UK PM declares 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers must be dealt with as harshly as ISIS


UK PM declares 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers must be dealt with as harshly as ISIS

Cameron at UN (featured image)

UK PM declares 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers must be dealt with as harshly as ISIS

by Jim Fetzer and Nick Kollerstrom

“[T]hat 9/11 was a Jewish plot or the 7/7 London attacks were staged; the idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy [are lies]“–David Cameron

The recent speech by UK Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron proposed dealing with “non-violent extremists” as harshly as with ISIS.

In his vocabulary, “non-violent extremists” are those who challenge the truth of the official narrative of 9/11 or what the UK has claimed about the London 7/7 subway bombings.

He appears to be unaware or deliberately ignorant of the mountain of proof that 9/11 was brought to us compliments of the CIA, the Neo-Cons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad.

Moreover, we know that 7/7 was a contrived event, where we have documentaries and books that demonstrate it was done by MI-5 using four young Muslim men in the role of patsies.

Calling his bluff, the leading expert on 7/7, who is also a student of 9/11, responded to the PM’s absurd position by turning himself in to Scotland Yard as a “non-violent extremist”, but Scotland Yard refused to arrest him.

David Cameron’s speech to the UN

The distinction between “violent extremists” and “non-violent extremists” should be apparent to all: violent extremists take actions to promote their cause through the use of violence–suicide bombings, blowing up mosques and beheading journalists come to mind–where non-violent extremists are critics of the official narratives who exercise their intellects to dissect the blatant dimensions of these fabricated events as an exercise in thought.  So unless there is no distinction to be drawn between thought and action, the Prime Minister’s position is simply absurd:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

This year, Al- Qaeda had to be replaced as the new demonized enemy-image for the public to despise, because even US Marines had been holding placards saying, “I will not fight against al-Qaeda in Syria.” So here we have David Cameron blustering about the new ISIL menace durng his UN speech and why it justifies the re-bombing of Iraq and now Syria.  This name, now contracted to “Islamic State”, has the great advantage of tying the word “Islam” directly to “terrorism”. This new ‘enemy’ is being used as excuse to invade Syria, plus also to facilitate the division of Iraq into three countries.

But, some believe that the Prime Minister may have gone too far in this UN speech, in trying to demonize “truthers”. He has developed the novel concept of “nonviolent extremists”, who, he avers, somehow stimulate groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda to spring up. The reasoning here is truly bizarre. There may be a problem with British Muslims going out to Syria to fight against the Assad government, because they do not want a secular government to exist.  But “non-violent extremism” is another distorted and indefensible concept, whereby the UK government can arrest anyone it wants.

Challenging the PM’s indefensible position

Maybe Cameron’s advisers have not apprised him that the leader of ISIL, Al-Baghdadi (aka Simon Eliot or rather Elliot Shimon), has both Jewish mother and father and is a Mossad agent. Maybe they have not told him that the beheading videos were fairly obviously fakes with no real blood, which seem to emanate from a group called SITE by Zionist agent Rita Katz. Jim Fetzer was interviewed by Press TV about the PM’s posture on “non-violent extremism” after his speech:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Some sensible observations about Cameron’s clamoring for more wars in Iraq and Syria has been written the Daily Mail journalist, Peter Hitchins, in an article entitled,  “Dragged into a war by clowns who can’t even run a railway”, who notes, “A year ago, we were on the brink of aiding the people we now want to bomb, and busily encouraging the groups which have now become Islamic State. Now they are our hated foes. Which side are we actually on? Do we know?” Indeed, the entire ISIL (or “IS”) development appears to be a marketing strategy to get the American public to support bombing in Syria, which is being disguised as an attack on ISIL but has the intent of damaging the infrastructure to weaken Assad.

The 7/7 London subway bombings

How shameful that Britain’s Prime Minister feels at liberty to make such patronizing remarks towards Iran at the UN, calling it to change its policies over support for “terrorist organizations”, its “nuclear program” and its “treatment of its people”, to which the President of Iran has replied. All 16 of the US intelligence agencies converged in the conclusion that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapons program in 2007, which they reaffirmed in 2011. But more interesting in relation to “non-violent extremism” is that the evidence 7/7 was brought to London by the government itself is simply overwhelming. Here, for example, is a documentary by John Hill that exposes the entire event in the space of an hour:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

To demonstrate the (feigned or genuine) ignorance of the PM about the 7/7 event, Nicholas Kollerstrom discovered that the four young Muslim men, who were alleged to have committed the bombings, had been unable to reach those tube stops because the train from Luton, which they would have had to have caught in order to be in place on time, had been cancelled that day, which is all the more reason to conclude that David Cameron is either extremely naive or else the embodiment of duplicity, since he surely has to know that the research he is assailing on 9/11 and 7/7 is well-founded.

Nicholas Kollerstrom turns himself in

In response to Cameron’s remarks equating persons who question the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in the US and UK and the West’s policy towards the Middle East with Takfiri preachers who radicalize extremists, Nicholas Kollerstrom, as a student of 9/11 and 7/7, who qualifies as a “non-violent extremist” by the PM’s new definition, recognizing himself as one of those who encompassed by this concept, surrendered to Scotland Yard and brought a copy of his book as evidence:

Nick turning himself inClick here for “9/11 Activist hands himself in as a ‘non-violent extremist’” (Press TV)

Explaining his actions to the Press TV correspondent in London, Kollerstrom said, “David Cameron has redefined ‘terrorism’ at the UN to include people who believe that the London bombings involve government complicity [and] were to some degree arranged, which I certainly do believe–and I’ve published a book on the subject–and also I believe the 9/11 was an inside job. I do think Islamic nations are being selectively targeted, it’s perfectly obvious, and if the police force are going by his directive what constitutes terrorism, it seems to me that they need to arrest me.”

terrorThe Press TV correspondent was present while Kollerstrom handed himself in. “We want to report a possible terror threat, we’ve got a bit of evidence and wonder if we could come in and report it,” Kollerstrom said at Scotland Yard headquarters in London, offering a copy of his book as proof. Scotland Yard refused to accept the book or arrest Kollerstrom, who observed that the definition of “nonviolent extremism” will lead to the arrest of many Muslims who share his views, as another example of UK racial profiling. Others have expressed interest in following his lead, which could become a movement.

False Flag Weekly News

As reported on this weeks edition of “False Flag Weekly News” (with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer), the Islamic State contretemps appears to be a public relations stunt by the Obama administration, which had been thwarted by the public outrage over his proposal to fire cruise missiles into Syria in response to the gas attacks falsely attributed to the Syrian government, which Russia promptly refuted with 50 pages of documentation that it had been launched by the so-called “rebels”, apparently supplied by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. The rise of the IS phenomenon are simply staggering:

US attacking Syrian infrastructureClick here for the latest False Flag Weekly News: US attacking Syrian infrastructure, not ISIS

That we are being bamboozled is clear. Alan Sabrosky has reported that the US is targeting the Syrian infrastructure, not IS (to weaken Assad), which has been confirmed by other reports; that the US is taking out oil refineries and grain silos; where the EU ambassador to Iraq admits that the EU is buying oil from ISIS; where ISIS is being advised by a US General Vallely (ret.); and where the US is spending $200 million every week both supporting and attacking the threat. The CIA is funding ISIS.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Even the beheadings are fake, but still good enough to dupe a gullible American public

Perhaps most telling of all is that a new terrorist entity, the Khorasan group, has been invented out of thin air in order to claim that it poses an “imminent threat” to the United States in order to justify American strikes in another nation without securing the permission of the UN Security Council, because one nation may attack another under the Charter of the United Nations only if it has permission from the Security Council “unless it confronts an ‘imminent threat’”. So between David Cameron and Barack Obama, we see the depths of depravity to which the West will sink to attack Syria.

And all of this is being done to promote the agenda of the Project for the New American Century, which needed a new Pearl Harbor to reverse US foreign policy from one in which we never attacked any nation that had not attacked us first to one in which we have become the greatest aggressor nation the world has ever seen and are undertaking one war after another on behalf of Israel by dismantling every Arab nation that served as a counterbalance to its domination of the Middle East, which it aspires to control from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile, which is why we are still there today.

Nicholas Kollerstrom, an historian of science, has authored studies of 9/11 and the book, Terror on the Tube (4th ed., 2012), because of which he qualifies as a “non-violent extremist” by the PM’s new definition.

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86 Comments for “UK PM declares 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers must be dealt with as harshly as ISIS”

  1. This is NOT another demonstration of Cameron’s usual idiocy, but is Cass SunsteinISM Part 2 and should have been analyzed as such.. A Tavistock type speech designed to get the public to associate expressing one’s views by words or thoughts with EXTREMISM which our controlled minds have already been molded to associate with TERRORISM and TERRORIST.

    It is unfortunate that Mr. K did not get on the official record Scotland Yard officers refusing to arrest him because there is no law he has broker and refusing to talk with him about the information he has to give them about possible non-violent extremism. But it was an effort that needed to be made and I thank Mr. K for doing the right thing.

    • That speech is not surprising coming from Zionist Central! The Tavistock mindkontrolled verbage may work on some but mostly the cabal cohorts who seem to need to keep convincing themselves. Everyone else is starting to ignore the ad nauseum same ol same ol.. repeat… switch up the story a bit…. same ol same ol… repeat. They really
      are boring, low gene pool, idiots!!

  2. Well, we have enough evidence now to at least warrant a new investigation and blow the lid off this case. All that’s missing is a full confession by one of the top participants….like Chertoff for instance.

  3. A majority of Israeli’s and their politicians believe in and work for the “Greater Israel”, that’s the problem in a nutshell. Keeping them from realizing this long term goal can probably only be done by force, if desired. Everything else is deception.

  4. New twist on 9/11/01 evidence.
    http //
    http //

    http //
    “The testimony is expected to factor prominently in another 9/11 lawsuit brought against the airlines by the owner of World Trade Center Properties. That case, which is on appeal, is expected to be heard next year.” These court cases sure are being kept quiet by the media.
    How about VT reporting on them?

  5. https //

    https //

  6. Well history in the form of ‘wars’; false flags; false ‘revolutions’; mass deception and public repression – seems to be repeating itself alright and that is no coincidence. This is because the SAME group of talmudic supremacists (and their eager descendants) are ALWAYS the same architects behind these things. It is their stock in trade and an unmistakable hallmark. This time the internet and the ability to WARN each other MAY save us from the usual outcome – of human slaughter, agony and enslavement – on a gargantuan scale.

    Those who are the most likely to receive ‘Cameron’s Knock’ at the door – will also need to brace themselves for something else – ‘ZERSETZEN’ – or the process of being singled out for character assassination by
    read more …

  7. Cameron is NOT human race;;;

    Cameron is speaking on behalf of his REPTILIAN SHAPE-SHIFTING RACE like Rupert Murdoch & the English Royal Cannibals in Control (CIC) as one documented example below;;;

    Rupert Murdoch’s got some creepy hands! lol


  8. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    George Orwell

  9. Dear General Paul Vallely This article publishes a video on Syria Tube showing images of you, armed with bullet studed vest and weapon, riding around the area implied to be Syria in mostly American vehicles, with the claim you are involved in creating an insurgent force to take down the legitimate government there. You speak no audible words in the video. The same video is shown here http // and in a number of other links like Catholic Glasses and Before its news, etc, about 9 months ago. Yet, you reportedly have called for the citizen’s arrest of Obama. Please write to professor Fetzer or Gordon Duff, both former Marines,
    read more …

    • Gen. Vallely was born at DuBose, Pa , North of Pittsburgh. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler(1881-1940) was born at West Chester, Pa, West of Philly. Butler was a two star general in the Marine Corps but that was the highest rank authorized at the time. He was a two time medal of honor recipient and the most decorated Marine of the day. After a 34 year career, he concluded War is a Racket which dwarfed the protection racket of Al Capone in three districts of Chicago with one which extended over three Continents of the world. He wrote a book of the same name and gave hundreds of speeches in towns all over America in the 1930’s to educate an ignorant public then about this racket. He must have been successful since there was great
      read more …

  10. Howard T.Lewis III

    The limey Cameron doth protest too much, methinks. Where is my badge? England ran up another national debt 10xGDP this year, even with Lizard’s insider trading, the LIBOR fraud, AND the $400 trillion derivatives fishwrap market. Next to the entry of the word ‘fidget’ in this year’s Webster’s Colligiate Dictionary, there is a little picture of Elizabeth II on her throne.

  11. I found the statement of 2nd Lt Scott Bennett quite moving. If he is reading this, I urge him to read a book which led that author to discover many of the truths he discovered, only from a different direction and over some 22 years earlier “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992. Earl Carey was not a military officer but an engineer. He made his discoveries acting as his own lawyer pro se in a labor dispute in the State of Arizona. He discovered lawyers are liars and cheaters and have destroyed America by hi jacking all three branches of government. He named no less than 42 federal judges, by name and location, who gang raped the U.S. Constitution they took a meaningless oath
    read more …

    • Quoted from the above book, pp. 330-331 “The ultimate goal of the education and training a person receives to become a lawyer is dramatically different from other professions and occupations. A lawyer’s education and training can be more accurately described as an indoctrination into a type of satanic cult. Behavior which a normal human being would consider to be repulsive, evil and cruel, forms the standard operating procedures in the daily life of a lawyer. The normal human emotions and traits such as conscience, honesty, honor and integrity are completely obliterated. An insatiable greed and a blind allegiance to the preservation of the corrupt legal profession take their place. To lie, cheat and steal become second nature and instinctive.
      read more …

  12. This reminds me of the Inquisition.

      Our main weapon is fear.
      Fear and surprise.
      Two! Our two main weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency!
      Three! Our three main main weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.
      Make that four weapons Fear, surprise and, and…..oh start over..

      • John – I love the reference to Monty Python’s ‘Spanish Inquisition’. You will not be too surprised, however, to learn that just about everything we have been taught about the Inquisition is a lie! To discover the truth you need to look in the Vatican archives.

        The Inquisition came about during the Reign of Ferdinand and Isobella of Spain. It was discovered that thousands of JEWS had deliberately infiltrated the Holy Church and had disguised themselves as Catholics. Their aim was to become local parish priests over the whole country and to lead ordinary people astray into satanic worship and debauched behaviour. (Sound familiar?) This was as ‘revenge’ because first King Edward I of England, then followed by many other Kings of European nations,
        read more …

    • To the Inquisition anybody who dared to oppose the official line was the enemy. Cameron is doing the same. I think this absurd statement will cost him the next election. Millions of people have seen the video of WTC3 collapsing, and you don’t have to be a demolition expert or structural Engineer to see that there was something fishy about THAT EVENT, WHICH WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED BY THE 911 COMMISSION.

  13. I’m a Truther

    https //

  14. Is this the underlying problem and the elephant in the room? http //

  15. Mr. Fetzer,
    your fourth paragraph says „He appears to be unaware or deliberately ignorant of the mountain of proof … “
    Oh no he isn´t. He´s aware all right and as shifty as a dunny rat. We Germans have been through all this. The next step of your Mr. Cameron is to forbid the English to just mention the words 9/11 and 7/7 in public and, while he is at it, to also forbid to criticize anything Jewish (Obama same for USA) otherwise – and make no mistake about it – prison!
    While my English friends were conveniently occupied blind to hate fictitious jerries, krauts and huns, their own elite does the real screw job on them now.

  16. OK, OK, I´ll admit it. Your Hitler looks better than ours.

  17. I have now added a brilliant video about the fake beheadings http //

  18. Obviously Cameron doesn’t follow legal proceeding in his own country. Activist John A. Hill, the maker of ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ was found not guilty, by a jury of his peers, of subverting the course of justice. In order for that to happen, the jury would have to reject the prosecution’s claim that the video was false.

    So Mr. Cameron, your own legal system has already judged that the official narrative of the London bombings is false. What you, and your fellow treasonous agents of Israel, are demanding is that it is illegal to tell the truth.

    • Interesting, Curmudgeon, that in legal cases which are brought to enforce ‘anti-racism’ in the UK – there is a clause in the law which says “The truth is no defence.”

      This is done so that politically correct judaic subversion can be enforced against the best interests of indigenous peoples like the British – even despite clear evidence, obvious truth and every previous form of common sense. No doubt ‘ant-extremist’ laws will mirror that ridiculous ‘legal’ straight-jacket.

  19. Probably Britain won’t bomb any villages of truthers and send the survivors off to Guantanamo for some quality time. Most likely if anything at all happense it will be some books forbidden on library shelves [and maybe in bookstores], snooping packing slips from Amazon to make sure there’s no explosive literature entering the country by mail. It’s a lot easier to get the foot into the door of the citizenry via that route [which they own] than kicking doors down and having to answer questions afterward.

  20. what i find interesting is how the the platform for all ziojews to use ,to announce to world what their next move is and how unbelievably arrogant they are about it.netanyahu/obama/cameron all used it this year.and the main body of delegates just sits there and listen intently and applaud when they are done.almost like the u.s. congress when netanyahu speaks to them ,but of coarse he feels it s just like home ;like the knesset .

    • Like the new World Patriot Act the UN “Security” Council just passed, now international law. Now some rabbi can write the kill lists, anywhere. If he can keep the drool from smearing the ink, that is.

  21. Well Mr. Cameron if you’re going to go medieval then go all the way.

    Have an Inquisition into the beliefs of these non-violent extremists and if they are found to have unacceptable non-conforming beliefs then the guilty individuals must be burned at the stake. Error has no rights. Naturally their property will be divided among the accusers, the interrogators and the courts.

  22. Since, we had a Mossad agent (aka Simon Eliot or rather Elliot Shimon) as leader of ISIS making all those threats against the U.S. , it all makes sense.

    ” because one nation may attack another under the Charter of the United Nations only if it has permission from the Security Council “unless it confronts an ‘imminent threat’”. Clever way to get around the requirements of the Security Council.

    So, the JEW Elliot, as leader of ISIS makes the treats, then the U.S. is entitled to defend itself and it must go into IRAQ and Syria to do it.. How devious. Yet how can it be that the Muslims would be SO STUPID that they would allow themselves to be tricked in such a way.

    You would think Elliot would have been beheaded immediately, once they
    read more …

  23. frederick muhlbauer

    this cretan David ” the zionist” Cameron is one deranged asshole to be espousing rubbish like this. He certainly is in need of a reducation Since when is questioning a farce a crime in this world he needs to be called out and/or possibly arrested for making such a statement We cannot allow crap like this to stand

  24. This is awesome …good job Jesture Cameron. These people are so out of touch with reality …everything blows up in their face. Take the Bolsheviks that are occupying our American government for example. Everytime they perpetrate these insane lone gunman false flags to pass gun laws. Gun sales skyrocket!
    This will just help the truth movement.

    Everyone in Congress needs to be voted OUT!

    • dragged out and thrown into prisons would be more appropriate. not one of them said anything about the CRIME of appointing multiple FELON hillary as secretary of state, criminals aiding criminals.

  25. In case anyone missed it

    Valley is the long-term buddy and colleague of the US-top-of-mind satanist. The worked together with the same “psychological warfare projects”.

    • I didn’t miss the C.I.A./ Vallee connection. Most U.F.O. incidents are of Government origin to manipulate minds. There is no shortage of scientists willing to consort with evil.

  26. the PM (Cameron?), from a position of “power”, has called for MURDER of people who tell the truth.
    that is a call for extreme violence against people who are NOT violent, that just want the truth known!
    why isnt he being dragged out of office in a straightjacket for being a danger to himself and others?
    why are crimes like these always posed as questions like “oh did he step over the line?” when HE DID!

  27. Och Aye! Very kosher haggis!
    Cameron was born in London and brought up in Peasemore, Berkshire… Blairmore was built by Cameron’s great-great-grandfather, Alexander Geddes, who had made a fortune in the grain trade in Chicago and returned to Scotland in the 1880s.
    Through his paternal grandmother, Enid Agnes Maud Levita, Cameron is a lineal descendant of King William IV (youngest son of king of lost America) by his mistress…
    Cameron’s paternal forebears also have a long history in finance. His father Ian was senior partner of the stockbrokers Panmure Gordon, … long been held by Cameron’s ancestors, including … great-great-grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier (descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita), obtained British citizenship
    read more …

    • Very interesting Tiu – well done. We certainly see history repeating itself. The supply of huge loans to Japan then – and the modernising of the remarkably aggressive Japanese army by the jewish banking cartel was done for a reason. That money was loaned on the understanding that Japan would wage war against Russia – whilst the bolsheviks could simultaneously seize control of the country’s government. The Russo-Japanese war was supposed to dove tail in with the FIRST ATTEMPT at bolshevik overthrow of Russia in 1905. That attempt was thwarted by the Tsar’s forces – and the (remarkably well bank rolled) ‘revolution’ failed. Truthers were active then as well as today. The acquiring of the ‘PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION’ jewish plan for world dominance by
      read more …

    • The RHEINISCH-WESTFALISCHE SYNDICATE – was prominent in financing the so called ‘peasants revolution’ in Russia – which was in reality a coup-d’etat – just like the one in Ukraine.

      The syndicate was chiefly made up of Kuhn-Loeb & Co., New York; Warburg & Co. of Stockholm; Speyer & Co. of London; Lazar Freres of Paris – and others. They financed the Japanese army which later killed so many American and British servicemen.

    • I think that our old judaic enemy were rather hoping that we had collectively forgotten about all this inconvenient information. When we talk here about imprisoning ‘truthers’ – let us not forget the THOUSANDS of people who died making sure that the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION survived for subsequent generations to read and understand. Once the jews took over Russia anyone caught with a copy was executed – and every copy of the book was destroyed. They wanted to eradicate all trace of it.

  28. All we ask is for one picture of an airplane in the pentagon, just one picture. No pics, then kill a royal. They too do not believe.

  29. The moronic-mentality has evidently carried over from lil ol’ Georgie boy’s presidential administration. Either you’re with us, or the terrorists was about as embarrassing of a statement that I ever heard coming our of an American president’s mouth living in a Republic where freedoms are the life’s blood of the entire structure of society. Statements as this show the perforations holes in their activities, and the instability of their plans.
    When “We the People…” get the upper hand by being fed by independent patriotic-journalists (as here on VT,) and shoot holes in their “truth,” by revealing vast amounts of undeniable and objective volumes of details and facts evidence that smothers their hoaxes, and snuffs out their plans for world control, amateurish
    read more …

  30. I guess the $6,000,000 Dollar Question ($1 for every Jew targeted by ISIS) is whether the Brits take this lying Bolshevik slimeball seriously.

    At least the copper’s in Britain seem to be smart enough to know sarcasm when they hear it. The cops in America are so dumb they’d already have Mr. Kellerstrom in the FEMA camps, never to be seen again.

    • Another example of why Scotland ( and Wales ) need to secede fm the totally Temple controlled UK.

    • Does anybody find it strange that Isil haven’t even thrown a stone at Israel.

      Then again if Isil is an Israeli ally, Or is run by mossad, It is not surprising at all.

      It seems that they only target Muslims.

      Think about it.

      • Talmudia has given them air support on occasion and field hospitals in Jordan. Of course, Cameron won’t mention that since the Rothschild’s own the Bank of England and once you hand these “dual-nationals” control over your currency creation then you’re doomed. QE II has veto powers over the laws and yet she’s sat and watched a Third World wave nearly sweep her people aside. The “UK” is really, if you think about it, as free and independent as ( still ) occupied Germany.

      • My point exactly. Thanks. Also, Israel doesn’t seem to give a damn about ISIS, except for it’s propaganda value. If ISIS were REALLY a threat, Israel would take them out in a New York nanosecond. But that would be like the IRS going after bankers or the FED auditing itself.

  31. If this ever becomes law, I am totally screwed.

  32. Speaking of that “project for new America” seems things are going right on plan for the elite pigs. General Wesley Clark laid it all out bare which countries were on the agenda. So far we have gone right down that list and it is looking like they will use their patented strain of Ebola to take out Africa and a little population control here at home as well. We need to come together and start arresting the elite greedy pigs and their puppet politicians. I can smell their fear though when they start with their ramblings about “conspiracy theories”. I like smelling their fear. It feels like things may change and they know it. The reality unfortunately though is that until their is a massive uprising (this does not necessarily need to be bloody) and people insist that
    read more …

  33. Superb article by Nick Kollerstrom and Professor Fetzer. The international gangsters make ‘the media narrative’ up as they go along – and are now even attempting to criminalize any dissent to their unending diatribe of falsehoods. Living in the UK I must now await the knock on the door of course.

    I am deeply saddened that operatives within the British intelligence services, who obviously are not stupid and KNOW very well what is really going on, are actually supporting the facade of these wars and false flag outrages instigated for the benefit of israel and the international banker gangster cabal. This support, however reluctant, is High Treason against the Crown and the British people. The treason of political leaders is now beyond doubt – and negates their
    read more …

    • Quite ! It is high time our intelligence services and military senior ranks earnt their salaries & pensions honestly & in the real national interest. Clearly they possess sufficient evidence & resources to round up the despotic criminals & traitors who have seized power in the UK.

      Bolshevik Cameron’s latest rant is an indication of weakness, the cabal are running scared, it is only a matter of time before we are rid of these parasites – tick tock.

    • I think you will find MI5 – MI6 are sh*t scared of Mossad……and are actually their ‘bitches’.

  34. It is amazing how bold Cameron and Obama have become ref their speeches at this years UN get together they have learned from Israel’s PM… and learnt well. They were all three up on their soap boxes claiming 1) Cameron people who are questioning our flase flags are more dangerous than IS… 2) Obama claimed Russia is more dangerous that IS and 3) Netyanuhu claimed Iran is more dangerous that IS…. who very interesting… these guys are getting very nervous… and they should be… as so very many see who they are and what they do the MASTERS OF TERRORISM !!!!

  35. Probably the stupidest thing a prez or PM could do. It’s only words unless he has an enforcement plan, but meanwhile he’s announcing for the world the degree of discomfort he hand his government feel with what truthers are revealing about 9/11 and wossname, 7-something or other..

    • you know I disagree, when its words like that uttered from a position of “power” or “authority”, whether theres a plan or not (yet!), it is serious grounds for immediate removal.

      • captain obvious grounds for immediate “rhetoric about” removal maaybe. By the people who’d be discommoded by enforcement. The ears no longer hear that numbing mantra.

        A far cry from actual removal. I don’t know about Cameron but people have been using the serious grounds for removal rhetoric since this prez took office. They’ll probably still be using it a year after time removes him.

        • Please allow me to clarify. Send the dirty Jewboy to Hell. Straight to Hell. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

          • DaveE I assume you mean, “Someone besides DaveE send the dirty etc etc” while DaveE sits home and bitches dreaming up whomever else he can try to send someone else out to send to hell without passing go. That’s groovy mr let’s you and him fight.

          • tell old jules to stick it ,this ziojew troll is disgusting!!!!!

  36. truth by which they fear…their scripted lies rolled out in series, seasons, episodes and acts….Cameron does as he is told. Who was it who said politics is just show business for ugly people… Dr Fetzer your words are nuclear tipped ….lies turned to dust

  37. Great job Jim, Vic and editors of Vt. I don’t see how ISIS can even be given the legitimacy Gordon is giving them if this site I saw back in July is true? It certainly has or had the name and the website.

    http //

  38. Cameron, Obama, and Netanyahu should have been laughed off the stage, or left speaking to an empty auditorium, as soon as they began their arrogant, self-serving, hypocritical, lie filled speeches. It says a lot about the UN as a whole that members stayed in their seats and listened intently as three of the world’s most corrupt, vicious, lying warmongers took the stage to justify perpetual war in the name of peace, the right of strong nations to bully weaker ones, and the right of one, self “chosen” people to ride roughshod over everyone else on the planet.

    Cameron’s Tory party has promised that if re-elected they will
    Support the war on Iraq – Syria
    Continue and increase austerity for the masses
    Continue and increase funnelling money to the already
    read more …

    • “” It has been said that history repeats,””

      Long before that , the Christian NT said ” the truth shall make you free “. As long as the world perpetuates the propaganda histories of the victors instead of the more true histories of conflict , we will not be free of the delusions that misguide us and are established by the false notions in the propaganda in histories . Studying false histories will not break a cycle of inane conflicts .

    • Given the nature of the UK’s faux demockracy voting for the equally corrupted alternative, the Labour party led by Ed Miliband son of a Marxist who just happens to be jewish will result in more of the same, wall to wall iniquity and israel first as usual.

  39. Wonderful article, here we have Cameron, a member of the Friends of Israel Commitee, actually saying 911 and jews in the same sentence.

    That to me is gold.

    I remember PM Gillard from Australia a few years ago stating(with a lot of jews standing behind her) say that she is pleased that the Supreme Court recognised that holocaust denial is illegal, Duh!! New to me,better I hand myself in.

    This article must be posted every where, I have started, have you?

  40. Being that there’s just no proper place for me in polite [Jew-controlled] society, I’m thinking about “turning myself in”, for my manifest thought crimes.

    I wonder, if some of us here were to be among the first “extremists” to voluntarily surrender, would we at least get dibs on some of the nicer rooms at the camps?

  41. you couldn’t say the audience was taken in by him, they looked bored a few looked like “what the hell is wrong with this guy” I think he went too far and only showed how insane they are.. I don’t know, do they take us for fools? this was just stupid.. Luv the British guy who tried to turn himself in…It appears they are losing the battle, world opinion has turned against them.. It looks like an act of desperation to me…

  42. Cameron’s handlers from the CoL feel more ad more cornered so their puppets bark louder and louder… That’s expected, but what really shocked me is this “Biden blames US allies in Middle East for rise of ISIS” “America’s “biggest problem” in Syria is its regional allies, Biden told students at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University on Thursday”
    What kind of leverage has the Resistance gotten recently over that pathetic fool to make him express such statements, what kind of realization took place…?

  43. When a world leader is instructed by those who are pulling his strings to get up and say this sort of thing, it simply confirms how close the masses are to reaching an all encompassing awareness and how desperate the cabal is to push on, with ever greater urgency, before that happens.

    Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher) knows the score, but can only go so far in his weekly Mail On Sunday column. He is, however, a journalist in the mainstream who is braver than most.

    • agree about Peter Hitchens. read one or two of his pieces (online) – he writes incisively and on occasion pursues truth further than most of the MSM herd, though as you say, there are well-policed boundaries confining all who require employment within the increasingly ludicrous false world-view which has become the dominant narrative throughout the “free world” establishment.

  44. I was hoping Nick would make an appearance on VT with this.

    Nick, if you’re reading this, I haven’t laughed so hard since Basil Faulty flogged his Audi on that Faulty Towers episode.

    *******http //******

    Well done, and thanks for the howler.

  45. If the official 9/11 is the truth then the physics, engineer, chemistry and similar science departments of the entire Ivy league, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford and MIT should resign first thing tomorrow morning.

  46. This is as psychopath as can get. Maybe he should join the faculy of engineers at Cambridge and give them a lecture on how kerosene melts steel and building foundations. He would surely get good reviews.
    Sweden recognises Palestine! Hopefully this would become a snowball effect soon. Nobody normal hates Israel only acknowledges Palestine as well. Stop murdering children.

  47. JLM3 that’s just how the human mind works. Something resonates with the psyche and first thing you know he’s finding one hiding behind every tree, under every rock. For some people it’s illegal aliens or welfare mothers. For others it’s Communists or fascists, rich people or Free Masons. With you it’s Jews.

    Interesting thing the human mind.

  48. Man, you’re on Dianne Feinstein’s shitlist now, brother……… !

  49. Yeah “Old Jules”, yours sure as hell is, at any rate.

  50. Kalin it’s a bit long in years but it still picks the fly larvae out of the BS fairly well.

  51. amazing she aint been hauled off for all her unAmerican activities all this time, as well as her hubby for theft of land from veterans.

  52. R. Nader called Feinstein out for her husband’s CBRE looting of USPS properties

    http //

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