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Katherine Albrecht takes the Health Ranger, Joseph Mercola and G. Edward Griffin to task for “bogus” alternative cancer treatment claims

Katherine AlbrechtOn the June 5, 2012 episode of the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, Katherine Albrecht, anti-RFID crusader and survivor of breast cancer, criticized the Health Ranger (Mike Adams), Joseph Mercola and G. Edward Griffin for being “all wet” concerning the “bogus stuff” they put out on cancer, saying a lot of it is “nonsense.”

She starts getting into it at 31:25, with key quotes starting 34 minutes in.

This is very significant considering the heavyweights all three of them are in the alternative media, with Mike Adams having one of the world’s most popular alternative health websites and being a regular guest on — and a regular contributor to — the Alex Jones Show. Joseph Mercola is a regular contributor to LewRockwell.com and G. Edward Griffin is best known for his magnum opus, The Creature from Jekyll Island, which is advertised many times daily on GCN programs.

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  1. “Kathy’s knowledge is crippled by mass propaganda with recent local enforcement, and personal trauma.”

    Wow, that’s quite a statement. I’ve spent literally thousands of hours on this topic. Why would you assume my knowledge was crippled?

    • on August 10, 2012 at 11:44 am FauxCapitalist

      Dr. Albrecht, I’m glad you found this article. I just happened to tune into your radio show and hear your words that day.

      If you’ll be doing a show talking about how some of these alternative treatments are inadequate, I’d like to give it prominent coverage on my site, which is reaching out to more and more people since I have a weekly radio show on Oracle Broadcasting.

      All the best,


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  3. Ask Albrecht to study primitve cultures where cancer incidence is zero. Next, assign homework on Silent War. Dr. Stan offers the 1969 Dunegan materials:


    “He said a cure to cancer exists in the Rockefeller Institute but is kept secret for purposes of depopulation. He said there will be an increase in infectious man-made diseases.”

    Dr. Bill Deagle MD of GCN and Nutrimedical.com had whistleblowers in Europe hand him stacks of documents on mass cull plans.

    Kathy’s doctors, I reckon, browbeat her, defending lucrative careers and prestige against simple remedies. That’s not to agree with any person or protocol, pro or con. It’s just to say Kathy’s knowledge is crippled by mass propaganda with recent local enforcement, and personal trauma.

    Read the history of the AMA and Rockefeller involvement. Another good source on medical fraud is Jon Rappoport, veteran journalist.


    • on June 11, 2012 at 10:05 pm FauxCapitalist

      Don’t let me be your intermediary. You can contact her at kma@spychips.com.

      As for a suppressed cure for cancer, even elites are getting cancer and dying from it.

      • I disagree. The real elites do not get cancer! Find me a Rothschild, Rockefeller, even English or Belgian Royal who got cancer in the last 80 years, and I will believe that they get cancer and die from it! Getting it is one point – getting healed with 100% efficacy another. Yes sure – Thatcher got a 100% curable disease, but she was sacked from the above-politics career-route and yes – Steve Jobs was left to die, but he is no Bill Gates who is actively working with the NWO. Even for the average Joe orthomolecular and dietary low-tech healing rate of cancer is above 90%. The Elites have probably some higher-tech meds (some of them simple chemical compounds banned as soon as developed) and an advanced RIFE-like-vibrational machine (plenty of reports here and there surfacing from the 30s on).

        • on February 28, 2013 at 9:28 am FauxCapitalist

          Here’s one:


          “In September 1972, Rockefeller was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the pancreas and endured a devastating round of chemotherapy. When he returned to Arkansas the populace was shocked at the gaunt and haggard appearance of what had been a giant of a man.

          Winthrop Rockefeller died February 22, 1973, in Palm Springs, California, at the age of sixty. He is buried at Winrock Farms, his ranch, in Morrilton, Arkansas.[28]“

          • My my – thanks for the info. Frankly I do not believe that all members of the Elite families are on-board with the Mass-Murder-Illuminati-plan. I have heard from Rothschild-family arms who spend their lives doing organic farming and keeping apart from the rest. Winthrop seems to be one of those guys. Sure he had the money-support and everything, but his foundation is harmless relative to the other Rockefeller-foundations and if even some of the stuff on Wikipedia is true then kamikaze-charging at Okinawa and fighting HIMSELF in the Illuminati-created-WWII does not sound very psychopathic to me. That is truly dangerous and even more so considering the fact that the war was planned and designed from the onset. Seems to me that he was not part of the Big Plan or was not supporting it at all. As the Illuminati-family members John F. and Bobby Kennedy found out – you are not to oppose them. Who knows – he might even had the intention of going against the big plan and he certainly was not initiated enough. Or his official biografy is fake and there was something else going on.

            As far as cancer goes – I have had too much real-life experiences in my surroundings with orthomolecular therapies and terminal-cancer-healings as well as plenty of studying to assume that the elite has only THAT which I know about.

            But hey – you are free to believe that they have nothing – no higher technology, no high-tech medicine, that central banks are owned by all of us, Global warming is real and that the media tells us the truth most of the time…. Just a bunch of random acts that coincidently happen exactly as laid out in some 100-year-old books. Stop the blog and go watch some CNN. (No offense there 🙂 – I respect your work and show)

            Oh – and the Elite certainly do not live according to orthomolecular and healthy dietary guidelines except for some exceptions like the young David De Rothschild who is now studying naturopathic medicine himself. Most drink, do drugs, probably get plenty of age-old STDs, eat unhealthy (albeit probably mostly organic) – they depend on being worthy enough for the high-tech cure.

            • Thanks for being open to this new information, unlike most, who would just disappear.

              You’re right that I don’t put any credence into the claim that any elites have some magical “cure” for cancer that they are hiding from us.

              Just like I don’t believe Fritz Springmeier’s claim that some elites are living hundreds of years (based only on hearsay).

              We know why cancer has skyrocketed, and most of that is because of bad diet and our toxic environment that some people are very happy about, as it makes us easier to control.

              As for global warming, it’s a scam, nearly all central banks are dominated by a private elite cartel, and the mass media often misleads their readers and viewers, and that’s because those claims can be independently verified right now, unlike various hearsay that circulates in the alternative media.

              • Immortality for centuries is bollocks of course – most of us would be dead if there were some Luciferian-like Elites out there for centuries – and the final plan would be completed already.

                Well Fritz Springmeier tells certainly a lot of truth, but relies heavily on “insiders”. It is incredibly easy to mislead him. He is no real danger to THEM. That way when he tells truth again he is not credible enough.

                Mars colonies? Possible, who knows? Since they most likely have sufficiently developed flight machines – plenty of facts out there on that point. All the while we rely on primitive propulsion-based and gasoline-burning machines which differ little to the ones in the 30s and 40s as far as cars and planes go.
                Before blabbering after someone one has to take a good hard look:
                1. is it possible or likely ?
                2. are there plenty of bits and pieces of facts out? – elite books, foundation docs, pics, newspaper clips in the last decades etc. which back up the story
                3. then reassess the info accordingly again – sometimes even prove it to yourself if possible (i.e. with orthomolecular medicine it is easy, free-energy generators, water batteris etc. takes more money), visit sources etc. if funds allow

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