct. 15….

9:33 PM
Anonymous Col Quisp said…
Clowns are garish caricatures of death. They are subhuman. Their sole reason for existence is to see a little child smile, yet they scare the living daylights out of most kids. Shriner clowns take advantage of hospitalized kids who have no escape, in the guise of bringing them cheer.

Clowns mock.

Who the hell started the whole clown tradition? Joey Grimaldi, the father of modern clowning, was a manic depressive victim of child abuse. He often said he was ‘grim all day.”

Clowns terrify.

10:16 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
your ongoing credulity for SRA is more frightening. despite it being discredited thoroughtly, every attempt is made to persist with the notion at every opportunity.

perhaps we should discuss the agenda of those who POST these stories, hmmm?

habeas corpus, folks.

10:41 PM
Anonymous cassandra said…
Thanks Tal, yes, that is what I said, and it’s a purely personal observation. I haven’t known that many people who were King fans–not to be snobby but my friends’s lit taste runs more to Melville or Don De Lillo than King–and the ones I did know were weird, obsessed with King in a way that, well, nobody I know is with De Lillo or Melville. One guy even wrote a novel ABOUT King. Not that I haven’t known some odd Anne Rice fans too ;).

Actually I liked “The Stand” miniseries, although that is only based on the film, and my impression was purists didn’t care for it. I liked “The Shining” too (the Jack N. version, again supposedly not faithful to the text). And I did make the mistake of watching “It” because I like Tim Curry. I was scared of clowns as a little kid–which then was very odd, in the ’50s clowns were supposed to be jolly, but they gave me the creeps and unlike most kids I didn’t like the circus at all, only went once and never wanted to go again–and “It” just scared me all over. I certainly can’t deny that King can tap into the fear circuits in one’s psyche.

My take on the statue coming to life was it was probably someone pretending to be a statue and cued to ‘come to life’ at a particular moment in the ritual.

10:45 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
To The Omega Man and Jeff,

The Omega Man’s suggestion of a visual network of perps is a VERY good one.

Take a look at It already has alot of GOOD information on who/what is linked.

In my opinion it is close to what is needed.

11:24 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Although it is tempting to see the hand of intelligence agencies in all the world’s evil, sometimes it is just the evil itself that is front and center. The phantom clown reports are in the grand tradition of the phantom airship reports of the 1800s, the wee folk reports of the middle ages and beyond, the men in black reports of the 70s to the present. None of these “clowns” is ever caught, despite the inevitable attention that a naked clown driving a van would generate on your typical freeway. Not sure that even the CIA can make clowns vanish into thin air. But tricksters from the ? dimension certainly could. Maybe on even days the phantom clowns wear all black with shades.

12:52 AM
Blogger sfmike said…
Cassandra wrote: “I love this blog, but I hate the Google ads…I’m reading stuff this serious and disturbing and up comes ads for Birthday Clowns.”

Thanks for pointing the clown ads out. They were fabulous and genuinely creepy in the context of the essay. Keep the Google ads, Jeff. They just add to the weird richness of the text.

2:17 AM
Blogger procrasta nation said…
I’m coming late to the scene but I’m always glad to drop back in here, read a concise, perceptive blog followed by a free-associating conversation that I want to join.

And about some of the creepiest, real-world-conversation-flattening subjects!

This is exactly what internet forums offer us that we really never had before…

as a contro, I want to bring up Steve Lightfoot, a guy who stalked Stephen King, drifting around & waving crazy hand-written sign on LA’s boulevard’s, accusing King of being behind John Lennon’s murder:

CIA torture & corraling of a Best-selling author they want to seed their ideas through? Or, an author with many unstable fans who put him on a pedestal ultimately getting caught up in his own story (Misery)?

I dunno (of course), and never really dug the guy’s books, although tons of people, including lots who don’t read much at all, love digging into one of those doorstoppers for a month or two. I hope he is just another guy trying to navigate this increasingly trippy world, but dunno

but I do think that artists, popular ones as well (maybe especially, as far as this goes), often tap into the as-yet unformulated spirit of the time. Warts & all

3:17 AM
Anonymous Anglebox said…
I well remember stories of the mysterious social workers in Britain.

What is missing is the fact that this happened around the same time as a series of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ scandals. To find out more google ‘orkney ritual abuse’. These two articles are good examples:

The interesting thing about all these cases is that they seem to orginate with people who are obsessed with this kind of thing. All that came out of these cases was families that were seriously damaged and traumatised. The ‘protectors’, by following their obsessions, caused far more damage to the children than the parents ever could.

On the other hand, other cases of this kind of abuse are swept under the carpet. What is the difference? The most likely answer is that the people involved are ‘influential’.

Study the case of the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman at:

(but bear in mind that Joe was not always right!)

There are several unanswered questions – some that Joe asks – such as

Why was Huntley held at Rampton?

What happened to the green car?

Why were the bodies not found for two weeks, despite this track being regularly used by dog walkers? (My dog would have found those bodies almost immediately.)

Why did it take so long to confirm the identities? (All children in Britain have dental records.)

Why is there no footage from the Lakenheath security cameras?

Why did the expert witness called by the prosecution give the impression that the version of events in Huntley’s confession was impossible?

Why did the barrister who was supposed to be defending Huntley seem as keen as the prosecution to convict him?

As always it would seem that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor!!

7:39 AM
Anonymous chillin said…
For a while in the 80’s, National Lampoon had a recurring comic strip called Evil Clown. Evil Clown would do stuff like hold up a pharmacy to stock up on laudenum and morphine then wake up in an alley beside a half empty bottle of ripple. It was pretty funny if you could appreciate sick humor, but kinda creepy at the same time. Creepier now lol =P

If I remember right, the clown in ‘It ‘ turned out to be some kind of manifestation from an alien ship or something that’d been lying semi-dormant since forever. King was definitely a deranged person at times in his life by his own admission. Major substance abuse issues for one… like drink the mouthwash if nothing else was handy type of problems.

The statue story reminds me of the quote about how any sufficently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If you had unlimited money and time you could make some cool toys.

7:56 AM
Anonymous danDNA said…
clowns are neanderthal man!!
big feet, ginger hair, big nose and mouth, silly walk, and disturbing sexual behaviour(including paedophilia) are all traits of that mystical half brother of ours. psychologically they remind us of these funny looking but sinister(look up the meaning) throwbacks that never fitted in.

8:21 AM
Anonymous starroute said…
It occurred to me at one point that *all* horror writers may have been abused in some way in childhood — or at least those whose stories involve the terrorization of children and/or people manaced by family members who turn out to be aliens or monsters.

This is pretty clearly true in a few notable cases, but I was never able to confirm the *all* part, so I filed it away in the bin of half-baked ideas.

Still, there is a certain quality of hysteria, traumatization, and entrapment in much pure horror writing which isn’t there in science fiction, heroic fantasy, or even occult fantasy.

As far as clowns go, I’ve had the impression that their origin lies with the Commedia del’arte — Harlequin and Columbine and so forth — though a quick shot at google doesn’t confirm this. (However, it did turn up the word “coulrophobia,” meaning a fear of clowns.)

Amd who could forget (1988)?

9:25 AM
Anonymous starroute said…
Oh, crud. That last was supposed to say, “Who could forget Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)?”

(The hyperlink must have eaten the title.)

9:26 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Acutally you guys, I think Stephen King might be connected or at least a mouthpiece for Illuminati values and ideas. Think about his novels:

In “Gerald’s Game” the father of the protagonist molests her during an eclipse!!! [even when I read that I didn’t really get it until I started learning about Satanic Illuminati beliefs. She also has an alternate personality!

Psychic people [Carrie/ Danny Torrence/ Hearts in Atlantis the guy is being chased by the CIA for example]

“Firestarter”- A girl captured by the government who can start fires with her mind [remote viewing anyone??]

“Insomnia”-people who are “possesed” by aliens the motto of the book was “WE NEVER SLEEP” with an all seeing eye!! Come on now who does that sound like??

The Stand-a pandemic [a FLU!] actually that kills off most of the population of America!!
The Shining-Danny Torrence has an alter named Tony
“Tommyknockers”-a spaceship lands in a town causing all the residents to lose their teeth and hair sounds like soem sort of governement radioactive experiment.

“It”- this book was the first thing I thought about when I read Jeff’s comments yesterday, before anyone even brought it up

I think King could definately be connected. I’m a fan too so don’t get on me for putting him down. 🙂

10:16 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I went through a phase of being a heavy Stephen King fan when I was 14, and read pretty much all of his books that were published up to that point. It is bizarre how “The Stand,” written back in the late ’70s, seems to foreshadow and parallel the contemporary rumors and lore surrounding the emergence of the New World Order: a global pandemic culls the human herd. An apocalyptic, occult battle between good and evil ensues, and the survivors of the plague converge on Denver, Colorado to set up the last bastion of civilization. Denver figures heavily into the NWO legend, what with the swastika shaped Denver airport and its morbid art murals, built by Masons, and the news that the CIA seems to be transferring its operations from the East Coast out to Colorado.

Remember the “Mork and Mindy” TV show? It was a sitcom about an extraterrestrial immigrant who settles in Denver, Colorado.

I found Michael A. Hoffman’s book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” very informative, even though he’s a Catholic apologist and one of those people who blames everything on “the Jews.” His book suggests that mass mind control could be a very subtle, insidious, culturally transmitted phenomenon that slowly plays itself out for hundreds or even thousands of years.

10:53 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Re the statue coming to life:

This may be a flippant aside, but has anyone here seen Peter Greenaway’s 1979 film “The Draughtsman’s Contract”? This is a contrived (but beautifully realised) story about a 17th century artist meeting a grisly end after working out the culprits of an aristocratic murder.

For no apparent reason it features a man who masquerades as a statue in many scenes, somehow aping the other characters. At one point he stands on top of an ornamental fountain, utterly still except for the fact he’s urinating into the water!

Greenaway himself has gone on to make even more gory yet stylised films. The Baby of Macon is most disturbing and fits in with certain themes from this column.

12:11 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Here is a test I don’t think anyone has tried yet: First, get a rough percentage of pedophiles from the general population, even an estimate will do. Then, get the latest number of missing children available.

Now correlate the ratio of missing children to known or estimated pedophiles and then you can start to see a pattern, especially if you can estimate the approximate number of offenses the known pedophiles are on record for.

What I’m getting at is this: if there is a huge discrepancy between the number of missing children versus the number of accountable pedophiles, then we can deduce that either the number of actual pedophiles is much higher than is being reported. This would tend to provide anecdotal evidence to support the idea of SRA, at least from a numbers perspective.

12:13 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
to the aspiring demographic reseacher: collecting the data would be interesting but drawing conclusions from it dicier than you seem to realize.

How many children to a pedo?
How many pedos kidnap children (versus use their own or family members’)?
How many missing children can be discarded as irrelevant (ransomed, ran away, got lost and never taken off the roster), and by what methodology?

Again, the info collection seems worth doing, but you’d have to be much more careful about drawing conclusions, I’m afraid.

12:56 PM
Blogger Bill said…
I knew there would be a lot of really ignorant clown-bashing on this thread. I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, but as a professional clown for 9 years, this kind of thing makes me boiling mad. A few points.

–“Children are afraid of clowns.”
I find that it is only a tiny tiny minority of children that are at all frightened of clowns. Usually the small number of children who are are between 2-3 years old. Of these, I find that at least 3/4ths calm down and join the other children as soon as they begin to understand the nature of the clown show and the delighted reactions of the other children.

–“Clowns are garish caricatures of death.”

Clown makeup is a difficult skill to learn. A person with no training or experiece who tries to dress up as a “clown” will certainly botch it and will end up looking grotesque. A well done clown face is inviting. It brings out the features rather than obscuring them. A bad clown face is in fact grotesque. So if you see a scary looking clown, the reaction should not be “clowns are scary,” but rather, “what is that guy doing pretending to be a clown?” Clowns who show up looking scary and frightening children don’t get work.

–“I’m scared of clowns”

I can’t tell you how many (adult) people come straight up to me and tell me how frightened they are of clowns. It never seems to bother them that I am not frightening them. I think this is just a learned response line that people say. Again, actual children and adults are not frightened of me. I am a good clown. I have devoted a lot of time and energy into creating a clown persona that is entertaining and affecting, not grotesque. A person in a clown costume has done none of this, and can be scary.

–“Gacy,” ” My ex-girlfriend’s older brother was raped by a clown”

Of course these were awful events. Yet I don’t think they had anything to do with clowns. Gacy was interested in, and killed teenage boys-who are emphatically not a demographic that is interested in clowns. His clown character was truly scary looking.

Some pedophiles try to put themselves into positions where they can take advantage of children. We have all heard a story about a teacher, a choir director, a scoutmaster, a priest, who was wrong in this way. It’s really awful to paint all men who work with children with this broad brush. It stigmatizes us unfairly, and it deprives children of an entire class of educational influences.

–“history of clowns”

A great book on this is:
The History of Clowns for Beginners (A Writers & Readers Beginners Documentary Comic Book)

Modern clowning does come from the commedia del arte, but american circus clowning has its own distinguished pedigree and is a fully “original” artform like jazz and baseball.

My website is at

Go ahead and click, I doubt you’ll be scared.

1:18 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Anonymous 11:24pm, gave this excellent website link

which provides interactive information on the networking of corporate America. One thing I see right off is that most Corporate board members sit on multiple corporate boards. This creates a vast web of interlocking contacts. One result of this is the creation of a monoculture in corporate America.

I suggest reading Rev. chap 18., which give a description of characteristics that will apply to the superstate called ‘Babylon the Great’. Among the many identifiable aspects mentioned:

18:11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:
18:12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, … and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men. (children?)

18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
18:22 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of WHATSOEVER CRAFT HE BE, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;
18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: FOR THY MERCHANTS WERE THE GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH; FOR BY THY SORCERIES WERE ALL NATIONS DECEIVED.
8:24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

1:21 PM
Blogger foist lastus said…
king j bible is not to be trusted-do your conspiracy research

1:32 PM
Anonymous danDNA said…
yo jeff
i cant believe you got a real true to life clown posted on here!!!
this site rules. biz the clown, big up yourself for being proud of your job in the face of all this harsh criticism of clowns – or clown bashing as its known.

1:44 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
if you can’t handle the pies-to-the-face, get the hell out of the clown shoes…a loose Truman paraphrase.

That said, thanks for this historical overview, and I wish you continuing success with your clowning.

2:04 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
To the Professional Clown:

I’m betting the ‘Shakes the Clown’ movie really ticked you off..What did you think of this film? If the readers here haven’t seen it, well..


2:20 PM
Anonymous The Omega Man said…
I second that, we’ve got to be wary of the generalizations of the clown profession, and I don’t think anyone’s maliciously guilty of that here.

The fetid, child abusing/murdering scum that use the subterfuge of clown make-up, are attempting to mask thier sick predatations in the wild and absurd. To create disbelief and outright dismissal of the child’s accusations. As Professor Pan stated, they even utilize the masks of superheroes like Spider-Man as cover.

With their evil celebration of Sam Hain (aka Lucifer) approaching, any sick bastard could drive around in costume all day and night with nary a second look. Coupled with today’s spate of selfish, neglectful and careless parenting; stray children allowed to wander outside would be the ones most targeted. It is our unshirkable duty to watch vigilantly and protect these most precious, vunerable and innocents.

I would also advance that the more successful of their covers or imbedded work would be as a teacher, a cop, a priest, an ice cream man, a security guard or a pediatric doctor who even has the addresses of potential victims in his files.

The art of clown entertainment does indeed seem to be a difficult job as Biz the Clown has taken the time to indicate. I can only imagine that his job is only made harder by speculation and any prejudgments hung upon his profession. Thank you for speaking out Biz, but I would like to also ask you to keep your eyes peeled in your area for any predators that use clowning as a guise for their hellish agendas.

2:29 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
Shakes the Clown is a great movie, and actually pro-clown (and anti-mime).

“Of course these were awful events.”

I’m not trying to defame an entire profession.
I brought up my ex-girlfriend’s brother because it was the same time and place as the earliest phantom clown reports, still waiting on Loren to confirm a connection to the phantom clowns.

2:33 PM
Anonymous Alice said…
Thanks to the clown for reminding us not to generalize; I never had any particular feelings for or against clowns. They certainly never frightened me, any more than the department store Santa or the big costumed characters at theme parks.

But then again, there are so many things that seemed perfectly safe when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s that would be unthinkable with my own children today.

Things like walking a mile to and from school by myself, playing and riding my bike around town without supervision, hanging out in the woods near my home…The very thought makes me go rigid with fear.

I’ve just been reading “The Mouse Betrayed” — even Disneyworld isn’t safe now: it’s staffed by a bunch of pedophiles!

So, really, it’s not specifically clowns, but all kinds of things that used to be associated with safety and innocence, warmth and belonging, and laughter, etc., that seem to have been poisoned, whether deliberately or as a symptom of a seriously sick culture.

Think of parish priests / pedophiles; Santa / drunk, foul-mouthed misanthropist; classmates / crazed shooters; teacher / corrupter of morals; Christmas and other holidays / when the suicide rate goes up; etc., etc.

As a consequence, people are more wary of each other, more likely to stay home, less likely to form networks of friendship and community, and more likely to depend on the government and mass media for information and protection.

Cassandra, I usually agree with just about everything you say, but this time I beg to differ. I am not at all obsessed with Stephen King (I have read almost all his novels, but only once each — and I never was able to get through the “Dark Tower” trilogy).

But my take on why his novels are so incredibly popular is that they tap in to this very real sense that people have, of the scenery subtly changing around them, things becoming frightening in a way that is difficult to describe or pin down.

They are quintessentially American novels, with archetypal American characters: ordinary, usually struggling, people trying to protect themselves and their families against a terrifying evil they can’t understand. Carrie spoke to a whole generation of lonely, displaced teenaged girls desperately, and futilely, trying to ‘fit in’, to be liked, by those who already belonged.

I bet a lot of wounded teenagers were mesmerized, recognizing, even if they would never admit it, something of themselves as they watched humiliation and fury turn the sweet girl into a monster, her victimizers swept away by her raging madness.

Although King uses the supernatural, it’s only to convey the fears, the weirdness, the sense of helplessness that many people daily face in real life.

Sometimes, the evil represents repressed anger or bitterness or even cruel selfishness within the protagonists themselves, and sometimes they are being attacked from malicious entities, but in either case, the protagonists are bewildered and helpless, at least at first.

The ordinary protagonists in King’s novels eventually usually rise above their own terror and/or failings, join with others to pool their resources and help each other, ultimately overcoming the powerful evil, usually at great cost.

To me, the most interesting thing about King’s books is that those who triumph against overwhelming, supernatural evil are not superheroes themselves, but ordinary, fallible, but essentially good people. Mind you, not all his writing is that hopeful, especially his short stories…

4:13 PM
Anonymous KassietheKlown said…

I’m sorry, but your post is profoundly disrespectful of the feelings of others, particularly children.

Stating a fear of or distaste for clowns is not “clown bashing.” Clowns are totally optional in anyone’s environment. If a child is afraid of them, that should be respected and validated. Forcing a child to confront something that there is no reason for them to confront, for the gratification of the party violating the child’s boundaries, is CHILD ABUSE.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a clown, or wanting a dog, or not liking an adult friend of the parents’. A child has the right to say “I don’t want that in my environment.” Saying “But clowns are harmless and funny!” or “But it’s a nice doggy!” or “But Mr. Smith is a nice man!” is ABUSIVE.

Maybe it’s clowns in general, maybe it’s the noise they make or the garish colors, or maybe something creepy about the person under the costume. If a kid says NO, NO MEANS NO.

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s house and three HUGE dogs came at me. I was badly bitten by a Jeckyll/Hyde blue heeler 15 years ago. I said nicely that I was sure the dogs were well behaved, but I preferred to go elsewhere not have lunch at her house, as I was stressed out anyway and not able to deal with THREE of them at once. This now ex-friend kept repeating over and over they were nice dogs, harmless, blahblah, even after I ran out on the porch. That’s not the point. The point is, I have a good reason to not want to be around big dogs I don’t know well, and if she couldn’t respect that, then her dogs were more important than I was and I’m out of her life. She FINALLY did agree to go elsewhere but by that time, I saw my feelings were tertiary to hers and her dogs’, and I don’t need a friend like that.

A child who is afraid of trees, or chairs, or shoes, clearly needs therapy–these are necessary to living in the world, so finding out the origin of the phobia and making it possible for them to overcome it is a necessity. However, forcing a child to accept or even feign to like clowns to gratify the narcissistic ego needs of the clown or the parents is sick-o-la.

I am 53 now, I don’t like clowns, I avoid encountering them and don’t even want pictures of them in my “space.” That is my right. And it was my right when I was four too. If I had a spare $150 an hour twice a week to pay a hypnotherapist I might find out why clowns strike me as creepy, but I don’t, and avoiding them works for me.

I don’t like Irish tenors, either, or David Letterman, or watching grossly fat people eat ice cream cones. That’s not “bashing” the Irish, men with high voices, late night comics, the gravitationally challenged, or the ice cream industry.

Those are my preferences and if someone doesn’t respect them, tries to invalidate them, they’re a boundary-crossing abuser and they can kiss my fat Irish arse.

4:17 PM
Blogger ELFIS said…
Hi Jeff and all,

I’m so glad Loren posted to this thread after I alerted him to your citing his work. Loren’s an amazing Anomalist / Informationalist with a wide-range of interests from Forteana, Cryptozoology to Parapolitics, Suicidology, the CopyCatEffect and beyond.

Anyway … I mentioned this post to another Fortean / Cryptid friend of mine and he immediately mentioned John Keel’s works about the Bedroom Invaders phenomena ala the Mad Gasser of Matoon Illinois and the “Grinning Man”.

Here are some refs to the Grinning Man:

Chapter Nine
Michael D. Winkle
Page 107: The Grinning Man: Gets a chapter to himself in SCFTAS/ Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings. Particularly eerie is the manifestation at Elizabeth, New Jersey, on October 11, 1966.

Indrid Cold is mentioned in the reports of The Grinning Man. The Grinning Man is said to be a large human like figure with a large grin on his face and sometimes shiney clothes. He was seen on roadsides, at people’s bedsides, and many other places. One incident recalls a man (name has been mentioned several times here but I don’t remember and I don’t have the book handy) who’s car broke down and was assisted by a being (some say extra terrestrial) calling himself “Indrid Cold”. The man saw and communicated with this “Grinning Man” for quite a while.

Here O’Connor mixes three rather distinct folk-motifs: the “grinning man” or bedside visitor, (such as the leprechauns at Crom); the banshee leaving a burning mark of her five fingers; (19) and a more traditional ghost story.

The foolishly grinning man is a staple item in psychic lore.

Well, I don’t know if any of that is related or not but … what they hay!


5:29 PM
Anonymous Hilda Martinez said…
A big Gracias to Biz the Clown for his insight and commentary. I, for one, have never hated clowns or found them to be creepy or grotesque either as an adult or as a child. Logic would tell us that I am in the majority here. If all children hated clowns they wouldn’t tolerate them at parties. If all adults hated clowns they wouldn’t pay for them to be at those same parties.

The clown thing is an interesting twist to this whole post and I have enjoyed reading the many opinions about the career, the meanings, etc. What I am wondering, going back to Jeff’s original post, is what sort of similar phenomenon to the mysterious evil clowns of the 80s or social workers in Britain, are we seeing today? Is there something new to seduce children (or fool them) in our (unnamed) decade? Anyone?

5:55 PM
Blogger Mentalgongfu said…
Johnny Gosch disappeared in 1981 from Des Moines while delivering newspapers, as did another Des Mines paperboy during the same time period. If you read up on the Gosch story it leads to many other stories about ritual satanic abuse, pedophiles and financial networks, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Larry Franklin, and much more.

6:03 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
The ritual-abuse, satanic panic, MPD thing really screwed up a lot of lives. A few Psychiatrists with an agenda were leaving behind them a wake of confused women. Not only that, they were making a lot of insurance money in the process.

All I can think of when I read such comments is how many children have been prostituted, tortured, and murdered thanks to this manufactured and very mistaken consensus. How many survivors have committed suicide because they face this disbelief? How many adult women remain captive due to lack of social support and adequate care? Those are the real continuing atrocities which your statement supports.

Try being a little more rigorous with your conspiracy theory about psychiatrists and see how long it actually holds up. Look again at the cases, if you have an eye you will mark the machinations of power-connected organized crime, dovetailing of course with human cowardice. It’s the perfect recipe for a solid cover-up. That’s the story that makes sense, and there’s actually evidence for it.

6:24 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
During the 80s 0r 90s – won’t say which – I worked for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC. The cops who worked there had 0 doubt that the powers that be (think Capitol Hill, Supreme Court, White House) were using child prostitution to get their jollies. They also knew that there was nothing that they could do due to the lack of belief of the general populace and the pressure coming from government cronies.

Most of the families I know of any connection will not allow their children around Washington politicians because of the rampant abuse there. Who, exactly, does it is something I can’t answer, but you see limos picking up clearly underage streetwalkers – male and female – in DC at all hours.

I don’t think it is mystical. I think it is the inherent evil in those who seek to get and hold power. They get a kick out of every bit of power they can lord over anyone and everyone. And who is more helpless than a child?

I only take some comfort in my belief that they will reap what the have sown and their fate is worse than having a millstone around their neck.

Pray for us all.

7:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…

One of your best posts yet, not just because of the stellar content, as usual, but because of the commentary. You managed to draw out TWO experts on this one, Loren and Biz. Great stuff!

I’ve never found the idea of clowns to be bad, but the idea of clowns GONE bad is terrifying. When you take something jovial and fun and turn it into something mean and horrifying it is not only chilling it makes one question the innoncence of everything. I’m sure a “clown gone bad” to a child will leave indelible scars for the rest of the child’s life.

What are some of the more recent manifestations of these “phantoms, daemons and finders”? If we are to see the clown and UK social worker phenomena as some sort of diabolical plot of pedophiles, archons or whatever, what are they up to now????

7:59 PM
Blogger Ty said…
True clowing is an artform. Thanks, Biz.

Interesting form anonymous about Child Protective Services. I’ll add that I saw an article recently about how the Justice Department still does not collect info on child dissapearances, DESPITE a law passed 15 years ago that it do so. The article was just an expose of incompetent bureaucracy but it gave me chills.

8:50 PM
Anonymous JoeSixPack said…
Illegal Israeli caught photographing young boys, driving Ice Cream Truck.

He wasn’t wearing a clown suit but this sounds eerily like the clown incidents, except that they caught him.

9:18 PM
Anonymous Justice Inc. said…
Exactly Anonymous 6:24!
When tremendous evidence, convictions and accredited testimony exists proving the nature and networking of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). Some people would rather instead to believe a ridiculous conspiracy amongst psychologists all willing to jeopardize both their reputations and practices. A line vociferously advanced by confirmed assets and operatives of the CIA. All SRA apologists and investigation derailers who established an intelligence front known as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), whose sole purpose is to discredit any and all claims of SRA. Their primary M.O. is to send in extremely specious “experts” into criminal trials such as McMartin Preschool and the Presidio child molestation cases, look the victimized children in the face and paint them as delusional fantasizers and worse… hysterical liars. A virtual ‘Dream Team’ for soulless defense attorneys, their criminal agenda has seen to it that unconscionable crimes are obstructed, the accused is endowed with a martyr-like status and the victims reviled.

Cancers in human form with particular training in the MK family of mind control, such as:

Dr. Martin T. Orne – A senior CIA/Navy researcher, original board member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and psychiatrist at University of Pennsylvania’s Experimental Psychiatry Lab. To quote Alex Constantine from “Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.” – “But the CIA and it’s cover organizations have a vested interest in blowing smoke at the cult underground because the worlds of CIA mind control and many cults merge inextricably. The drum beat of ‘false accusations’ from the media is taken up by paid operatives like Dr. Orne and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to conceal the crimes of the Agency”. Congressional aide Joseph Holsinger cited an essay entitled “The Penal Colony” he’d received in the mail from an unnamed Berkely psychologist. In it the author emphasized: RATHER THAN TERMINATING MKULTRA, THE CIA SHIFTED ITS PROGRAMS FROM PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS TO PRIVATE CULT GROUPS.

Dr. Margaret Singer – A retired Berkely Ph.D and professional disinformation specialist, who can often be seen on TV ridiculing mind control and SRA.

Dr. Ralph Underwager – An ordained Lutheran minister and Ph.D, who was quoted in an interview for an Amsterdam journal for pedophiles as saying that it was “God’s Will that adults engage in sex with children”. When Mia Farrow accused her estranged husband Woody Allen, of multiple counts of molestation of their seven year-old daughter, the defense attorneys chose Underwager as their so-called expert witness. He was also a mouthpiece for the group VOCAL (Victims Of Child Abuse Laws), whose membership is largely composed of indicted and/or convicted pedophiles, and was there since VOCAL’s establishment. Think NAMBLA-lite.

Peter & Pamela Freyd – Executive Directors for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, whose own daughter Jennifer, and son Peter indicted them for years of horrifying sexual abuse.

Other members of Satan’s All-Stars in the FMSF include Elizabeth Loftus, Richard Ofshe and Paul McHugh.

Seattle therapist James Cronin stated: “the false memory concept is promoted by ‘fact and artifice’ to a public conditioned to the fragmentation of knowledge, intellectual charades, elitism and the sterile abstractions that often pass for university education and expertise”.

9:42 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Heads up everyone, this post has gotten linked to by for October 13. I think you’re getting, noticed, Jeff. 😉

9:52 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Let’s try that one again. (This is the second time now. Is it something I’m doing, or is the site weirding up my html?)

Heads up everyone, this post has gotten linked to by for October 13. I think you’re getting, noticed, Jeff. 😉

(Okay, looks fine on preview . . .)

9:55 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Screwed again. So it’s not me. The preview is fine, but when I try to post, the linked text disappears and the link applies to everything that follows instead.

In plain text, the post should say:

Heads up everyone, this post has gotten linked to by The Anomalist for October 13. I think you’re getting, noticed, Jeff. 😉

9:57 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I knew something’s been eating at me since this post, and I finally remembered what it was from recent news that I associated here..

What, if any, is the significance of this story within this discussion?

I found it incredibly surreal that charges were not filed against the guardians..

10:56 PM
Anonymous cassandra said…
Martin Orne…there’s a bad apple. He gave Diane Middlebrook his tapes of Anne Sexton’s therapy for her bio–so much for Dr./Patient confidentiality. Sexton sexually abused her own daughter but I’m not sure if that was in the Middlebrook bio or in the daughter’s autobio. I know I thought Middlebrook glossed over the whole abuse issue, not to mention the general creepiness of Orne. She was also responsible for the bio of Billy Tipton, transsexual musician, whom she insisted on referring to as a lesbian even though when Billy died it was a huge shock that he was anatomically female. I tried to talk to her once at a reading in Palo Alto about her misapprehensions about female to male transsexuality–and even though I’m FTM she blew me off. I really had to wonder what her agenda was in both the Sexton and Tipton books.

Orne also testified for Patti Hearst (that she cooperated with the SLA out of fear of being killed), and against the Hillside Strangler (that he had MPD).

Wonder if Sexton would still have killed herself if she hadn’t had a creepy shrink with ties to MK/Ultra.

On the clown issue–If other people want to partake of clownery, fine. Just don’t try to shove it down my throat.

Alice, I freely admit I have never read King, only seen adaptations of his work, and also admitted I was basing my impressions on a limited sample of very weird people who were devoted to him. I may be missing something in his stuff, but there are simply too many great books in the world that I want to get to to take time to read any of his tomes. I’ve looked at them, and find them badly written and badly edited. On the other hand, I think Dostoyevsky’s a pretty bad writer technically–no, let me amend that to REALLY bad writer, but I stick with him for the depth of his ideas.

12:08 AM
Blogger Old Gary said…
Can’t help but think this story will wind up in the Urban Legend files.

Also can’t help but think that as our laws and acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles becomes more liberalized, more and more freaks seem to appear from the woodwork.

Can’t help but think that maybe it’s time to cull the herd. The gardener must occasionally pull the weeds, no?

12:46 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Ronald 6
Wilson 6
Reagan 6

Like that was a big surprise. Beware the time of changes, for it will suck most heinously. There will be great inconvenience across the land, and much squabbling, bickering, will forefend and ensue. Perhaps, in darkness, moody silences and truculent glances. Beware the (St.) Ides of March! The son of the prince of darkness is drinking again and it is not pretty!

1:09 AM
Blogger Mitch said…
“Can’t help but think this story will wind up in the Urban Legend files.

Also can’t help but think that as our laws and acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles becomes more liberalized, more and more freaks seem to appear from the woodwork.

Can’t help but think that maybe it’s time to cull the herd. The gardener must occasionally pull the weeds, no?”

Who the fuck are you and what the fuck is this?

It would be nice, Jeff, if you could interview Loren and post it.

3:39 AM
Anonymous Alice said…
Emerald Archangel said:

“…scores of high and low profile cases of internationally organized child predators and ritual murderers, in which police complicity either deliberately derailed the case, destroyed evidence or curtailed investigations into multiple perpetrators. All too often good cops and uncorrupted investigators often found their investigations sabotaged or closed down by their higher ups, and in a number of cases cops themselves were perpetrators and accessories in the crimes.”

Although the evidence is certainly compelling, of a ‘globalized’ web of powerful and well-connected child traffickers, the conspiracy seems too far-fetched and mind-boggling. I mean, what are the odds that there would be enough powerful and influencial pedophiles to protect and facilitate such an enterprise?

It is difficult to believe in such a conspiracy, unless one hypothesizes that those lured and compromised by pedophilia are specifically targetted for recruitment and promotion in positions of influence and power, particularly where certain intelligence agencies function as secret puppetmasteras.

If we note the deep pockets and global presence of those who are identified as members of the NWO, then it’s not too difficult to imagine an international web of blackmailable moles, caught between the carrot of rapid promotion, wealth and prestige on the one hand, and the stick of exposure, humiliation and ruin on the other.

That would surely explain a lot…

6:38 AM
Anonymous Sepka the Space Weasel said…
What a fascinating topic. It’s posts like these that keep me coming back here. I’ve found whiteface clowns figures of dread all my life. I love Santa Claus, and costumed animal mascots (I perform as one frequently) and I don’t mind hobo clowns, but the whiteface clowns – there’s something deeply unsettling about those.

Oddly enough, while I fear them in normal life, when I’m in a mascot suit, I’m fine with them. I do a lot of parades, and of course there are always clowns. When I’m in suit, I’m quite happy to goof around with them for the crowd. When I’m a six foot tall Otter I’m clown-proof. I have no idea why my mind works this way.

Before any clowns get on my case (God, what a nightmare scenario) I’ve observed that most people, adults and children, *do* like both clowns and mascots. There’s always a minority who are afraid, though. Why I love one and fear the other (or why anyone fears either) is a mystery to me.

At any rate, the idea of phantom clowns roaming the country for unknown, possibly nefarious purposes is a fascinating one to me. I googled a bit, and came up with some interesting (to me, anyway) cites:

A blog from a girl in Boston who apparently saw one of the Phanton Clowns as a child.

as a child i was pertrified of clowns…when i was in kindergarten, there was a kidnapping clown in the woods trying to kidnap kids…i remember having lunch one day and all the kids ran to the window and screamed “Look at the clown!” Our teacher Mrs. Paris rushed us away to the classroom. Since then my fear of clowns has grown and grown. After the clown sighting in the woods, the town cut down all the trees in the woods. My imagination went wild. Teachers sent out a memo telling parents to look out for a clown in a blue van or a photographer in a blue van..ok.

From a fortean essay on Phantom Clowns and Circus Animals:

More recently, an Associated Press story from April, 23 1994 reported that a plague of “bandit clowns” had been visited upon the unsuspecting residents of Guatemala City. In early April, 1994, there was a reported robbery perpetrated by an assailant in clown make-up and costume. The incident took place on an inter-city bus and the happy bandit made off with the passengers’ money, jewlery, and watches. After this attack, rumors that clowns were also stealing children began to spread. According to the AP article, these “rumors” of clowns kidnapping children followed a previous hysteria over rumors of foreign tourists stealing children to sell their body parts for organ transplants.

From an essay about organ theft folklore (interesting in itself)

In the case of Honduras there was apparently an actual kidnapping of ten small children by a man dressed as a clown, an event that spawned a host of these legends. As a protest against the role of sinister clowns in kidnappings, sixty actual clowns publicly burned their clown-costumes in Tegucigalpa,Guatemala (Sieveking 1994), and a similar event was reported having occurred in Brazil (Newsweek 26 June 1995) and in Honduras (The Times 3 November 1995; The Independent on Sunday, 5 November 1995).

I Hate Clowns – a bulletin board for mime and clown-haters. There may well be interesting material here (or not), but I haven’t looked through it:

-Sepka the Space Weasel

7:23 AM
Anonymous Sepka the Space Weasel said…
And, because my links seem to have gotten hosed in the posting:

Boston Girl’s Blog

Clowns and Animals link

Organ Theft link

I Hate Clowns link

-Sepka the Space Weasel

7:27 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
You conspiracy bloggers think that you respect and represent the victims you talk on-and-on about. But really, this is just another crass entertaiment outlet.
This kind of writing exists to fulfill some macabre middle-class fantasy.
You feel powerless, so you libel those with power.
It’s simple.

11:06 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
to anon……Yeah, we’re just a bunch of ‘prols’ trying to figure out why we have and have not. Right? Our tiny brains can’t conceed to the fack that the powerful are in power ‘cuz gosh darnit, they’re just better than us, and so in our jealousy, we brand them as evil, and invent a novel-sized cabal that connects them to the most hidous of crimes and taboos. Have I got that right?

11:14 AM
Anonymous starroute said…
Alice said:

I mean, what are the odds that there would be enough powerful and influencial pedophiles to protect and facilitate such an enterprise?

It is difficult to believe in such a conspiracy, unless one hypothesizes that those lured and compromised by pedophilia are specifically targetted for recruitment and promotion in positions of influence and power, particularly where certain intelligence agencies function as secret puppetmasteras.

No, I don’t think you have to hypothesize recruitment. All you have to assume is that positions of power attract people who seek power over others — in their personal lives as well as their public lives — and the rest follows naturally.

I suspect it’s a kind of throwback to the chimpanzee stage of things, where the top male gets first access to all the females and the right to bully the rest of the troop. Even though most of us have adapted to a state of semi-monogamy and some degree of power sharing, the would-be alpha males have never accepted this and keep trying to take things back to the chimp days. That is why you had centuries of absolute monarchs demanding chimp signs of submission (groveling, kneeling, lowering eyes) and rounding up all the prettiest girls for their harems.

And now that we have a society which, at least for the moment, doesn’t permit that, the would-be chimp overlords are having to get their jollies as best they can. They seek positions of power, they bully their staffs and families, and — if they can’t find modern women submissive enough for their tastes — they look for children to dominate.

I don’t know if the level of pedophilia has actually increased in recent years — the 18th century was certainly notorious for its 12 year old prostitutes (“young in years but old in vice”) — but if it has, it might be attributed to the growing scarcity of absolute despot gigs.

11:28 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
How do we fight back?

11:44 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Anonymous 11:06,
I guess we should all sit back, shut-up and enjoy the abuse like you huh?

Pop open a beer, grasp your tattered impotent flag and watch reality TV ’til the fourth reich stormtroopers take you to your assigned work area. America’s dying, fuckin’ wake up already! Can’t you smell your rights burning? You got some nerve talkin’ shit like that here, you’re either a stooge or someone too stupid to fight for their own basic survival.

1:18 PM
Anonymous Alice said…
Sorry, Starroute, although pedophilia to some extent exists everywhere and at all levels of society, I’m talking about a specific, highly organized and highly connected network.

Such a network would be a goldmine for the intelligence agency that runs it, at every level of the process. First, kidnapping and experimenting on kids to learn about mind control and maybe to create manchurian candidate-type assassins who are uncompromisable, since they either don’t know what they are programmed to do, or are programmed to psychologically self-destruct upon their capture.

Second, you use some of these kids to lure and then blackmail current and future politicians, judges, journalists, police cadres, etc. Presto! An international web of moles is installed at the highest levels, which the intelligence agency controls utterly…

Logic dictates that such a network, if it does indeed exist, would not just be left to random forces. Forgive my utter cynicism, but I think that any intelligence agency would jump at the chance to pull such influential international strings. I can think of at least two in particular, who appear to be inextricably intertwined with each other, which could very well be implicated in such a scheme.

1:25 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
From Anonymous of 12:55 PM.

cassandra – Alice’s analysis of King’s work is correct in that King morphs into characters and plots the strange shifting “scenery” of our contemporary times, or as Dylan told us, “Something’s happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?” Do you see the similar thread in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment wherein the protagonist entertains murder, i.e. evil, for its own purpose?

starroute, You mentioned the female clown, Columbine. That rang a bell, and here’s what I came up with that I find most “coincidental”:

Columbine High School is 1/2 miles south of Denver.

The Columbine Mine Massacre of 1927 against the IWW – the lump and prol trying to lift itself up against the elitists’ control.

Insane Clown Posse, who wore black trench coats on stage, were a favorite of the killers, as were German bands.

“Journal entries revealed that the pair had an elaborate plan for a major bombing rivaling that of Oklahoma City. The entries contained blurbs about ways to escape to Mexico, hijacking an aircraft at Denver International Airport and crashing into a building in New York City….” Wikipedia Quick Search

April 20, 1999, the day of the massacre, was the 110 birthday of Adolph Hitler and was day after the anniversary of the OK bombing.

I found all this in a five minute search – can you say, “connect the dots?” Like I said earlier, I don’t believe in coincidences. There is rhyme and reason here – for those who have eyes, they will see; for those who have ears, they will hear. Send in the clowns.

2:13 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Anonymous 2:13 —

Yeah, the name “Columbine” did jump out at me as I was writing. But since all that Harlequin reminds me of is tacky romance novels, and I couldn’t think of any way to bring that into the narrative, I let it go by. I’m glad you picked it up, though — you’ve got a lot more associations there than I would have.

Alice —

I think you and I see the universe very differently. In my book, the universe is self-organizing. Like attracts like, and you don’t need any outside force to create coherent networks. All it takes is, say, for one person with an interest in conspiracy theory to start a blog, and suddenly you have a well-developed network of conspiracy theorists exchanging notes and comparing worldviews.

(This is why I figure the Darwinians and the intelligent design people are both right — and both wrong. Yes, the universe displays the appearance of design, but no, you don’t need an external designer. It’s all a matter of self-organization.)

I’m quite willing to believe that various intelligence services are strongly interlaced with pedophile networks — both because spy agencies attract their own share of power-trippers and because, as you suggest, highly-placed and eminently blackmailable individuals would make excellent assets. But what I decidedly don’t believe in is the idea of “recruitment.” There’s simply no need.

2:40 PM
Anonymous Zatoichi said…
How do we fight back anon?

See Emerald Archangel’s post for one, and I think you know how to fight back as we all do. Tigers and bears don’t have to know when or how to fight back when threatened, and humans are and should be no different. Think of it as a critical chess game and use all available moves legally to effectively transfer vital info to others and plan to be self-sufficient with food, water and medicines. When fascists aggregiously transgress the law to achieve their ends, and it infringes on your basic existence then there is no law.

DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS AND IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE GET ONE AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT. The time to give up a gun is when absolutely no one one earth has one anymore. Get land and grow foodstuffs, and when this is achieved proficiently you can begin bartering goods and services equitably with one another which will short-circuit their economic war on us. Then you consolidate your families, then the neighbors, the blocks, towns, and sections of cities; then regions and finally countries with a just say no resistance to the NWO.

Just about 2000 hardcore “elite” assholes run this thing, the rest are extremely violent and corrupt footsoldiers. Take the ideas of the German White Rose who resisted the Nazis and improve on them to make them more feasible to the situation. This fascist siege on the world’s masses is following a specific blueprint that parallels the rise of the Third Reich in form if not actual substance. It’s so subtle that a great many do not even feel the waters boiling about them. Many more just plain do not want to know, as if keeping their head in the sand will make the bad things go away.

The IllumiNazi’s are amassing plans to take down blogs and more specifically the internet by replacing it with a stripped-down, tightly controlled Internet2 with arbitrary availability. The ruse of hate-law legislation is now coming to the fore to censor and strip away First Amendment guaranteed free speech. Moves like this make it obvious to all but the blind that they are absolutely losing the infowar. They’re so desperate that they’re willing to sacrifice big money to further their control of us.

What the brilliant hackers and programmers among us need to do, is to proactively begin setting up an alternative internet or P2P just for the masses. This will enable communications lines for information and news to keep flowing, as well as advance the deprogramming of our fellow citizens.

Martial law litigation is currently being bullied through the Legislature by the power-mad dictator Bush as we speak. Soon we will all be living a so-called Third World existence everywhere through out the world. Livestock for the “elite” to do with what they please — unless they are vigorously exposed and opposed.

Ultimately I think Jeff should make a “What Should We Do” post header so we can collectively come together with ideas to progress our common inherent freedoms & survival.

Just keep in mind that the enemy’s watching and taking the info back to their think tanks for the next chess move.

Make your peace defiantly and leave your fear at their doorstep.

2:43 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
My own near abduction as a child. Way back in the mid 1950’s, those so-called innocent, halcyon days when “Father Knew Best,” I, a seven-year-old girl, got lost on my way home from school. I finally found a street I recognized and was on my way when passing a vacant lot, noticed a green car parked right in the middle of it. There was a male driver and a female in the front seat, and a couple of kids in the backseat. The woman called out to me to come over to the car. I hesitated. After a couple of more attempts, she finally said that I had to come over because my mother was looking for me and that she had a special message for me from my mother. I remember clearly the agony I felt for, as a child, I was conditioned to obey and believe adults while my mind was giving me a clear and present warning of danger. I stood there dumbstruck feeling competitive commands for a seeming eternity. Finally, I said to the woman that she could tell me her message from where I was (as I didn’t want to get within arm’s reach of them). I remember thinking that there was no logical reason not to go over to the car as they appeared to be a “normal-looking” family and I had been lost for a good hour. Yet, something inside of me just couldn’t make that short walk to the car. I heard myself tell the woman that “…if she couldn’t tell me from where I was, I didn’t want to know.” Then I ran for my life and finally got home safely. To this day, I have wondered, short of a guardian angel channeling my voice, where those words came from, and, more importantly, who were those kids in the backseat and what became of them. BTW, my mother didn’t send any messages and didn’t even realize I was so late coming home from school.

2:44 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Zaitoichi is correct: the current economic system has been engineered so that no matter which way within the system you direct your surplus energy and wealth it ultimately is siphoned of into the enemies’ hands; the only way to win this game is to change it, starting by dropping out into self-sufficiency.

I suspect Zaitoichi and I might disagree about the order of operations — I suspect that economies of scale and exigencis of power generation demand that the units to break off be smallish collectives (20ish or so), and thus a bit of consolidation prior to break-off would be needed — but not on much important.

3:15 PM
Anonymous casstastrophe said…
Zatoichi, good on ya!

“We are all New Orleansians.” We are on our own.

As Aragorn said in LOTR (book not film):

“’What doom do you bring out of the north?’

‘The doom of choice,’ said Aragorn. ‘You may say this to Theoden son of Thengel: open war lies before him, with Sauron or against him. None may live now as they have lived, and few will keep what they call their own.’”

And I’m sure we’re all with Frodo on this one:

“‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’, said Frodo.

‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’”

3:45 PM
Anonymous Justice Inc. said…
Columbine was a MK op all the way with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris’ handlers putting them down like dogs when it was all done. There was absolutely a third operator and the two wind-up toys were also into the Nazi-Satan thing as was “Native Nazi” Jeff Weise. Both strongly have the stench of occult-intelligence programming culminating in a synthetic terror operation.

Wayne Harris, father of Eric, enlisted in the Air Force at 24. A year before his 20th high school reunion, he was tagged to work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio on the EC-18 — the Air Force’s largest electronic-warfare plane.

Eric Harris was taking medicine for depression, and his parents reportedly found a pipe bomb in his bedroom but also knew of a a sawed-off shotgun barrel on Eric’s dresser and additional pipe bombs and bomb making plans including materials as well.

Eric even mentioned a day he was carrying a gym bag he affectionately called his ‘terrorist bag’ through the house. His mother saw the butt of a gun sticking out of the zipper but she assumed it was nothing more sinister than his BB gun (yeah right).

Dylan Klebold recalled a time when his parents walked into his bedroom while he was trying on his trenchcoat to see if it would hide his sawed-off shotgun. “They didn’t even know it was there.”

Then there was the time a clerk from Green Mountain Guns called Eric’s home. Eric’s dad, Wayne Harris, answered the phone. When the clerk told him “The clips are in.”, Wayne – who owned guns himself – told the clerk he hadn’t ordered any clips. Eric said his father never asked whether the caller even had the right phone number.

How about some violent Jesus hating as depicted on their home-made war plan video:

Dylan: “I don’t like you, Rachel and Jen, you’re stuck up little bitches, you’re fucking little.. Christian, Godly little whores!” (Hear this and the above line)

Eric: “Yeah.. ‘I love Jesus! I love Jesus!’ — shut the fuck up!”

Dylan: “What would Jesus do? What the fuck would I do..?” (he acts like he’s shooting the camera with his hand, with sound to accompany it)

Eric: “I would shoot you in the motherfucking head! Go Romans! Thank God they crucified that asshole.”

Eric and Dylan: “Go Romans!” “Go Romans!!” “Yeah!!” “Wooo!”

So there are several red-herrings to consider:
• Dylan Klebold was Jewish and yet loved Nazis, the Third Reich and spoke German with Eric Harris. They affectionately referred to Adolph Hitler’s birthday as “4-20”.

• Wayne Harris, Eric’s father often uprooted the family traveling from base to base whilst working on secret electronic-warfare aircraft. Evidence has shown that a number of military parents have submitted their own children in MK mind control ops , ‘Monarch’ being only one of them.

• In the 1950’s the Pentagon ordered construction of the nation’s first intercontinental missile factory in a secluded canyon here (Littleton Colorado). The
factory is now owned by Lockheed-Martin where more than 10,000 employees (Littleton Population: 35,000-39,000) now build unmanned rockets and
satellites for telecommunications and space exploration as well as CLASSIFIED

• How do the parents, particularly the Harris’ allegedly know nothing of their son and his buddy’s plans even after discovering so much? Very, very suspect indeed, but not enough hard evidence has been uncovered, to accuse them formally of complicity.

• All early news reports mentioned AT LEAST 3 gunmen entering the school, due to MANY, MANY eyewitness accounts of such by students and faculty. A MAN, seemingly too old to be a student and NOT the person in a white T-shirt identified by witnesses as throwing bombs or grenades onto the roof of the school, was photographed being arrested and taken away. All mention of this person has now vanished from the news and from statements by any officials. This individual has NEVER been specifically identified or referred to again by anyone or any agency investigating this case.

In addition, the person in the white T-shirt seen throwing explosives is another individual whose actions and identity have never been satisfactorily explained either and who has also now vanished from all reports on the incident.

Here’s a couple of gems from the Konformist’s “Rocky Mountain Horror Show” dated may 3, 1999.

Furthermore, there are yet other eyewitness descriptions of a gunman murdering people inside who was NOT Harris, Klebold, Mr. white T-shirt OR Mr. black-T-shirt, described as “not a student,” very “ugly,” with bushy eyebrows. So the UNDOCTORED news from Columbine High School showed that there were at least THREE assailants OTHER than Harris and Klebold involved in this “operation.”

And what about the 60+ bombs, the numerous guns, ammunition, etc.?

All logic and reason would indicate that it would be virtually impossible for these two alone to have brought all these materials into the school undetected, so of course law enforcement officials said they were “looking” for accomplices. My guess is that law enforcement, either intentionally, or as a result of pressure, or as a result of being completely clueless due to manipulation of events by other agencies, will NEVER find any other accomplices–which evidence shows DO exist and are not ONLY “Trenchcoat Mafia” members or even students at all, but secret government MK agents.

Noteworthy also is that regardless of how many were involved other than Harris and Klebold, the 67 explosive devices found in and around Columbine High School went completely unnoticed as did the logistically complicated task of positioning these devices. Unusually unobservant personnel at the school it would seem, unless this represents further indications of “inside” complicity and involvement on the part of strategically placed operatives–one or more quite possibly staff members.

Further, why did it take law enforcement personnel nearly THREE days to enter the school building? There is a distinct possibility that in this period of time evidence could be tampered with, rearranged and tailored to contradict and invalidate critical eyewitness testimony regarding the particulars of the massacre.

On Thursday, April 30, ABC News released the results of a poll conducted the previous day. The poll had but one question: Do you think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold acted alone at Columbine High? The results were that over 83 percent of the respondents believe Harris and Klebold did NOT act alone.

One wonders why such a poll would even be conducted!

What does it really matter what the public thinks? THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD MATTER IS THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS! If they did not act alone and there is evidence which shows that, AS THERE IS, then get on the case! If they DID act alone, then what difference does any poll make? The fact that such a poll was even conducted clearly shows a intent on the part of the covert government and their pawns in mass media to gauge just how effective the manipulation, coverup and disinformation is working in this case.

• Their mutual murder/suicide death pact is entirely suspect if one notes the trajectory angles of the bullets. For more analysis and visual evidence in which to come to your own conclusions go to:


4:28 PM
Anonymous Justice Inc. said…
My apologies but I just had to include this amazing stuff also from the Konformist 5/3/99:

Further information indicates that Eric’s father Wayne could well have been more than a little involved in certain activities leading up to the massacre AND involved in the material posted on what was supposedly Eric’s website. It also appears likely Wayne Harris was involved in the numerous tests of explosives described on the website.

Wayne Harris was stationed for many years at Plattsburgh Air Force Base in NY, a location with a verified 18-level underground known to be involved in mind control operations tied to MKULTRA, and other covert operations. Eric Harris was born and raised at Plattsburgh, and the family just moved to Littleton in 1996.

I reprint here a portion of an email received from an employee of an NBC affiliate TV station.

“I was lucky to download the scanned drawings and “the book” document from the AOL directory that allegedly belonged to Eric Harris. MSNBC showed the drawings and also mentioned the document which was “unreadable” due to the format in which it was saved. I saw that and immediately went to the MSNBC chat room and asked the address and one of the persons there gave it to me, so I downloaded it.

“After a while, MSNBC said that the AOL account was going to be deleted and that ‘the FBI is analyzing the document which may implicate the father of Eric Harris’…

“I tried to view the document which had a .doc extension but it was unreadable in Word 97. didn’t have time to check it out until Thursday, and I finally got to it. Do you have that document? It is the one that shows how to make the pipe bombs etc. The interesting fact about it is that when you read the document it appears that it was no kid who wrote it.

“I gave this information to the News department where I work. They were ‘amazed’ about the true nature of the letter but when they finished reading they ‘threw’ out the papers and didn’t care a thing about it. That was the reporter who was following the story! I don’t know but that is very suspicious. I sent the letter to the News Directory and I got the same result. What is happening? Are they following a pre-defined news agenda?”

This investigator has in fact come into possession of the text of the documents retrieved from Harris’s website, cited above. The text itself reveals some astonishing and heretofore unpublicized information.

The drawings from the website which have been made public would indeed seem to be the work of an adolescent: in fact they contrast rather sharply with the generally proficient command of language evident in the text on the website.

The text, among it’s rabid ravings and omnipresent, oppressive litany of hate and devastation, also details ongoing, extensive, thorough and methodical testing of various and sundry methods of mass murder and mayhem, and additionally makes references to a group cryptically referred to only as “DELTA” as being involved with such testing and research! There seems a distinct possibility this refers to Delta Force-related operations. There are also references to problems in carrying out certain tests due to some “war,” and other references to difficulties in procuring gasoline due to an IMPENDING war (apparently a reference to something which hadn’t yet happened and something thus obviously unknown to most people–except someone with ties to the [covert] government? In fact, perhaps a reference to impending military action in Kosovo and the simultaneous manipulation of gas prices in the U.S.?)

Overall I find a great number of indications in this material that this is not Eric Harris’s (or not only) writing, but that of someone older. How could this guy have been carrying out the kinds of activities here without someone, certainly a PARENT, knowing what the hell was going on? And WHERE could all this testing have been done, no matter if Eric or his father were conducting it? At a government-operated training facility of some kind? There are references which could indeed indicate a link to Delta Force training programs.

Wayne Harris is also indicated in coded data at the end of the document as the author of the documents, though that could be some kind of default setting related to product registration or other files. Much more significant is the extent of the research, preparation and testing of various explosives cited in the website document.

It is a fact that Eric Harris owned and utilized his own computer for his website; Wayne Harris’s computer and software wouldn’t likely have been utilized in the creation of what was supposedly Eric Harris’s website without the father’s knowledge; and if so, that Eric would have been so extra-ordinarily careful as to leave absolutely no files, data or any other clues to such apparently continual activity for his father to find.

Of course it seems unbelievable as well that Mr. Harris could be unaware of things like bomb-making materials and sawed-off shotgun barrels lying around his son’s room.

As noted, Wayne Harris was a member of the Air Force for many years stationed at New York’s Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Plattsburgh has been known for some time as a site for covert operations, including “psy-ops” and other mind control-related research. Son Eric was born and raised at Plattsburgh–certainly a very likely and easy target for covert mind control operations aimed at young people. Wayne Harris could very likely have connections to other military and intelligence agencies such as Delta Force.

Wayne Harris now will not talk to investigators of the Columbine High slaughter without a grant of immunity from prosecution.

4:37 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…

In case you’re not aware the father of the recent OU ‘suicide bomber’ was also working at an AF base near Denver, perhaps the same you mention here. Presumably Hinrichs the younger grew up in the same milieu as the Harrises et al.

4:42 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
“You conspiracy bloggers think that you respect and represent the victims you talk on-and-on about. But really, this is just another crass entertaiment outlet.
This kind of writing exists to fulfill some macabre middle-class fantasy.
You feel powerless, so you libel those with power.
It’s simple.”

I know we’re not supposed to do this in the forum…but the number of anonymous critics recently is astounding…and spooky?

6:51 PM
Anonymous Justice Inc. said…
Absolutely anonymous 4:42 and excellent correlation by the way. After giving it carefull consideration and full examination of all available evidence, I am definitely rescinding my earlier statement:

“How do the parents, particularly the Harris’ allegedly know nothing of their son and his buddy’s plans even after discovering so much? Very, very suspect indeed, but not enough hard evidence has been uncovered, to accuse them formally of complicity.”

Those fuckers knew more than they let on and common sense indicates that the Harris’ much like the Jon Benet Ramsey parents, are playing a game with us and the truth. I would even go as far as to say that Wayne Harris is an accomplished liar and subterfuge expert who may have even been an active participant at different levels.

7:35 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
The name of this site is “rigorous intuition,” implying that there is some rigor involved. I’m a bit disappointed with this posting, though I usually love what you write here.

I am extremely skeptical of this whole “Satanic ritual abuse” topic. It’s not that I believe that such things could not happen. I certainly do– in fact, I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen!

However, quite a bit of the material that travels under this heading is propaganda from the extreme religious right. Furthermore, it’s hard to present this topic without falling into that trap. There are lots and lots of people with agendas who want to levy such charges to slander groups they don’t like: witches, pagans, homosexuals, etc.

I recall a line from the Shawshank Redemption in reference to the prison rape gang that the protagonist had to escape:

“Homosexuals? No… to be a homosexual you have to be human…”

I think this would apply to any ritual abusers as well. If such things really are happening, we are dealing with exceptionally sick psychopathic individuals.

While I don’t think you should completely avoid this topic, I do think that you should be very careful with it. If you promote baseless fears and group slurs, you are playing right into the hands of theonomists and other ultra-right religious fundamentalists.

Now there’s a real conspiracy!

9:47 PM
Anonymous anonymouscassie said…
Re: the abundance of Anonymi, I know people get snarky with me when I suggest it’s an unimaginative lazy option by dimbulbs who think it’s protecting their identity from Admiral Poindexter, the blog owner or both…I recently saw a blog that lets you opt to call yourself Anonymous. But it numbers the Anons.

Oh, and it adds the world “Coward” between “Anonymous” and the numeral.

It was amazing to me how many people aren’t shamed to be “Anonymous Coward 35.”

11:40 PM
Blogger foist lastus said…
The current issue of the british magazine Bizarre features an interview with Kenneth Anger(the film maker)where he reveals that he met Walt Disney as a child and that Walt Disney was a pedophile…

12:26 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Yeah I’m with Cassandra, ban all the anonymous posters. Then put them in camps. Then gas the unimaginative, lazy, cowardly dimbulbs.

After that we can all have a cosy little chat where we all agree with each other and back up each others points. Peppered of course with lots of Lord of Rings chat and references to Star Trek. Yep! That’s the direction this blog should take.

4:54 AM
Anonymous danDNA said…
“After that we can all have a cosy little chat where we all agree with each other and back up each others points. Peppered of course with lots of Lord of Rings chat and references to Star Trek. Yep! That’s the direction this blog should take. ”

read this blog back properly. i think we’ve had a pretty balanced argument, we had the original blog, plus a clown, plus the author of the work we are discussing and we have also had all the orthodox points rammed down our throats for all our lives.
if anyone thinks this blogspot is biased try reading the papers, they are full of speculation that even the most anonymous person doesnt question.
full marks to jeff on this one – 104 comments, even if a few are from unimaginative dimbulbs.

5:50 AM
Anonymous Alice said…
Re: Kenneth Anger’s accusation of Walt Disney — Anger is a self-aggrandizing, annoying little sh*t, who’ll say and do anything to get noticed. ‘Foist Lastus’, please make an effort to be more ‘rigorous’ before repeating the libellous rantings of a sick, exploitative little creep. For everyone else, here’s the interview in question; evaluate for yourselves Anger’s credibility.(

Wow, I sure am irritable today, because I have another bone to pick. Starroute, you’re talking to me about chimps and self-regulating universes and maybe it’s just me, but my eyes are glazing over.

Nevertheless, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that the very fact that one is attracted to ‘positions of power’ whether in business, politics, law enforcement or journalism, means that one is predisposed to participating in or protecting the sexual abuse of children, up to and including the rape and murder of children as young as a few weeks old ??!?!?

(Hey, there go my dreams for my children’s future careers!!! So much for hard work, intelligence, and a desire to contribute to society — I guess I’ve been grooming my children to be perverted chimpanzees instead…)

If I’m not mistaken, we agree that there does seem to be an international network involved in the trafficking, sexual abuse and murder of children, and that this network appears to be protected at the highest levels of power, in several countries.

There is also documented evidence of the involvement of at least two extremely powerful intelligence agencies in these activities.

Logically, which makes more sense?

That judges, cops, journalists and politicians are more likely to enjoy, rather than be sickened and outraged by the sight of children being sexually abused and killed?

Or that individuals already predisposed to such evil perversions were deliberately recruited and supported in their climb to positions of power and influence, where they can carry out their masters’ wishes without question, with the Sword of Damocles of exposure and ruin hanging at all times over their heads?

“No need”??!? I’m speechless.

Finally, Starroute, forgive me if I seem to be on your case today, but I was offended by your statement:

“All it takes is, say, for one person with an interest in conspiracy theory to start a blog, and suddenly you have a well-developed network of conspiracy theorists exchanging notes and comparing worldviews.”

Is that what RI is? A ‘network of conspiracy theorists’? You mean, like a ‘network of pedophiles and child traffickers’?

Besides the fact that — normally — RI posts and comments are informative, intelligent and of the highest ethical and moral caliber, I for one reject the insulting and dismissive label of ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Jeff’s blog doesn’t reflect his and his readers’ “interest in conspiracy theories”. It’s a struggle to separate fact from fiction in our increasingly fictional world; those who have important information post it, and then leave it to be dissected, confirmed or discredited by anyone who cares to contribute.

Gradually, a number of working hypotheses emerge to explain those facts that are supported by solid evidence or logic. These are also subject to examination and possible rejection, as additional information emerges.

As propaganda and lies enslave and destroy, such a struggle to keep one’s vision clear is more than simply an interest. It fuels the emergence of an intellectual resistance movement working to expose those who promulgate lies and other means to undermine thinking and knowledge and independence, as a way to consolidate their own hegemony.

8:05 AM
Anonymous cassandra said…
Anonymous WhateverYourTimeIs:

Oh, bollocks.

And hilarious you have to do your driveby sniping as…Anonymous.

I granted that my animus against Anonymi is not shared. Hoary and well known principle of debating: when people make a ridiculous exaggeration of their opponents’ position it’s invariably because they can’t make a reasonable factual argument against it.

Clearly whoever runs that other blog while not forbidding Anonymi wishes to make his/her lack of respect for them patent.

I am fucking tired of trying to keep all the Anonymi straight in my mind during a discussion. I don’t know or care who the person actually IS, not being Admiral Poindexter, all I want is to be able to know that the same person who made Comment A made Comment Y, and I can’t do that when both comments and half a dozen others are by Anonymi. Part of a reasoned discussion is being able to follow the evolution of other discussants’ positions and have responsive interchanges, and even if I’m the only one who finds it difficult to do that when a significant percentage of the discussants are wearing the equivalent of Ku Klux sheets to hide not their ACTUAL identity but to avoid taking a full and responsible part in the discussion, I have a right to express my views on it.

Don’t I?

Not to some of these Anonymous slimers.

I think the way these people get all threatened by the loss of the shield “Anonymous” and start snarking or exaggerating SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. If it’s not lack of guts that keeps you from picking a handle and sticking to it at least for the duration of one discussion, WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?

This is not my blog. If it was, there would be no “Anonymous” option, not even “Anonymous Coward #X.” Anyone not imaginative enough to dub themselves with a nick could go climb another tree and harass the monkeys there.

We’re ALL for practical purposes ANONYMOUS here. But I’m willing to stand by all the posts by cassandra (and my satiric variations all recognizable as me) so that some gutless piece of shit loser can take cracks without incurring any accountability, like all gutless piece of shit losers do whether they sit in the Oval Office or post on Rigorous Intuition.

And if you don’t like LOTR quotes you can fucking KISS MY ASS. It was only voted the best book of the 20th Century and the films made millions, so it’s not like the story they told and the language they told them with has any RESONANCE or APPLICABILITY to our real world situation.

What a pathetic little pissant you are, Anonymous. Bet you TP’d peoples houses at night as a kid, made crank calls as a teen, and leave unsigned notes on peoples’ cars not to park in your space.

Grow a pair, eh? And maybe a spine while you’re at it.

12:33 PM
Anonymous Tronicus said…
Sir Francis Bacon:
“Read not to contradict and confute…nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.”

15:2 The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of fools gush out folly.

7:24 That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out?

7:25 I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness:

7:29 Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.

12:39 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Klu Klux Klan.
Piece of shit.
Little pissant.

My, my all because people refuse to adopt a handle and I mention Frodo. Real classy…

And slagging off countless people simply because they use the anonymous handle and then throwing a tantrum when they bite back says what about your argument?

The fact is the anonymous handle bugs you and you could not resist a personal dig. When I had a dig back you lose it. I suggest you grow up, get a sense of humour, or stop goading.

I also point out that at no point have I personally insulted you. Have a think about that before you rip into me again.

1:54 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Now children, Anonymous and Cassandra, hold your tongues and keep the peace. FYI, when a reader, such as I, yet another Anonymous, goes to post there are three option: Blogger, Other, and, of course, Anonymous. Since I’m not a blogger, and clicking on “Other” requires me to sign up, or some such, and I want to respond NOW, not after some email-wait verification, what do you really expect, Cassandra? The only answer to this problem is if Jeff changes the options, or we stop responding to named personalities and we only respond to the ideas, regardless of who posted them. I would suggest that everyone who posts here keep on subject and take their whiney-foul-mouthed ego trips elsewhere. Already this thread is degenerating off the subject/associations of “Phantoms, Daemons and Finders” and is being ruined (including this posting now).

2:36 PM
Anonymous cassandra said…
More Anonymi in high dudgeon!

Two things, then I’m done with this:

First, I’m laying to rest AGAIN the LIE–that’s

LIE as in



that you have to give any info besides a made up handle to post on this board.

ANONYMOUS (sic!) who is probably the same person who posted this last time, and ignored my response, said their choices are:

“Blogger, Other, and, of course, Anonymous. Since I’m not a blogger, and clicking on “Other” requires me to sign up, or some such, and I want to respond NOW, not after some email-wait verification, what do you really expect, Cassandra?”


If you click on OTHER all you have to fill in is a USERNAME.


You do not need to register and wait for an email, or give a web page URL, or anything else.

You simply type in a nick–a commonplace on every frickin’ message board on the Internet for the last 10 years I’ve been posting on them–and away you go.

Takes no more time than posting as ANONYMOUS.

SO please, BAG THIS LIE, OK?

If you have your reasons to attack “Cassandra” like the cowardly BULLY you are from behind the handle of ANONYMOUS, that is your right. And it is mine to despise you. And the person who posted at 2:36 isn’t just a COWARD. They are a LIAR.

Second, I’m calling you Cassie Bashers out. Pick a name and then spew your crap, or watch me rip your nameless drivel that you won’t even stand by yourself to shreds.

You might even pick the name Cassie Basher.


Imagine me making L sign on my forehead.

Not just for Loser.


3:05 PM
Anonymous cassonymous said…

And I’m not a CHILD, you condescending gutless liar.

You may not like what Cassandra says but you know Cassandra said it, and you can skip ALL my posts if you don’t like what I say. I could post Dr. Seuss lines backwards and it wouldn’t derail the thread because it’s possible to have multiple discussions in one thread and if nobody picks up on a particular post that’s the end of it. It doesn’t derail, it ends there.

So take your self appointed role as judge of what a thread should be and shove it up your Anonymous Arse, OK?

3:08 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Er, Alice —

If I may ask, when did “network” become a dirty word?

And do you really believe that politicans and policemen are naturally all good-hearted, honorable, upright protectors of truth, justice, and the American way — that nobody with a desire for control over their fellow humans and a lack of scruples about how they obtain or exercise it would ever be attracted to those positions — and that international conspiracies therefore have to blackmail pedophiles against their will into joining the force or running for office, simply in order to maintain their sinister hold on society?


It’s possible that I misunderstand you, but I find it hard to understand what your post is saying if it isn’t saying that.

As I said, you and I see the universe very differently. As nearly as I can tell, you seem to assume that certain situations are “unnatural” and then go looking for conspiratorial explanations of them.

My own inclination is to assume that whatever we see in the world around us is a natural result of human nature. And the same impulses that lead some pedophiles to become priests or boy scout leaders just as surely lead others — those whose impulses run towards power and not merely sex — to become politicians.

What is so offensive there that you have to set up a straw man and insist that I’ve ruined your dreams for your children’s future???

4:09 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Good idea, Cassandra. I will skip your posts from this post forward since I have no desire to “kiss your ass” or to descend into your pit of festering rage that you call a comment. Seems all the anonymous identities (that you have, in true paranoiac style, mistakenly formed into one unknown personality who’s out to get you) are rather like a bunch of white-faced anonymous clowns driving you mad with our plan to destroy your fragile persona with our “drive by snipping,” no less. You prove the point that children are afraid of clowns. Yes, it’s true, we have all joined forces to do you in, LOL. We all know each other’s real identities and have conspired in secret meetings, more LOL! Liar that I am (or, could it be that I just didn’t click on the “No Blogger account? Sign up here” mistakenly assuming it was a form/email fill in as most forums use today) you have found me/us out. For my mistake, I heartily apologize. Now that I know better, I will forever post as anonymous to insure that you are correct and can only respond, henceforth, to ideas. Poor soul, you are just too pathetic. Seek psychological help immediately.

4:49 PM
Anonymous starroute said…
Wow, Cassandra, you sure pulled one of the Anonymi’s chain. Amazing how your desire to have some sort of coherent conversation gets translated into a paranoid fear that the Anonymi are all out to get you. LOL.

I had to admit that I posted as Anonymous myself for a couple of weeks before wondering, “Gee, I wonder what happens if I click on Other.” But I would never have assumed that I was being forced to get a Blogger account — and I would certainly not have complained about loudly it to others.

Of course, it just strengthens your point, doesn’t it — that now all the friendly, well-meaning Anonymi need to find tags for themselves (if only like medieval kings — Anonymous the Bald, Anonymous the Cruel, Anonymous the Witless, and so forth) in order not to be tarred with the supicion of being the same as the really obnoxious Anonymi.

6:12 PM
Anonymous Casseiopeia said…

Yes, I really did yank somebody’s chain.

Actually it’s easy to tell which Anonymous we’re dealing with–the one who’s a jackass stands out pretty clearly from the Anonymultitudes.

I also sometimes agree with people post as Anonymous, so my point wasn’t even that everyone who posts as such is an idiot. I just said it makes it as hard to follow a group discussion as if I were deaf and in a group of 20 people 10 of whom had identical voices, and I was trying to figure out who made what point.

But, at least one Anonymous has a very guilty conscience, kinda like Rodya Raskolnikov in his chats with Inspector Porfiry.

So, since it’s now obvious which Anonymous is the jackass, let me say to that one, here is another quote from Lord of the Rings, just ’cause I know you love them so much: When you post I will do as Smeagol did to Gollum, covering his ears:

“Not listening!”

(I’m going to put a LOTR quote in every one of my posts now, just because it irritates Anonyjackass!)

11:13 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I’m sure that lovely, charming, but occasionally teethgratingly abrasive Cassie person, when she said “as if I were deaf and in a group of 20 people 10 of whom had identical voices” meant “blind” not “deaf.”

Otherwise her analogy doesn’t make a dang bit of sense.

“Spock: “Logic and practical
information do not seem to
apply here.”
McCoy: “You admit that?”
Spock: “To deny the facts would
be illogical, Doctor”
(STAR TREK, ‘A Piece of the Action’)”

11:19 PM
Anonymous sinAnonymous said…
I sometimes skip by several comments at a time without even reading them, and really can’t get too worked up about Anonymous posters pissing on the parade either, I just ignore it. probably not worth getting so worked up about Anonymous comments.

As for clowns… They need to police their own community, good clowns in little cars should patrol for bad clowns in creepy vans. Also, what’s with all this clown-on-clown violence? I saw two clowns beating the hell out of each other in front of kids on TV not that long ago. tweaking noses, kicking shins, the works… Come on clowns – lay down the hate.

3:09 AM
Anonymous Alice said…
Starroute said:

“And do you really believe that politicans and policemen are NATURALLY ALL GOOD-HEARTED, honorable, upright protectors of truth, justice, and the American way — that NOBODY with a desire for control over their fellow humans and a lack of scruples about how they obtain or exercise it would EVER be attracted to those positions — and that international conspiracies therefore have to blackmail pedophiles against their will INTO joining the force or running for office, simply in order to maintain their sinister hold on society?”

Now, Starroute, who’s setting up a straw man?

Seriously, I am not married to a particular theory, and for me the question of what kind of reality are we living in, and what forces are shaping it, are crucial questions that need to be investigated, if we are to gain control of our own minds and of our lives.

The Marc Dutroux case in Belgium opened a real can of worms, and not just for me. Suddenly, I started to wonder if the seeming explosion in paedophilia was, as I had thought, simply a result of random factors, or whether some strings were being deliberately pulled to search out predisposed pedophiles, encourage them and eventually select a few for promotion and placement in sensitive positions, all while keeping them vulnerable through blackmail and the threat of exposure.

Once I looked for evidence to support this hypothesis, a lot of things made sense. Like certain ‘foundations’ with very deep pockets, intelligence connections, and global reach, which keep popping up like hidden hands, promoting certain individuals and certain types of ‘research’ or activities.

With the resulting prestige, funds and positive publicity, not to mention impressive credentials, these individuals become those who make and enforce our laws, declare wars or sign agreements; they become educators, powerful journalists, leading medical professionals, religious figures and business magnates, publishers, film producers, etc. And while they may appear to be independent and have divergent interests, loyalties (religious, national, etc.) and ideologies, they do not own themselves, but are forced to obey whoever ‘made’ them and can just as easily destroy them.

Et voila! A new reality is created, the changes so subtle and pervasive that they appear to be random. We change our own behaviours and values in reaction to the “changing times”, unaware that we are being deliberately manipulated.

If you like, I’ll be glad to provide some of the evidence that has convinced me of the above. If you disagree, well, that’s your right. It’s just that I personally didn’t find your arguments compelling enough to change my mind. In any case, my arguments and your arguments are out there for others to read and evaluate for themselves…as Martha would say, ‘that’s a GOOD thing’.

For one example of the kind of process I’m talking about, those who are interested can look at this article. Obviously, I don’t at all agree with the homophobic and anti-choice opinions of the writer, but his description of the role of the Rockefeller Foundation and some well-funded university research grants is certainly worth a second look:

6:54 AM
Anonymous Cassandra said…
This is the Zodiac Speaking..NOT cassandra..

This is why I elect to use the anonymous feature. As long as there is no registration process for “other” identities, there is nothing stopping someone from logging on as someone else and discrediting that screen name to the fullest capacity of the doppelganger’s imagination. This means that there could be 2 dozen cassandras out there; maybe there always has been to begin with, which to me at least, suggests using a screen name is at best redundant, at worst potentially discrediting when someone else decides to be ‘you’ and make you look like a moron..

Or worse.

Tearing into people that elect to disregard a non-secure identity system fails to impress me very much, cassandra..Your fire is admirable, but when it interferes with critical thought it becomes a strong impediment.

Food for thought.

Zodiac out..

9:36 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
Maybe folks should concentrate on responding to what people say rather than who is saying it.

Substance over form, the rest is vanity. That said for those out there who like to adopt a handle good luck to you.

All I would point out is that making unprovoked derogatory comments on those who prefer not to adopt a handle is bordering on the bigoted.

I for one make a deliberate decision to avoid a handle as I suspect people read and respond to comments with a more open mind.

A handle invariably means some people carry baggage into the discussion from a previous comment or thread.

I would be quite happy to see all comments become anonymous. I think it would enhance the conversation and reduce the development of intellectual cliques.

But I accept that is my view and therefore I do not try to impose it on others or deride those who chose another path.

Anyway…bring on the clowns.

9:54 AM
Anonymous theonetheonlylevraicassoulet said…
My posts are pretty distinctive, I wouldn’t think my blend of urbane wit and obnoxiousness would be easy to duplicate {snort}. I think of myself as a cross between Oscar Wilde and the guy on “My Name is Earl.” How ya gonna fake that?

When Anonymi defend being Anonymous, it’s like NAMBLA members giving a pedophile a character reference, no?

If each person only made one comment on the article, and didn’t comment on others’ comments, then it wouldn’t matter much if the poster was identifiable. If on the other hand, as people keep saying here, we are engaged in a CONVERSATION, then being able to follow someone’s line of argumentation is necessary. Unless of course you’re a troll or a sniper who doesn’t want to take responsibility for what they say, or unless you have Asperger’s Syndrome and haven’t had many convos in the real world.

Or, to quote Boromir in the “Lord of the Rings”, “What did that blond ponce say? I don’t speak Elvish.”

Or as James Tiberius Kirk said, “Bones, can you give me something to sleep? Last night I dreamed I got old and fat and was flirting with Edgar Bergen. Or was it Ingmar Bergen…no, wait, Candy Bergen. Only she was old too and a wrinkle job. It was worse than the time the Horta tried to French kiss me.”

11:36 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
It’s really a shame the comment section has devolved to this…

I’m still looking forward to a response from Loren, and I still hope that Jeff has the chance to interview him at some point.

2:59 PM
Anonymous danDNA said…
just one last post:
i was wondering if there was any pictures of george bush dressed as a clown when a friend remarked,”he doesnt need the clothes and make up cus you know hes a clown already”
true say.

4:11 PM
Anonymous cassieout said…
Hey Mitch! Explain to me how a side discussion about poster’s nicks ‘devolves’ the discussion, OK? Don’t most discussions after 123 comments, 5 1/2 days, and a new Jeff article, kind of peter out?

Nay! It’s all Cassie’s fault!

Nobody has to read my posts, or respond, or comment on the exchanges between me and whoever responds. There is nothing to stop anyone from continuing to talk about any aspect of the thread or Jeff’s article they wish to.

A comment thread is not an elevator in which one person screaming at the top of their lungs means no one else can continue their own conversations.

You know what? I’ll never stop reading Jeff’s articles because they’re brilliant, but I’m not going to post any comments any more. There are lots of blogs in which posters take pride in establishing identities and personalities and discussions aren’t just isolated monologues dropped like road apples on the trail, or like talking to, well, phantoms. Where discussions cohere because everybody knows who said what, and relationships between posters can evolve because while they may not know each other’s real world name they know what SoandSo said yesterday and last week and in the previous article.

A board full of Anonymous comments has already devolved to where I personally can’t have a productive discussion. I’ve raised the issue and each time Anonymi attack me and then I get blamed if I stand up for my position. So I’m going to hold to my principles and vote with my feet.

As Galadriel said, “A great oak is nothing but a little nut that held its ground.”

And as Kank the Klingon said in “Day of the Dove,” “Only a fool fights in
a burning house.”


4:22 PM
Anonymous cassandra said…
I’ll miss me very much.

6:56 PM
Blogger Mitch said…
126 comments about phantom clowns and related phenomena would be great. Let’s stick to Jeff’s subjects in general. If something else comes up, just create a thread in the discussion board and link to it here.

8:12 PM
Anonymous Kasha said…
Connections between nefarious parties can be mapped at Unfortunately, there aren’t enough entries at present for the site to be really useful. There used to be a way to make the connections display as a visual graph, but I can’t find it now.

2:52 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…

Do not martyr yourself over such a trivial matter.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Lord of the Rings remark actually hurt your feelings. (I posted at 4.54am, 1.54pm and 9.54am by the way)

Truth is I have no problem with the books, films etc (nor Star Trek for that matter). I was a just a little bugged at the adjectives you used to characterise anonymous posters (post 11.40am). It seemed a little prejudiced and insulting to me as an anonymous so I thought I would toss one back in your direction.

Anyway I know you enjoy posting here and I would hate to see you talk yourself out of doing so again over this rubbish.


7:58 AM
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12:32 AM
Anonymous GoatBoy said…
In “Gerald’s Game” the father of the protagonist molests her during an eclipse!!! [even when I read that I didn’t really get it until I started learning about Satanic Illuminati beliefs. She also has an alternate personality!

Psychic people [Carrie/ Danny Torrence/ Hearts in Atlantis the guy is being chased by the CIA for example]

“Firestarter”- A girl captured by the government who can start fires with her mind [remote viewing anyone??]

“Insomnia”-people who are “possesed” by aliens the motto of the book was “WE NEVER SLEEP” with an all seeing eye!! Come on now who does that sound like??

The Stand-a pandemic [a FLU!] actually that kills off most of the population of America!!
The Shining-Danny Torrence has an alter named Tony
“Tommyknockers”-a spaceship lands in a town causing all the residents to lose their teeth and hair sounds like soem sort of governement radioactive experiment.

“It”- this book was the first thing I thought about when I read Jeff’s comments yesterday, before anyone even brought it up

But hasn’t Jeff mined these exact same veins right here? Ask yourself rigorously why you implicitly trust one to be a crusading investigator searching for truth and implicitly suspect the other of being a subversive meme-spreader in the service of Dark Forces? Couldn’t either or both have the opposite motive you suspect for telling these particular tales?

Have you met either one?

If you’re going to be a true skeptic, you gotta go ALL the way.

6:50 PM
Anonymous Chyme said…
just to recount one of my earliest childhood memories from around 4 or 5 years old…….I was playing in the parlour of our house when I was suddenly confronted by a clown figure (actually, more like a joker character with the 3 pointed hat). Naturally, being alarmed I cried out for my mother and the thing dived behind our setee. I told my mother what I had seen and insisted she look behind the setee. She saw nothing and I can tell you,it was a long time before I ever went behind the setee. What I had seen had been in broad daylight and in the confines of my home.I’m convinced the thing was a spiritual or interdimensional being.

10:10 PM
Blogger Rabbitvoz said…
Well, Rabbit does not like clowns!

Sorry Bill, it is fine to know that you are a “Good” clown, whatever that is, but clowns are terrible things. Scary, loud and messy. Clowns are like Anarchy in a uniform. I’m an Anarchist BTW.

Rabbit at 43, is afraid of nothing, and despite becoming agitated will sit through a clown act. Though the rabbit’s discomfort and even hostility is obvious. That is not to say that Peadophilia was ever something which I would have accused them of.

Statistically Judges have one of, if not the highest percentage of Peadophiles per head of professional group, in Australia anyway.

Clowns come from the Dark Ages, their costume and mannerisms show this, remember that!

And try to be a good clown, if you cannot otherwise help yourself.

5:07 AM
Blogger ARJ said…
Very interesting, especially the part about Plattsburgh AFB. A case is soon coming to the docket of the European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg, France, that oddly echoes with events at that Air Force base during the Cold War.
It’s at

2:48 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said…
I am the daughter of one of The Finders mentioned in your blog. I was doing research with my 15 y/o who is curious about her grandfather’s “interesting” past. My association with The Finders began at around age 14. I spent time with them off and on over the next 25 years. I can assure you that these people were not child molesters/pedophiles. The nude photos discovered by the police were innocent pictures of naked children playing in the yard. As to the slaughter of the goat–although I did not choose to raise my children in that lifestyle, I know many children who grew up perfectly normally after witnessing and even participating in the slaughter of farm animals. Any deer hunters out there? Perhaps it’s a gruesome way to teach children about anatomy, but sixth graders are required to cut up live frogs in science class. The reason the investigation of the Finders was discontinued was that the police found that they were just an odd group of old hippies who didnt really fit in anywhere so made their own little experimental community. The mothers of the children found in Tallahassee regained custody of their children and left the group for more traditional lifestyles. Several of the Finders sued the founder of the group (Pettie) to recoup their financial investments in the property, and won a substantial settlement. The last article published in the Washington Post was headlined “The Finders–Not Sinister, Just Odd”

5:39 PM
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